Sunday, July 21, 2013

Comics Review: X Factor #60

Written By Louise Simonson
Pencils By Jon Bogdanove
Inks By Al Milgrom
Colors By Glynis Oliver

  Don't taser me,bro. Brother battles brother in this issue with Cyclops taking on his brother Havok who has been brainwashed by Commander Hodge and the good ol' folks of Genosha. The country of Genosha calls for all out war with the mutants of the X-Men and the New Mutants. The US government publicly say nothing about this but they put in a call to X-Factor,which are the original five X-Men. Move over Bendis and All New X-Men.

X-Factor takes the X-Men and New Mutants to Genosha to rescue Storm and the other New Mutants who were kidnapped in Uncanny X-Men #270. But to be really honest there is not much going on in this issue. One this is the major factor here and that's when X-F
actor and crew land on the island of Genosha, Cyclops runs right into the Genoshan magistrates led by his brother Havok. Scott tries to reason with Alex but to no avail. They have a big fighter where the hit each other with their respective powers. (Scott with his opytic blast and Havok with his uhhh, hand bolt circle things.) Hey I didn't write the damn thing.

But speaking of the writing I can say that I like the way the Louise Simonson wrote this issue. Fast paced and she seems to do a much better job making this crossover story fit almost seamlessly into the regular setting of X Factor. The art by Jon Bogdanove is truly a treasure. I remember really liking his Superman when he was over at DC but here I think he shines. Commander Hodge also looks so damn downright creepy. It's really a scary sight to see, the way he has no neck and Hodge's eyes are totally bugging out of his head. A very fun part to a crossover that makes little sense really but hey, I don't mind. At least Cable got to shoot someone with his big goofy 1990's gun. That's gotta be worth something right?......No, it's not. Oh well, I can dream can't I? Next up Wolverine gets involved.

-Tash Moore

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