Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Captain America #8

Written by Rick Remender
Pencils by John Romita Jr.
Inks by Klaus Janson
Colors by Dean White

  I'm back and I picked Captain America #8 to be my pick of the week. I mean when I sat down and really looked at it, I can say that month in and month out this has to be one of my more looked forward to comics. I know it's almost always late, but hey, John Romita Jr. is drawing this and Kick Ass 3 side by side. The guy is like a comic book drawing machine. Hey, you newer artists could learn a thing or two from Romita Jr. Anyway, on to the review.

  Captain America is still stuck in Dimension Z. He takes his last stand and launches an all out effort to stop Zola. Even getting his daughter Jett Black to switch sides and help him. Was it me, or did anyone else get the whole Captain Kirk vibe from Captain America when he got Jett to switch sides to the good guys? Man, guys named Captain really know how to turn up the charm. CAPTAIN America? CAPTAIN Kirk? Coincidence? I think not!!!.

After killing the mutate version of Captain America he comes face to face with Ian. Only he's no longer Ian. He's been brainwashed by Zola into hating Captain America. Made to believe that it was wrong for Cap to steal him away and raise him as his own child. While Captain America is too weak to fight back at this point Ian attacks him with full force.  Ian even goes so far as to mock what Cap stands for and even demeans what a loser Captain America's father was.

Cap being the Cap we all know and love takes all this in and continues to try and reach past the brainwashing. He over and over again reminds Ian of all the years out in dimension Z and how they bonded. Nothing seems to do the trick until Captain America is bloody and beaten with Ian holding a gun to Cap's head. At the very last moment Ian comes to his senses and says he can't hurt his "Papa". Wow, for a minute there I totally though Ian was gonna blow Captain America's brains right out.

Ian shakes off the effects of Zola's brainwashing. But alas it's all for nothing. Sharron Carter shows up (last seen in Captain America #1) and shoots Ian in the head. I could not believe that Marvel let this get published. If this was DC they would have recalled all the issues and replaced the splash page where Ian is killed with a Jim Lee drawn splash page of My Little Pony. That'd be a great marketing ad. "The New DC 52, We don't need to kill kids....yet."

I don't have anything really to complain about. This was a very fast paced issue and with a fantastic cliffhanger. I'm left with so many questions. Like is Ian really dead? Where the hell did Sharron Carter come from? Is that Captain America's real hair? I guess I'll have to wait until next month to find out what's the deal. Great effort from the whole creative team. It feels like they've all just jelled at the right time. It's just a home run month in and month out. Well I've got more comics to read. I'll see you guys back here soon.

-Tash Moore

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