Saturday, August 31, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #305

Written by: Dave Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

    Last time Peter Parker started his cross country book tour in Los ANgeles, but not exactly how he's planned. He ran into the Black Fox at a charity event, and stopped him from stealing a very prized chalice. Fox got away, leaving Spider-Man in the main room of the party, only for him to be stopped again by the Prowler! Now starting this issue, let's see what's in store for Spidey and the Prowler! After a long line of autographs, Spider-Man gets tired of this game and swings off into the Los Angeles sky. Just in time to stop the Prowler from doing some serious harm to the Black Fox. In the scuffle between the two, Black Fox makes yet another escape with the aid of smoke bombs. Both Spidey and the Prowler aren't too far behind in their escapes when they hear the guards that Fox knocked out earlier start to wake up. Prowler tells Spider-Man to meet him at his hotel room in the morning and he'll explain everything he can about the situation on hand. Spidey agrees and they both go their separate ways. The party wraps up and the next morning the Wall Crawler makes his way to Prowler's hotel room. Only to find a very scared woman and her husband/landlord chasing Spidey out with a bat. Guess that's one way to invite your guests over, thanks Prowler. Meanwhile over at the empty house that Fox is camping out in, he finally wakes up and starts his thieving day early. Startling on his hosts' jewelry to give him a boost for the day.

    Over at a nearby beach, MJ is trying to get Peter's head off of things by giving him sort of a reality check. Can't solve all the world's problems, now let's go for a swim. At least that problem's taken care of. Pete and MJ show up to the first signing and he's handed a real copy of the book. A magical moment for anyone who's being published for the first time. He gets another bunch of good news, being told he's going to be on the The Tonight Show hosted by none other than Johnny Carson! It all goes well that night, but there's more important things to take care of tonight. Spider-Man gets back into the...swing...of things (see what I did there?) and he goes to a building of a company that the Prowler mentioned. He actually finds the Prowler there and angrily tells him to start explaining, now. And boy does he have quite the story. His wife got a job with this same company at their New York division as a bookkeeper. When the company got caught up in some shady business, they set her up and put all the real information on a info chip. Prowler needs to get this chip in order to prove his wife is innocent or she'll be out of a job and they'll be poor. But that doesn't explain the chalice. They do some eavesdropping and find out that the Fox has been found at Long Beach about to get on a boat and head out, and he's headed with that chalice! Quickly, Spider-Man and Prowler make their way over to Long Beach as fast as they can.

    Black Fox gets caught up with some thugs before the two heroes can get there, but he seems to be able to fend for himself just fine. The two arrive at Long Beach and split up to help cover more ground, Prowler takes care of some thugs by slashing through support rails, trapping them under debris. While Spidey takes his fight to the Fox himself! The fight is cut short when Fox sees a crown and yells over about Spider-Man. He gets bombarded again having pens and notebooks shoved in his face. Just when the Black Fox thinks he got away, Spidey wraps him up in his hands, but because of Fox's old age, he decides to let him go and not go to jail. But not before taking his bag of stolen goods and that chalice. Shortly after, the chip is given to Prowler and the chalice back to its rightful owners. The Black Fox makes his escape on a plane plotting his next heist, wherever that may be, and Peter and MJ head over to Cleveland! Can't wait to see whats next for the couple as they continue their adventure across America with Spider-Man tagging along! Until next week!

-Matt Milanes

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 235

There's a mountain of books to discuss this week. Well, I exaggerate a bit. Summer is ending soon which means two things: 1. football season is about to start up and 2. NYCC approaches.
On this episode, we review: Aquaman #23, Flash #23, Superman #23, Morning Glories #30, Uncanny Avengers #11, Scarlet Spider #21, Thor God of Thunder #12, FF #11, Captain America #10, and Wolverine and the X-Men #35. And you can hear it all for free right here or also for free on our Facebook page.
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Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #304

Written by: David Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

    "WEBS: Spider-Man in Action Exclusive DAILY BUGLE photographers by PETER PARKER" Whoa! Peter Parker has his own book out now, a book of all his pictures of Spider-Man over the last couple years. That's a pretty sweet idea, except for Jonah forgetting to remind Peter about the fine print on his release forms. All his work belongs to the Bugle and no one had to ask Pete permission to publish his work, so he's barely getting any money for this. Awesome. That's just how the Parker luck works though! Peter and Jonah are meeting with a Mr. Wilton and a Ms. Greely from the publication company. They offer Peter a way to make some extra cash, going on a book tour to promote the book. Not a bad plan, if sales go well, he'll get some real nice extra cushion in his pocket, and they've got an even better idea. How about bring along Spider-Man himself! He flips for a second, telling them he's not Spidey's pal or anything, he's just been lucky enough to take pictures of him, and he'll go on the book tour by himself. After work at the Bugle, it becomes another day in the life of Spider-Man. Weighing the options of this book tour and the extra money, not to mention seeing people actually want to buy something with his name on it makes it even better. A small robbery stopped here, a tiny stick up there. All's well on the streets of New York. Back home, Pete surprises Mary-Jane with the news and she's just as excited as he is, she's got a job in Los Angeles in a month anyway, and that's exactly where they want Pete to start the tour. Guess the couple's gonna be going on this cross country adventure together! A quick stop to his old home, which is now a boarding home run by his dear old Aunt May, to let her know about the tour and now everyone's ready to get packing and get going to L.A.!

    Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills another older person is up to no good. An older man is breaking into a house, this man goes by the name of Black Fox and he's a cat burglar from New York. What could he possibly be doing all the way on the other side of the country in California? He's breaking into a very conveniently empty home of a rich couple vacationing away for two whole months. And instead of evading the police, he makes a quick call to the local authorities, posing as the man of the house, to tell them they're expecting a guest for the time they're away. Why waste time avoiding the cops when with a little bit of extra work, you can have them working FOR you. A couple days later, MJ is all packed and ready to go, when in the hallway of her apartment building, she drops her keys. They're caught by the owner of the building, and he's been waiting to meet MJ for some time and even asks her out to tea sometime. She plays that great "Sure. Me and my HUSBAND would love to go. But once we're back!" He creepily does that typical "Oh yes, you will." What's missing is an evil laugh, but I don't like this guy already. On the plane and the limo ride around there's a smile left on Peter's face that just can't be wiped off. And an even bigger one comes on when him and MJ are told there's a couple hours to kill before a fund raiser later that evening. Why that smile gets even wider, you ask? Because Peter's finally going to Disney Land!!! Its like he just won the Super Bowl!

    Later that evening at the event, Pete's having a rough time fitting in. Asking the fancy food carrying butler for...Span on a Ritz. While just outside, the Black Fox is also there, planning his next move, the reason for being in Los Angeles. He steals an invitation into the even and sneaks his way to the party. All is going according to plan until Peter notices Black Fox and steps away to take care of some business, but he's not the only one. The Black Fox has already gotten into his thieving garments and has already taken out some security guards on his way to getting what he wants. He's looking for a chalice that's supposed to help pay for his retirement to the French Reviera. He finally gets his hands on it when Spidey shows up and the chaos ensues. Knocking over some of the other "real" artifacts in the room, the Fox makes for his escape. Throwing smoke bombs to cover his tracks as he runs away. Spidey goes around opening doors, any door he can find hoping to find Black Fox behind it. Instead, he finds himself back at the main party room! MJ, quick on her feet announces that Spider-Man is a surprise guest on the book tour. He gets surrounded with people wanting autographs for the people unwantingly until he just gives up and goes along with it. Back at the chalice room, Black Fox goes back for his prize only to be stopped again (man this guy's day has GOT to suck ass) by the Prowler, another New York local spending some free time on the west coast! What could the Prowler want with this chalice, why does someone of his background even care about the Black Fox. Find out next time in another Retro Review of the Amazing Spider-Man!

-Matt Milanes

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Daredevil #30

Story & Art By Mark Waid and Chris Samnee
Colors By Javier Rodriguez

Silver Surfer, Daredevil rides the waves, Alien Hobos and lies,lies,lies! This books stands out as the right way to do a super hero comic. I love everything about this book. From the writing to the art right on down to the damn colors and letters. In what's done as a one and done (but not leaving the big picture of the over all story arc) DD has a team up going on in this issue.

The story starts off with former flame of the man without fear Kirsten McDuffie taking over for Foggy at the law offices of Nelson and Murdock. But before Matt can be all like "Don't you know how all my girlfriends end up!!!!" speech they get interrupted. By an alien (not an illegal one) in his private office.

Turns out the aliens name is Ru'ach. ( His words,not mine.) He's got some info about the end of our Universe and needs Matt's help to contact The Avengers (Or Avenger$ to Disney.) Just then The Silver Surfer shows up, which in my opinion we need to see more of him on Earth in the regular Marvel U. But pay no mind to what I want, I still want Ben Reilly to be Spider-Man. (Suck it Doc Ock!)

Thanks to Silver Surfer we and DD learn that Ru'ach is a lying goober. He can mess with peoples perceptions to make you believe him and his lies. He doesn't want the Avengers to help save the universe, he wants to ambush them so he can take it over. So Daredevil and the Silver Surfer in true Marvel fashion have a team up. I totally felt where Daredevil was coming from when he was having a blast riding around on the Silver Surfer's board. Must be just like Long boarding.  At the end the bad guy is beaten but not before he takes a pound of flesh from Matt. He tells Matt this Kirsten will never love him. Was it a lie? Or was Ru'ach just telling Matt what is to come at some point in the future? Guess we'll just have to keep reading to find out. I know I will.

-Tash Moore

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Comics Review: Wolverine #8

Written by: Paul Cornell
Art by: Alan Davis

    Last arc we left Wolverine without a healing factor, again. Now he's in trouble, the virus that took away his healing power is on its way to Wakanda, homeland of the Black Panther. Now, with the help of the Panther's ex-wife, Storm and Nick Fury, Logan's on the way to Africa to warn T'Challa. And what a first page to kick off this "warning". Black Panther's got his fist going right through Logan's jaw. A short scuffle finally leads to the question that should've been asked a while before, "Why are you acting so strangely?" Two days prior was the gathering of the minds and the planning of the trip to Wakanda. They're not sure who this virus has infected, so Wolverine's got a plan to force T'Challa to lose it. To tap into parts of his brain that the infection can't reach, and that's how he'll know if the Black Panther truly is who he poses to be. So flashing back to present day, Wolverine knows how to trigger that. He hits Panther where it hurts, Storm. He brings up them getting a divorce last summer, and especially Panther being over protective towards Logan. Making him seem jealous. Back two days ago at the Hellicarrier, Storm expresses her fear for Logan, since he's lost his healing power, he's been different. She notes his voice is different, he's even shivering more often. She's worried he may not be able to keep control is T'Challa decides to play this game back with him, which is exactly what he does. Present day again (a lot of back and forth in this issue this month, jeez) and Panther gets up close and personal in Logan's ear, calling him a scared fake coward who's now afraid of death. And well, that leads to Wolverine doing what he does best, attack. 

