Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Comics Review: Superior Carnage #1

Written by: Kevin Shinick
Art by: Stephen Segovia

Here we are again with another miniseries about the terrible, the monstrous, the ever so red Carnage. Last time we met him, he was on his way to controlling the mini universe, that is until the Scarlet Spider and Agent Venom put a stop to him. All was well until Kaine put a spike through Cassidy's head, killing him but also, making him into a new breed of pure evil. Because the symbiote bonds to its host, it became one with Cassidy, and with Cassidy dead, the symbiote has full control to do whatever it so pleases.

We open up in an undisclosed prison, the story being narrated by a new prisoner. There has been a new law in their state, regular prisons have been moving prisoners to maximum security super villain prisons in order to make room at the regular prisons. They figure there's always room at those since, well, villains always break out of their prison anyway. This prison in particular happens to house the mentally unstable, formally living Cletus Cassidy also known as Carnage. One night, a guard decides to tease our narrator. Asking him if he's soiled his pants yet, especially with Cassidy right in the next cell. He keeps taunting and taunting him, which really scares the prisoner. But then, his kind gets taken over, and he starts punching in the code to unlock the cells. This freaks the hell out of the prisoner, especially since he thinks the guard is still messing with him. Just as that final button is pressed, the symbiote comes out and takes over the hollow shell that was once Cassidy. Carnage has been released yet again, killing the guard and everyone in sight.

The prisoners all think its a breakout but its just target practice for Carnage. Killing prisoners and guards alike, through the vents, on the floor, in their cells, everywhere. Everyone in sight is dead until finally all that's left is our narrator, and boy does he die in an awesome, bloody way. We finally learn who's behind the jailbreak, the evil but still kinda crappy villain, The Wizard!

He's taken some guards prisoner in the control room and he ever so pathetically has to control their mind just so they can ask him about his evil plan. He's angry that the government took the alien black symbiote and turned it for good. The crime he thinks was committed was the government failed. You're not supposed to harness evil and make it good, you harness evil and make it wicked. All this is explained in a beautiful full page image of Brock's Venom, Thompson's Agent Venom, Cassidy and Carnage. Oh, and The Wizard up in the corner that no one cares about.

He proceeds to rough up one of the guards, who's the father of another guard there with them. Just something to pass the time until Carnage is done with his killing. He finally makes his way tithe control room where Wizard is waiting for him, ready to take over his mind. Carnage comes running at Wizard and Wizard uses his mind powers only to find out...Cassidy's mind is gone. AH SHIT!!!

Carnage gives Wizard a nice ol' beat down and right as he's about to kill him, someone calls out to Carnage. A huge sound blast nearly rips the symbiote off of Cassidy's body. Who could've mustered up this sound power? It was none other than Klaw, the master of sound!

I really liked this issue, it was fast paced and full of gore, just the way I like my Carnage stories! I'm excited to see where the next four issues go, and who will be popping up to fight, or even help Carnage. Stay tuned, this seems like a series I'll be talking about more often. Until next week!

Matt Milanes

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