Friday, July 12, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Green Arrow #22

Green Arrow #22
written by Jeff Lemire
art by Andrea Sorrentino

We only had three books to read for last week's episode and it was tough choosing my Pick but I feel Green Arrow #22 edged out it's competitors. There's a lot of cool tech introduced which makes Green Arrow a much more interesting opponent. He's not just shooting with some rinky-dink bow and arrow. There's an arrow that maps out the blueprints of the building Oliver/Arrow is trying to break into. I bet Oliver and his team could make an arrow for any occasion, like an arrow made out of jerky. Delicious and deadly.

Oliver's not walking around a desert looking for the island. He's getting stuff done. He's infiltrated the stronghold as he looks for the other "dragons" that will help him uncover the truth about the Island, his father, and how to defeat Komodo. It was way cool the way he was able to knock out all of the security. When they thought they had him trapped, he had his arrows ready for them and knocked them all out in a trice.

It was wild. Not only does Oliver find one of the dragons, but it turns out to be a woman- the lover of Oliver's father. There's also a very sinister bad guy that attempts to fight Oliver, Count Vertigo. He causes one major head trip, illustrated absolutely brilliantly and beautifully by Sorrentino in a two page splash. That scene was one of my favorites in this issue.

The surprises keep coming for Oliver though and the issue ends with a crazy revelation about Oliver, his dad, this new dragon woman, and Komodo's daughter. This issue was highly entertaining. I love the  art. The story is starting to pull itself together. Green Arrow should totally consider a jerky arrow. He could eat it if he ever gets stuck on the Island again.


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