    All this fighting and arguing is just a distraction for the rest of the team. Storm, Fury and Dr. Victoria Frankenstein, yes...THAT Frankenstein, are all in another part of the area, trying to pin point the location of the virus. They get to a couple infected guards, but Storm deals with them quickly, as they approach what looks like a prison of some sort. The fight between Logan and Panther rages on, Panther tells Logan that his fighting style is based on taking damage, there's no way Wolverine can win. But beserked out Wolverine doesn't really listen to reason that much. Continuing to rage toward T'Challa. Over at Fury's end of the plan, he's got a great little helper. A tech-bug that looks like a pink and purple dragonfly that seeks out electronics and people and it well, takes care of them. They find exactly who they're looking for, a woman, floating in a containment tube. Frankenstein is about to break her out when a huge explosion goes off at the window. The fight rages on between Panther and Wolverine, panther trying to 1. Calm Logan down from his beserker rage and 2. Convince him that he is the real, uninfected Black Panther. Or is that what the infection wants to do? Wrong again kids! He truly is T'Challa, taking off his mask and revealing to Logan he's been wearing a small gas mask type of device on his face, protecting him from the infection. Finally a calm moment, Panther looks on his computer to see there's others in Wakanda, learning they're Logan's friends, he orders all weapons to be turned off to the targets. 

    The weapons finally stop and Frankenstein can get back to work on waking up their sleeping target. Some quick apologies from Logan to Panther get cut quickly before Storm arrives to their location. A reconciliation between the Panther and Storm, all seems well and happy until Logan gets a picture on his phone. Its a dreadful image that no one's happy to see, especially being so far away on such an important mission. Mystique has found a way into the Jean Grey School, and she's holding a very deadly looking katana, walking behind some very vulnerable looking students. All shit is about to be lost across two continents! Marvel's hyping this arc to be a very extreme and powerful arc in Wolverine's long lived life, and I can't wait to see where it goes. I'm not too much a fan of the way Davis does his art, but I've always been more of a story guy, and I can see more issues in this arc getting reviewed as they come out. Keep it up Marvel, especially that X-Office, they're putting out some choice books lately. Until Next week readers!

-Matt Milanes

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Comics Review: Venom #39

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Kim Jacinto and Mike Henderson

    Eugene "Flash" Thompson has been on some seriously wild adventures lately in the city of Philadelphia. He's a school teacher who's grown to build an awkward bond with one of his students, not romantic don't worry. Unfortunately for Flash, that bond has just been replaced with another bond of sorts. The Jack-O-Lantern made his comeback, now working for the crime boss Lord Ogre, he's come to Flash's apartment building looking for him, but settled for his student, Andi and her father. And settle was right, as he settled his scythe into her father's chest. In a last ditch effort to protect Andi, Flash sends her some of the symbiote to guard her. Instead, it takes her over and she becomes a host to another symbiote warrior. Now the only question is, is she good, or a bloodthirsty rage filled monster. 

    The battle between Jack, Agent Venom and Andi rages on non stop in Andi's apartment. A fire blazing in the apartment doesn't help the situation at all either. Filled with emotion, anger, rage, symbiote Andi sees a conveniently placed wrench next to her fathers body, she picks up and engulfs it in symbiote just to give Jack one good smack right in the face. Completely turning his head around. While he deals with that, she deals with his floating lackeys quicker than fast. Finally when Jack gets his head on right, he's got Venom to deal with. Hoping to have a moment to himself with Jack, Venom prays for a way to figure out what's going on with Andi and how to fix it. After all, he only wanted to protect her, he didn't want to turn her into a whole other symbiote. But right as Venom gets that second alone, he realizes that Andi may just be the killer he doesn't want her to be. She shows this by turning her head into a giant mouth with multiple rows of circles of teeth where her face should be. I don't know about you guys but that usually spelled out "killer" to me. She even struggles against Flash when he tries to hold her back. She's in full "Kill this mofo Jack-O-Lantern" mode, and I don't blame her. But something stops both of them in their tracks, something makes even Andi not move. Jack's pumpkin head is cracked, and revealing a bit of his face. Except this dude has a full face, even a full set of teeth. This can't be Jack, the old Jack had no nose, about 3 teeth and looked like he should've died 7 years ago. Lord Ogre has hired someone to don the Lantern suit, a paid merc to hunt down some of Jack's old, and Ogre's new foes.
    He tells the story of how he was a worker in a storage facility when one day he heard a voice coming from one of the units. A voice calling out "Help me." It was one of Jack's little helper guys, he looked right into the eyes of the doll and now had the powers of the Jack-O-Lantern. Possessed, if you will. Not under his own influence, making Venom almost feel sorry for him. Not wanting to kill him, he convinces Andi to not end his life. That's when Jack uses this opportunity to make his escape. Now Flash is left with a symbiote covered Andi. And you know what they say, if you can't beat the high school girl now in control of a symbiote of her own, then you team up with them to get to the bottom of things in the world of Philly drugs and crime. That's how the saying goes, right? That's how I've heard it at least. They finally get a minute to themselves on a nearby non burning rooftop, Andi wants to go after Jack and kill him, Venom wants to get to the bottom of things the quiet way and take care of it like that. With different methods conflicting, Venom just tries to take the symbiote from Andi and when that doesn't work, she tells him not to try it again and swings off. Venom follows her, but its not long before they get ambushed by Jack again. Only this time, he's brought friends. A villain called Constrictor and a bunch of henchman all show up in time for the fun to start. Venom throws the first kick, landing right into Constrictor's face when the shootout begins. The fight ends fairly quickly when finally, Andi's got Jack in her hands, and she's ready to kill.

    Venom does a very good job of convincing her otherwise, and she lets Jack go. Promising to figure everything out, they leave all these new baddies webbed up to wait for the police that are already closing in. The next couple days are low profile for Flash. Andi, on the other hand, doesn't think waiting is very fun. She's out and about at night taking care of local crimes, leaving Flash very confused. She seemed to have picked up on this symbiote/spider powers thing VERY quickly. He's got someone in mind who he wants to ask about it, but that person isn't talking yet. Any ideas on who this person is? I've got a few, but I'll keep my guesses hush hush, you'll just have to find out next issue of Venom, and if you don't buy it regularly, you gotta hope its on my review list for the week. Until next week readers!

