Monday, July 8, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #9

Written By James Tynion IV
Layouts By Graham Nolan
Finishes By Miguel Sepulveda
Colors By Rain Beredo

Wow, we get another issue with Talon wearing a pair of pants. That's the good news. The bad news is that he's been killed and brought back to life to be a slave to the Court of Owls. Sounds like a fair trade. Or maybe not? I know I wouldn't trade in my life for a pair of jeans. But it is a good look for Talon. After so many issues he had been running around nude he was starting to look a little strange. He was looking a bit like a damn nude Ken doll.
"Hey kids, pick up this Variant Talon figure when you
go to New York Comic Con 2013."

Now that I have totally made you uncomfortable, it's on to the review. Talon has a run in for a few panels with Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. Can you say "sales boost?" Talon then goes off and joins up with the Court's Grandmaster and they give him his new marching orders. Grandmaster wants Talon to go to Santa Prisca to kill Sebastian Clark and Bane. I'd like to tell Talon that will be easier said then done. DC has too much money tied up in marketing rights on Bane. Uhh, I mean Bane is super tough. Just ask Batman's spinal cord.

I like the art here. Well okay, not really the art but how the story flows. Oh wait, this issue has layouts by Bane co-creator Graham Nolan. He's an old pro and does phenomenal stuff here. Worth the $2.99 of you ask me. Talon is thrown from an airplane and sneaks past Bane's 8 million dollar security system. Bane has taken over the whole Island and made the prison the official capital of the country. I always enjoy villains who are the leaders of their own country. Like Dr. Doom I can totally see Bane giving a speech at the U.N. Or not.

The gringo who installed Bane's security system tells Bane that the intruder is now on the Island. Bane shows the gringo that he "ain't got time for all that" and crushes his head with just his hand. I mean that. His whole freaking hand. Bane is now fearing for the safety of Sebastian Clark and orders the guards to take him to his room for safekeeping. Talon removes his Talon gear and gets close to Sebastian and tries to kill him. But no it's not going to be that easy. 

A new villain is introduced and he looks like Sinestro. No, I am totally not kidding you. His name is Wolf Spider. I wonder who pulled those two names out of a hat at DC and got paid top dollar for it no doubt. Well written and good art. You really can't ask for more. Old school feel to this comic as how the story is very much self contained and doesn't already assume that you (the reader) knows who everybody in the Batman universe already is. Be here next month as Talon and Wolf Spider go head to head. Lets see who keeps their jeans on.

-Tash Moore

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