Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Movie Review: The Wolverine

The Wolverine.

He's to the extreme. He's in love with a girl named Jean. He can get pretty mean. Especially if you kill his bear friend with a poisoned arrow, yo.

directed by James Mangold
starring Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, Famke Janssen, and more.

So, I saw The Wolverine yesterday. It was a good movie. Lots of great action. Really cool fight scenes. The fight scene on the train is an old idea but it was done with a new, cool twist. That was one of my favorite sequences in the entire movie. I was totally wrong about who I thought the blonde woman was based on the trailers. Turns out she's a woman named Viper. She's really evil. Hisssssss. She could probably team up with Lord Voldemort. He likes snakes.

Wolverine is living like a nomad/hermit/bum. He's still deeply affected about the loss of Jean Grey from the previous X-Men movies so much so that he has forsaken the name of Wolverine, the soldier and hero in him. He needs to face the world though as an old dying man named Yashido whom Wolverine had saved during the bombing of Nagasaki wants to see him in order for one last good-bye. Yashido has a beautiful grand-daughter named Mariko, whom Wolverine instantly has eyes for but he's still having dreams about Jeannie. Always in the same negligee, which I found a little funny. Wolverine has his healing factor tampered with so that he can't heal and he has to protect Mariko as her grandfather dies, he leaves his booming company to her and the notorious gang tries to kidnap Mariko for an as yet unknown reason.

Hugh Jackman did a great job portraying Wolverine. There were a bunch of funny moments in the film including his usage of the word 'Bub', the bathtub scene, and the love hotel scene. Some of the jokes were borderline cheesy and predictable but there weren't so many of those jokes thrown in so that I just went with it all and found it entertaining. Who the villain is came as a big shock to me. I'm not going to spoil that here. You have to see the movie for yourself. There are a few duplicitous characters and I liked finding out how they all connected to each other.

It was cool seeing Famke Janssen show up in Wolverine's dreams the first time but she kept popping up always scantily dressed for bed in bed. It was weird and because of that, it was funny. I liked Rila Fukushima. She has an unusual look, and I feel that way about everyone who has a heart-shaped face, but I really liked her character. She's small but tough and can kick butt. Only someone as sweet and unassuming can go around as Wolverine's bodyguard. If that were anyone else, I feel like he would have stabbed them and left them in a ditch.

The ending of the movie had me confused and wanting to know more. You have to stay in your seats when the credits start to roll because the film continues for a few more minutes. I was lost watching the confrontation. There wasn't anything to focus on. No bad guy to be seen. Just the hint that something dark would be coming. What does it mean?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!!!! If you read those other spoiler comic book news sites, I'm sure you already know: Sentinels. So of course, I expect them to be built by Kade Kilgore. Storm will have a mohawk and will make-out with Wolverine. And maybe someone will say something about Wakanda.

A girl can dream.
This was a fun movie. It was much better than what I originally thought it would be. Only one thing bugged me: The movie made it seem that heated adamatium was the only way to break adamantium, so why then was Wolverine able to tear it up with his bare hands? Was it because it was already starting to break apart? Still, this was a good movie. Four out of five stars.


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