-Matt Milanes

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Verbal Mosh Episode 234

Ben Affleck is Batman. Yup, we're talking about that too and whether it's all thanks to his beard or not.
On this week's episode we review: Thief of Thieves #16, Conan the Barbarian #19, Wonder Woman #23, Superman Unchained #3, Batman and Nightwing #23, Animal Man #23, Superior Spider-Man #16, and Indestructible Hulk #12. So tune in right here or go over to our Facebook page to check us out.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Comics Review: Uncanny X-Men #272

Written By Chris Claremont
Pencils By Jim Lee
Inks By Scott Williams
Colors By Joe Rosas & Gynis Oliver

The X-Men are on trial and I don't mean a test run of AOL online. In a story titled "Capital Crimes" the X-Men stand in a Genoshan courtroom and are charged as Mutant terrorists. With none of their powers they are helpless. Well, except Wolverine, he still has a little fight left in him and decides to attack the Chief Judge. The judge wants no part of it and turns the X-Men over to Hodge. In order to describe how bad this is, it's like letting your kids play with the older guy with the whole van with a stained mattress in the back. The van has no windows by the way. So yeah, very bad.

With his memories returned Havok gets Psylocke free and says she, of her own free will, wants to be turned into a mutate and is taken away. Hodge seems to enjoy making the X-Men suffer, so what does he do? He makes Wolverine and Angel fight to the death. Why? Because he can that's why. They have no hope of escaping right? Sounds like Hodge took his lessons in being a bad guy from the Bond Villains.

Havok and Pyslocke discover a way to return the X-Men's powers. While Hodge goes to investigate what's taking so long for Pyslocke to become a mutate, Gambit is able to free himself from his chains. Gambit then frees Cyclops. When Pyslocke returns she shuts off Wipeout's power blocker allowing Cyclops to get his optic blast back.

Cyclops gets attacked from behind by Storm who is Hodge's personal mutate slave. The issue ends with Storm and Hodge on one side ready to go face to face with the X-Men. Great story and even better artwork from Jim Lee. He did a really solid job drawing this book and the inks really make the line work stand out. The coolest thing I can say that will really catch your eye is the panel where Gambit has a lock pick in his mouth and throws it in the air to catch it with his feet. You gotta see it to believe it. Until next week stay out of Genosha gang.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 233

We're back with a new episode. We saw Kick-Ass 2 today and a full review will be up on our official
This week's comics we review include: Batman #23, Nightwing #23, Scarlet Spider #20, Thor God of Thunder #11, Fantastic Four #11, Wolverine and the X-Men #34, and Wolverine #8. Tune in right here or you can also hear it on our Facebook page.
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Olivia's Pick of the Week: Batgirl #23

Batgirl #23
written by Gail Simone
art by Fernando Pasarin and Jonathan Glapion
cover by Alex Garner

Batgirl is a really fun book to read. Sometimes it's quite serious with it's themes, sometimes it's more lighthearted, and sometimes it's a bit of both like in this issue.

The funny side is seeing Barbara and her roomie go shopping for clothes. Barbara is trained to spot the creeps and the bad guys all around her so that she is able to take them down. I don't know if I would call what she did an over-reaction to those two guys that started up with them. Her friend thought she was. It's just that guys harass women all the time and think no big deal about it as if they're just paying women compliments. It all creates a culture of acceptable behavior when harassment shouldn't be acceptable, at all.

Barbara's... boyfriend? guy-she's-dating? gets into a bit of a pickle. He'd been trying to stand apart from his old ways and bad influences but he gets a phone call from some gang member that's holding his friend hostage. Barbara gets involved. She's gotta save her man. The police come to investigate. Then a terrible thing happens as a gun shot is fired by Commissioner Gordon and a body drops to the ground.

It's been really thrilling getting to this point in the story, what with Barbara still not wearing any Bat symbol and the bad blood between her and her father after killing her own brother, though Gordon doesn't realize Batgirl is his daughter. I, also, think the cover to this issue is great. The Bat-boots are distracting but the whole thing is dynamic and emotive. The anguish from these characters is so palpable. Batgirl #23 is a fantastic issue.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Movie Review: Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2
directed by Jeff Wadlow
starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jim Carrey, Clark Duke, Donald Faison, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

This movie is rated R.
Kick-Ass 2 is gratuitous and violent. Just like the comic. If you've read the comic and liked it, I think you'll like this new movie, too.

There are small bits and pieces where the movie veers away from what happens in the comic but for the most part, I felt it stayed true to it's source material. In the comic, it's Katie who gets messed up badly but in the movie it's Night Bitch. Hit-Girl goes to jail in the comic, but she doesn't in the movie, etc.

My favorite characters were Hit-Girl and Mother Russia. Jim Carrey did a surprising really great job as Colonel Stars and Stripes. I didn't know what to expect from him from the trailers but I liked how I saw less of Jim and more of the Colonel when watching him. His performance wasn't too over-the-top. Dave has the perfect "pimply faced teen" voice. It would have been better for his character if he were less buff but it goes to show that even if you build up a bunch of muscle, that alone won't make you the greatest fighter. Dave is a crappy fighter. Dr. Gravity was, also, another great character.

