Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Movie Review: World War Z

World War Z
directed by Marc Forster
starring: Bard Pitt


So, I'm not a huge zombie movie fan. I've seen a few that I liked. This movie looked really interesting when I saw the trailers of the zombies crawling all over each other like ants.

The plot is all about the outbreak of the zombie virus. It spreads incredibly fast through the carriers and also because of the disbelief of such an outbreak. People laugh and scoff at the idea of zombies until they see it with their own eyes, and by that point, it's too late. Brad Pitt plays Gerry lane, a character who formerly worked in the U.N. In order to protect his own family, he agrees to go back into service to find the origin of the zombie virus. He's no doctor nor a scientist, but we're all supposed to believe that he can be the one to put all the puzzle pieces together... The guy who was supposed to be the last hope for finding the origin and possibly finding a cure, dies almost immediately. So, Brad Pitt flies all over the world. He goes to South Korea. Finds more zombies there. He goes to Jerusalem because it's supposed to be a sanctuary there with the high walls that have been built to keep the zombies out, but the zombies, attracted to the noise of the large crowds, infiltrate the place, too. His plane crashes but he finds the medical facility he needed to go to anyways. He looks back and remembers seeing the zombies completely ignore anyone who looked like they were terminally ill, so he puts together the idea to infect people with deadly but curable viruses. Of course the only way to get the viruses to maneuver around more zombies. He then injects himself and that's that.

There is no cure for the zombies. The cure is to inject everyone who isn't contaminated by the zombies so that they may camouflage themselves from the zombies' senses. The movie ends with Brad Pitt reuniting with his family.

Now, I'm a big scared-y cat. I jumped when the zombies came charging around corners unexpectedly. They looked pretty creepy but after a while, it was hard to find any of them scary because the rest of the audience I was sitting with kept laughing at the way the zombies would chomp at thin air.

I really didn't like the movie's ending. It felt weak because there wasn't much of a conclusion to the zombie problem. It's like everyone said, "Well, if you can't fight them, live with them." If your home becomes infested with bugs, you don't just say: well, I guess I'll just live with them. You squash them. You squash them good.

I could not buy into the fact that Brad Pitt knew how to save the day. It all felt so serendipitous the way the clues would reveal themselves to him. I liked the beginning of the movie more than the ending. It was scary and fascinating. I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. I wish I saw Despicable Me 2 instead.


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