Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Fantastic Four #10

Fantastic Four #10
written by Matt Fraction
art by Mark Bagley

Good gravy! I love the cover to Fantastic Four #10. The Thing is laying the smack-down on Benjamin Franklin... who's a Skrull!!!!!!!! Wow, I never thought I'd see those guys again. I mean, I didn't really care much for when they invaded Earth, but it's too funny seeing them now.

The truth finally comes out to all of the Fantastic Four party. They're sick. They're dying. Their powers are on the fritz. Johnny flips out a bit because he's sat and talked down to as if he was one of the children. But the nature of their explorations in space and time are out in the open. Reed has been trying to figure out a way to cure them all. They pick up an anomaly where some of Reed's equipment had been placed and is now missing. There's a Skrull spy and there's an interception of some messages regarding the stolen equipment. So, the team splits up. Ben and Susan go to the rendezvous point for the Skrulls. The rest of the team goes to confront the spy.

At this time in history, the Declaration of Independence is being written. These three men, Ben Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, need to write this document that will unite the various states while still allowing men's freedoms. Rich, Caucasian men that is. They argue about the justification of granting some men rights and yet leaving other men to slavery. They come to settle on the document being a living draft so that they do not make the South feel pressured to adhere to all of the document, which might make them defect from the Union. Ben wanted to be done with it all pretty quickly as he had other stuff to do... Secret Skrull stuff. Y'know, meet his peeps. Plan another invasion. Any plan is stopped right away as Reed, Johnny and the kids confront Ben Franklin. It's all done nice and neatly with plenty of time for the kids to get another history lesson.

Mostly we had seen Reed's powers get out of whack, but in this issue, Sue is having a hard time with her powers and the issue ends with a grim look for Ben Grimm. Bummer. He looks like he'll disintegrate and fall to pieces. The tenderness of that character mixed with his tough guy exterior make me feel so invested in him. He's not like Reed who can be a know-it-all jerk sometimes. Just look at the various alternate dimension Reeds if you need proof on that.

This issue was so entertaining. Ben Franklin is a Skrull. It's like something out of a Scooby-Doo cartoon. :) The artwork was really great but that cover is just perfection.

Be sure to check the whole thing out for yourself.

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