The plot picks up a bit after the first Kick-Ass movie. Mindy is starting high school and has to learn how to deal with the popular girls. Good gravy. Those girls look like strippers, especially the "Queen Bee." But that's high school. Kids want to act adult without thinking about any kind of consequences. Those girls got what was coming to them in a disgusting scene with fluids shooting out of both of their ends. Red Mist is no longer the Red Mist. Kick-Ass killed his father. Then Red Mist accidentally kills his own mother. All alone, he takes on a new name. Where he once wanted to be a super-hero like in the comic books he read, he now wants to be the ultimate super-villain: the Mother F-cker. He's intent on getting revenge on Kick-Ass so he builds his super-villain army and goes after everyone Kick-Ass loves after finding out from stupid Ass-Kicker that Kick-Ass is really Dave Lizewski.

The Mother F-cker was great. He was nerdy. He dressed like a freak. He was way over his head with all of the other thugs and mercenaries but he had a lot of money which was the only thing going for him.

This is not a movie I would watch over and over again. Once was plenty for me. It's not an insightful or thought-provoking type of story. Neither was the comic. If you like gratuity, violence and a bit of humor, then definitely check out this movie. I'd give it 3.75 out of 5 stars.


Friday, August 16, 2013

Comics Review: X Factor #61

Written By Louise Simonson
Pencils By Jon Bogdanove & John Caponigro
Inks By Allen Milgrom
Colors By MikeRockwitz

Assault on the citadel? More like, "Hey look, we totally got captured by the stories main bad guy." It's okay, but it just doesn't have a great ring to it. The story picks up from New Mutants (again I hate that title.) as Marvel Girl, Cable and Forge are also captured by Hodge.

Cable gets all sissy boy on us. Crying about how he can;t believe that he let the New Mutants get captured and all that jazz. Jeez Cable, grow up will you. You knew the life you were going to lead the moment you threw on your 98 pouches and vest that help absolutely nothing in them.So man up, solider!

Cable, just like everyone else in the Genoshan citadel has their powers taken away by the mutate Wipeout. Wow, I only imagine what his powers are. Cable has no use of his bionic arm and tries to take out Hodge. No luck Cable. Hodge just tosses him around like a rag doll.A really big rag doll, but you get the idea. Marvel Girl it taken to a cell and she's sharing it with a bloody Wolverine. He's in really bad shape seeing as how his healing factor is gone. Jean feels bad for Logan so she plants him a kiss. Who knew that all Wolverine needed to hook up with Jean was to die? Sounds easy.

The remaining free mutants lead by Cyclops dress up as Genoshan mutates and sneak into the Citadel. They are almost close to freeing Wolverine, Storm and Marvel Girl until Havok( Still thinking he is a Gensohan Magistrate.) drops the dime on X Factor. Yet again Cyclops and Havok fight.

This issue ends when Cyclops finally makes Havok remember that they are brothers and Havok gets his memories back. But he does so at the worst time. While he and Scott are fighting in front of Hodge. Not to blow his cover Havok knocks out Cyclops. But not before letting the reader know with the use of thought balloons ( remember those) that he will have save the X-Men and X Factor and kill Hodge. Good issue and nice resolution to the whole Cyclops yelling at Havok to "Remember". Hey it work out pretty well. I'll have to remember that the next time I lose my car keys.

-Tash Moore

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #303

Written by: David Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

    Here we are again with another Retrospective Review, bringing you the webtastic pages of Amazing Spider-Man 303. In this issue, we have the start of a new decoration on the covers. Instead of a Spidey head, or a 30 years of this guy, that team, we have the issue number in webs. Real cool looking stuff. And the cover is great, looks like Spider-Man and the Sandman go at it again in this issue, with a guest appearance by the Silver Sable. So let's stop gawking and get this book open so we can get to the fun that's inside!

    Peter needs some peace and quiet to think over some things. He's got Kansas to think about, he's got MJ, possibly leaving Aunt May. And no one wants to do that. None of his awesome spider powers can help with the thoughts flowing in his head about these decisions. He realizes that he's been thinking about himself for too long and he should really be thinking about his wife, so he goes home to find Mary-Jane asleep on the couch trying to wait up for him. Not much crime out there tonight, since he's back fairly early. They talk about Kansas a bit more, before MJ just decides they should go to bed and think about it with clear heads in the morning. Over at the Symkarian Embassy though, someone is being kept busy. Last issue the Sable met up with Sandman at his apartment with a proposition. He's in her facility training with giant robot bug type things. She's more than likely going to use him for her hunt of this Neo Nazi Karus. Luckily for them, they've been able to track him down and know where he is. Over at the Daily Bugle, Jonah is pissy because someone has paid to throw an add out in the paper. They've paid a lot of money, a lot. But why's Jonah so pissy? Oh, that's because the ad is speaking to Spider-Man and not talking trash about him. That's why he's pissed. Oh Jonah. Even MJ is shaken up today. She's not really giving her all at the shoot she's at. She seems bothered by the whole idea of leaving her friend and family behind. Especially since she's a model and there isn't much of a market out in Kansas for models. She even questions if she loves Peter that much. I don't know, that bit kind of bothered me, not sure why. 

    Back at the Embassy, Spider-Man didn't waste any time being discreet with his arrival. Since Sable was so forward with her invitation, the least Peter could do is be forward with his end of the deal. Sable brings him upstairs to find the Sandman waiting, neither are too thrilled with the idea of working WITH each other instead of AGAINST each other, but the money end of it talks for both parties involved. Sable says she needs both their brains and brawn to help her infiltrate Kraus' location. Spidey does a great job of sneaking around until the rafter that he's hanging from snaps in two! Damn old wooden buildings. Only one guard was around to notice at first which is very fortunate. Spider-Man deals with him quickly, tackling him into a nearby crate. Finding out that the crate was filled to the brim with little baggies of white powder. Definitely heroin or cocaine, only one way to find that out. Gotta investigate the area more. He sneaks up on some of the Nazi's having a conversation. We learn that they're planning on stealing enough money to start their own country, like the Jews did when they formed Israel. A quick scene of MJ and Peter's apartment show her at home, and she's made a decision about Kansas, and it doesn't look like a pleasant one. Jumping over again to the warehouse (You know, all this jumping here and there that comics do, its a miracle that they do the traveling for us. Thank God we don't have to travel.) Sable basically tells Peter and Sandman that they're finished and she no longer needs their help. Sandman being...well...dumb, says forget it and follows her in the name of just wanting a good fight. And a hell of a fight does he get. Taking out tanks with little to no effort. Spidey can't do anything but help out, but his mind is elsewhere. Thinking about Kansas almost gets him shot a couple times. But once he gets his head back in the game, he's able to take out a couple jetpacked Nazi's with no thought. He finally catches up with Sable in time to see her catch that head Nazi and stick a gun in his mouth, asking for an excuse to pull that trigger. Boy, I think I'm falling in love with this woman.

