Friday, July 26, 2013

Comics Review: Uncanny X-Men #271

Written By Chris Claremont
Pencils By Jim Lee
Inks By Scott Williams
Colors By Glynis Oliver

  In a story called "Flashpoint" (No The Flash does NOT show up in this issue.) we find ourself following Boom Boom and Rictor as they run through the streets of Genosha, still being hounded by the Magistrates. But what would this book be if the Uncanny X-Men didn't show up. Hey, it is their book, right?

  Wolverine, Psylocke and Jubilee show up just in the nick of time to save the two New Mutants ( I still think that's a crappy team name.) from being killed.  Also I'd like to clear up just why Havok is running around with the bad guys from Genosha now. Way back when the X-Men were over in Australia they got attacked by the Reavers. They jumped into the Siege Perilous and Havok and all the other X-men had their minds erased and started over with new lives.

  Havok was now working as a mercenary and Magistrate for Genosha. I did like the art in this issue. You can clearly see that at this point in time. Marvel editorial was still in charge when it came to their "Superstar" artist and not the other way around as it seems to be the case now. But back to the issue at hand. The two Magistrates get into a fight with the X-Men. And guess who wins? Duh, it is an X-Men book. Wolverine and Psylocke take the Magistrates clothing and make Jubilee get Rictor and Boom Boom to safety.

  Once inside the Genoshan headquarters,Wolverine and Psylocke run into Havok. He See's them and knows that they are totally now down for Genosha, so a fight breaks out and Psylocke ends up saving Wolverine from having his flesh burnt completely away during his battle with Havok. All looks good until Hodge breaks into the room to join the fight.

  The issue ends with Hodge beating the holy hell of out both Psylocke and Wolverine. While Hodge deals with the two X-Men, Storm is put into the trans mode matrix and then turned into a Genoshan mutate with no mind of her own and now the cliffhanger looks as if the same fate will befall Wolverine and Psylocke. Makes me wonder just how the two of them will escape. Until next time gang.

-Tash Moore

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