Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Batgirl #22

Written By Gail Simone
Pencils By Fernando Pasarin
Inks By Jonathan Glapion
Colors By Blond

   Batgirl goes on a date. Commissioner Gordon hates. Batman bakes a cake. Okay, okay. Only two parts of that is true. Try and guess which ones. Batgirl #22 is my pick of the week because for once it does everything right. What I mean is that between these big "Event Books" there seems to be no break. "Hey we just beat the Anti-Monitor, let's eat some cake!. Oh wait, here comes Grodd!" This turned out to be a great change if pace for Batgirl who's had to deal with a lot.

   With being responsible for the death of her brother, James Jr. and having her mother being put in harms way against the Joker, things have just been looking awful for Batgirl. But hey, things have got to look up at some point.

  After dealing with giving up the symbol of the Bat in the last issue Barbra goes home and plops down on her couch with her roomie. Just then her date shows up. I guess when you run around defending the city of Gotham (who's cops seem like they can't do anything without Bat-backup) you tend to forget that you have a social life. Huh, makes total sense to me. We get a quick flashback of Barbara meeting with her dad and he's still upset over Batgirl killing his son, James, Jr. I totally enjoyed the part of this issue where Comminsoer Gordon feels that since James, Jr. is gone and Barbara is all he has left now he makes her go down to the shooting range to make sure she can handle herself in case of danger.

  Naturally she feels awful about what's she's done. She can barely hold up the gun as she feels the need to get away. I feel bad for Batgirl. It's like she's carrying these heavy stones around that she just can't seem to drop. Anyway back to Batgirls date. It's with Ricky from a few issue's ago. Ricky was the handsome suave Latino fellow stealing cars (aren't they all) who had his leg cut off in a bear trap by Knighfall. (Don't they all.)

While they are out walking they run into some homeboys who have beef with Ricky's brother. Barbara and Ricky team up and kick some ass. Ricky wants to know where Barbara got her super sweet fighting skills from. I got a kick out of Barbara saying it's because he's a cops daughter. Which when you think about it, makes tons of sense. Well, to me anyway. After the fight,they hit the latest dance club and dance the night away.

   While with a tinge of regret, this issue of Batgirl had a lot of heart and a nice story with Barbara just going out on a date. Proving that girl do just want to have fun. Oh and boots, guys loves girls when they wear boots. Don't ask me, Batgirl said it.

-Tash Moore

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