    Everything is handled, the job is done and these Nazi's are in custody for now. Everyone gets paid by the Sable and they're free to go. Peter does come home though to find bags waiting for him. He can only think the worst and MJ is leaving to another place in New York while he goes to Kansas, only to find out she's packed and is ready to go with him! But before she can tell him her news, he breaks his. He's going to go back to school so he can get an equal or better job right here in the city! She absolutely loves the idea and even play faints into his arms. I swear these two are beyond adorable. But of course, nothing can ever end happily in a comic book, from another point far away in the same city, three shadowy figures all have photos of Spider-Man. They know Parker takes pictures of Spider-Man for the Bugle, and they have big plans for him in the next coming days. And we will figure out those plans all in next week's issue of The Amazing Spider-Man! Until next week readers!

-Matt Milanes

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Comics Review: All New X-Men #15

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: David Lafuente

    This issue picks up pretty quickly, Rachel Grey, alternate timeline daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, arrives at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. She says she was out being an old fashioned super hero, saving cats out of trees, helping old ladies cross the street. You know, normal stuff. She rushes into the school and crosses a young Jean Grey stepping out of the shower. An awkward stare down, and they even both try to read each others minds! Confused since they both can't, they both rush off. A pretty funny scene, especially since the art in this issue is MUCH more cartoony than we're used to in the series. In a different room of the academy, a young time displaced Scott Summers is writing a letter to his fellow time displaced Jean Grey, trying to find a way to tell her how he feels about her, and when its not good enough, it gets an eyeblast and shot into the garbage can. Iceman shows up and asks Scott if he wants to bounce for a bit. Scott's a little suspicious, but the reason is innocent. Bobby's weirded out by seeing his older self make out with Professor Kitty Pryde. Sure, it may be normal for THEM, but time displaced Bobby sees Ms. Pryde as a professor, and he's not convinced she likes him too much. Not like it matters, he gets to hit that when he's older. Can I get a "Hell yeah!"? Meanwhile, down in the garage of the school, Beast is trying to help train time displaced Jean Grey with her mind powers. They're levitating Logan's motorcycle, and if the past 50 years is any indication, when someone touches his bike that's not him, it never ends well. She takes it one step further though, not only can she lift the bike, but she disassembled it piece by piece. Screw by screw. She's in perfect concentration, until Bobby and Scott come rushing through in a car and mess up everything! Yelling over at Jean "Hey, foxy lady!" Aaaaaaaaaand all those beautiful pieces fall to the floor. Jean and Beast now have a giant Lego set at their feet. Oh, and here comes Wolverine to growl a bit and walk away.

    Scott and Bobby end up at a city fair type of thing. A big outing with lots of people around. With no money to spend, Bobby doesn't plan on having such a grand ol' time, especially with the way things are priced in this day and age. Fortunately for him, Scott knows that Professor Logan keeps spare money in all his pockets, and glove compartments of his cars and bikes, and what a wad of cash he pulls out! Huge stacks! Wolverine makes it rain on people from time to time. A local girls sort of recognizes Scott, even coming up to him and telling him that he looks real familiar. Then Bobby opens his mouth and blurts out that yes, he's Scott Summers. Back at the school, Jean and Beast are assembling the bike back together when Jean accidentally read's Beast's thoughts. He's thinking back on his youth, back when he was young with Jean, and why he never told her how he felt about her. He's commenting on how beautiful she is, and wonders what would've happened if he just told her. She's completely shocked by all this, never knowing he even had an inkling of feeling for her. Over at that town fair, Bobby's showing off his powers, adding more ice to ice cream, leaving everyone in shock and awe. These two girls kinda fan girl it out over the mutants. Their powers, their school, their abilities. Scott and Bobby even tell them about some of the other students, mainly the other time displaced X-Men, without actually saying who they are. At the school, young Jean confronts young Henry. He's just going over some of the mutations that his body underwent over the years, and she doesn't waste any time asking why he hasn't told her how he feels. This takes him completely by surprise, and he doesn't like it much. Its not fair to him, and Jean thinks not being honest to each other isn't fair as well. Henry doesn't wanna talk about it, he tells Jean she's making him uncomfortable and asks her to leave. Then the truth finally comes out, he yells at her. Says he never told her because she's in love with Scott and Scott loves her. To which she denies, she says she's not in love with Scott. There's a staredown between the two, and they finally kiss.

    Young Scott and young Bobby are still chatting it up with these local girls, they want to know everything there is about these two mutants. The time travel, how long they're staying, everything. Its all smooth until a screeching car drives near them. A robbery coming to an end of some sort. Cops chasing after this dude with a busted windshield. This can't end well because, well, it never does. Scott hits the tires with an eye beam which sends the car shooting into the air, and Bobby sets it up with a nice patch of ice and snow to catch it. They both walk away like nothing happened, knowing they just potentially saved many lives. Their day date ends short when Wolverine finally finds them, Scott gets a phone number and they both head out pretty quickly. Little does everyone know, Dazzler, the newest agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., who's been following the older modern day X-Men, is at the park, keeping an eye on these time displaced X-Men. It won't be long before all teams of X-Men cross paths. Back at the school, Jean and Rachel grey cross paths again. Skipping the mind reading part, they just awkwardly walk away from each other and Jean goes to her room. She looks under her bed to look again at a wedding invitation. The same invitation she found before, of hers and Scott's wedding. Now she's torn, she has these feelings for Beast, but is told she'll have feelings for Scott. Wonder what Scott's gonna do when he finds out that her and Beast may be an item. Will that tear the X-Men apart before they even become the team of today. And what will that do to the timeline that eventually becomes today? Guess we'll have to find out in the next coming months. Get ready, there's a huge X-Event coming called Battle of the Atom. All X-Titles out now will play a part and at the end, the fate of the time displaced X-Men will be decided. Until next week!

-Matt Milanes

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Superior Spider-Man #15

Written By Dan Slott
Pencils By Humberto Ramos
Inks By Victor Olazaba
Colors By Edgar Delgado

Once again this book comes out smelling like roses. Superior Spider-Man #15 ended up being my pick of the week because of the great storytelling by Dan Slott and superior (pun intended) artwork by the crew of Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba and Edgar Delgado.

Picking up from the last issue Phil Urich is on the run as the Hobgoblin from Spider-Man after Spidey took down the Kingpin and Shadowland. I myself was wondering how in the hell did Hobgoblin make it pass the little spider-bot that Doc/Ock Spidey has running around NYC. We learn later on that the Green Goblin has hacked into the Spider-bots and made himself and anyone wear Goblin garb almost invisible to them. I'll admit I like the idea of Doc/Ock Spidey having a villain that he can't totally out think. Norman Osborn is indeed one smart SOB.

I'm totally looking forward to the showdown between Doc Ock/Spidey and the original Green Goblin. You know it's coming and don't look so surprised. Spidey has his Spider-Bots tearing up the city while Hobgoblin is out hitting  up banks for money to keep his weapons working (because he owes the Tinkerer ) and his monthly payment to the original Hobgoblin.

It's a safe bet when the Green Goblin learns of this he decides to see just how good Hobgoblin really is. He turns of his little device to make the Spider-Bots aware of any Goblin activity in the city. Once Hobgoblin is located by Spider-Man (who just knocked off a check cashing place.) They fight, I mean really, what else could they really do. It is a Super Hero comic. Hobby fights for just a bit then drops into an alley way to change into Phil Ulrich.

Spider-Man gets the drop on Phil and sees him with no mask on. Just as Phil is selling his photos to the Daily Bugle to earn some extra cash. Much like Peter Parker would do in the now ended and now classic "Amazing Spider-Man". Spidey does a total heel move and put out an APB on every TV in New York telling everyone that Phil and Hobgoblin are one and the same. Talk about the **** hitting the fan! My mind is toally racing at what in the world is going to happen in Superior Spider-Man #16. Will it be my pick of the week next month? Guess you'll just have to check back and find out.

-Tash Moore

Monday, August 12, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #302

Written by: David Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

    Last time we left you, we had just wrapped up an arc with Nazi's, obstacle courses and Peter Parker being offered a new job in Kansas! So keep carrying on my wayward sons and daughters and lets see what's in store in middle America for The Amazing Spider-Man!

    The small town of Emporia, Kansas is about to get hit hard with some Spidey power as Peter Parker is getting an all expense paid tour of what could be his new job at a high tech science lab. He's being shown around by Mr. Jacoby, the old man who was following him around everywhere last issue. Ironically enough, Jacoby tells Peter that they're so interested in him because of the incredible recommendation from a Dr. Curt Connors. Ain't that just awkward?. While looking around outside we see a verbal argument break out between a scientist of the facility and the head construction worker. The scientist's name is Dr. Nero, he's complaining about the noise of the machines that are working on the building, but hey buddy you can't build a building without a BIT of disruption! Now this wouldn't be a perfectly cliche comic book if a mega disruption didn't happen right about...wait for it...hold more sec...NOW! There's a big explosion and we learn that a fire broke out, and that fire is headed towards some gas tanks that'll REALLY mess up everyone's day. This seems like a job for the Amazing Spider-Man! Pete finds his moment when Jacoby runs off to handle the situation, changes into the trusty red and blue and shows up at the scene. Just before he can handle the problem, a speeding man comes from out of nowhere! He runs over to a truck filled with insulated sheets and he kicks the hatch of the truck right off! Then he bicycle kicks all the sheets to go over the fire, this guy has legs made of something else! Its incredible. Turns out super legs is that head of construction Wes Cassady, and he even notices Spider-Man looking at him! Finally the fire has been contained and Jacoby has come back to meet with Peter. Apologizing and expressing that he hopes this incident hasn't left a bad impression on Peter. We then get taken to a scene in the lab of Dr. Nero. He seems to be working on a glove of some sort, talking about how he can control it from a unit in his other hand. This glove seems like a weapon of some sort, and that's confirmed when Nero uses the glove to blow up an object from across the room! Looks like this guy is gonna be up to no good and very soon.

    Way over 1500 miles back in New York City, we see the Silver Sable training at the Symkarian Embassy. She's greeted by one member of the Wild Pack, and we're told she sent the team of 6 on a job. Why is it that only one has returned? Swinging back over to Kansas, Spidey has tracked down Cassady to his home and is keeping watch, until he notices him AGAIN! Seriously, Pete's just gotten sloppy cuse he's new to this place. Seriously. Cassady actually offers an explanation for his powers/always knowing when he's being watched. This is new for a guy with powers, most of them like keeping it to themselves. He takes Pete into the garage so they can get a word in private. We learn that this man was working when the original science buildings they were at earlier were being built. Towards the end of construction, they started transferring lab animals to the facility. One of the animals was a rabbit that broke loose. This rabbit was a fast little thing, but not uncatchable. But when Cassady catches him, the rabbit bites him. You can all see where this is going right? He then got super powered legs, like a rabbit. He can run fast, kick hard, and sense when he's being watched. Like rabbits with hunters. He can't exactly strap on a bunny suit and fight crime, so he asks Spider-Man if there's anything he can do to help, sadly there really isn't. One has to decide what they want for themselves, by themselves. Over in New York, the Sandman has locked himself out of his apartment, awesome. Just as he trickles his arm in the door to let himself in, he's told he has a visitor. Its the Silver Sable, who has a proposition for him. On the other side of the city, Mary-Jane Watson Parker is on the phone with her far away husband. He's absolutely loving the place and is considering the job, something she was actually afraid of.

    Back in Kansas, Dr. Nero breaks into the office of Mr. Jacoby! Nero's dressed up in a space suit looking outfit, and he's fitted with his newly made glove. It got multiple weapons on it, laser beams, can push air around like a solid object, and shoots out some liquid made of liquid soap and onion juice. Not THAT'S gotta burn! But this wouldn't be a good issue if Spider-Man hadn't shown up at the perfect moment! In comes bursting the red and blue warrior, confusing the hell out of Nero since we all know Spider-Man is from New York City. They have a great fight across multiple rooms of the lab. Crashing walls, smashing tables, breaking glass. Until Nero hits Spidey with a sonic blast that disrupts the liquid in his ears. This throws off his balance hardcore! Nero plans for Spider-Man to stumble into a near by laser that'll burn right through him. Peter sees Cassady and calls out for help, but the fear of everyone learning who he really is scares Cassady still. Unfortunately for Nero, he made his plan voiced, so Peter looked for this laser. He bumped right into in instead of in front of it, swinging it toward Nero! The Dr. moves out of the way, taking that sonic beam off of Spider-Man long enough for him to...punch Nero straight dead in the nose, smashing through the glass of his helmet. The situation is handled and Spider-Man walks off, presumably pissed at Cassady. Nero's arrested and all is well. Pete tells Mr. Jacoby that he'll have to discuss it with his wife before making a decision to come out all the way to Kansas. He comes back home to a huge embrace from his loving wife and tells her that this job is everything he's ever wanted. In return he gets some shitty news, MJ tells him that she's put a lot of thought into it, and she doesn't think she's willing to give her her career, her friend, her family, even if it means making his dream come true. In the next issue, we're told the decision is made! I wonder what'll happen. If they'll keep a long distance relationship, or will Peter say EFFIT to his dreams and stay with the woman he loves. Who knows! I also like how no one really sat down and put some serious thought as to why Spider-Man was magically in Kansas, suddenly when this new Peter Parker shows up. But hey, what do I know? Stay tuned, we got more of this Omnibus coming next week! Until next time readers!

-Matt Milanes

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Comics Review: Uncanny X-Men #9

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Chris Bachalo

Last time we left the X-Men, they had just dropped off a freaking out Fabio at his home in San Diego. After flipping on his non accepting family, Dazzler, the newest agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. showed up at the door wanting to have a chat with Fabs. Now it's time to crack open this book and see what happens next!

Everyone's yelling, fussing, fighting, screaming at each other. Fabio's family, Fabio, and Dazzler. All trying to get calm so Dazzler can simply talk to Fabio about Scott Summers, Cyclops, the leader of the now rogue X-Men. Fabio's sister pulls out an old 70's record that the Dazzler recorded, awe. As for his father, well he's not so musically inclined, he pulls out a gun. Dazzler, knowing she can take him, doesn't fret too much. Instead, she asks him if he's ever heard of or met a flash bang. It even played Call of Duty. Now for all you non CoD players out there (there are few and I love you all) a flash bang is exactly what it sounds like. It's a big bang of light, and if you're not the one setting it off, it's usually not too fun. She lets off a massive force of light, knocking everything in the house, and even across the street, all over the place. Boy does she hate getting guns pointed at her.

Over at the New Xavier School for the Gifted Cyclops and his team of X-Men are training outside. They're working with their newest mutant David on his hijacking skills. He apparently can operate large machinery with his mind. Large as in...the friggin X-Jet!!! He lifts it and sets it down all with his brain. This Uncanny feat is followed by a hilarious couple panels involving the Stepford sisters. One of them, Irma, cuts her hair and dyes it jet black. Needless to say, the other two freak the hell out! It takes Professor Frost to break up the two sisters from disassembling Irma. Magneto chooses the perfect time to check his CNN app on his phone, because he finds out that Fabio was taken by S.H.I.E.L.D. In reality, he was probably getting an update from someone at S.H.I.E.L.D. and all references to CNN or anything resembling it are purely coincidental. Now that that's over, meanwhile over on the Hellicarrier, Dazzler's still trying to interrogate Fabio, against his will. He seriously does NOT wanna be there, and how does he show that?...With his gold balls of gold! All Dazzler wants to know is what happened when Scott Summer's "kidnapped" Fabio. He lets her know that Scott ASKED, and he said yes, meaning it was consensual. HER, on the other hand, kidnapped him, since he doesn't wanna be there. Its not too long before Maria Hill and another agent figure out that maybe Scott dropped off the kid so he could watch as he was picked up, although its not true, its not a bad theory. Trying to act on it quickly, Hill calls to get the kid out of the room before...oh, never mind. Its too late. The X-Men have shown up, and they've brought a couple of their new recruits. Scott, deciding Ms. Hill needs a vacation, he has Magik send her away. A pretty beach scene somewhere far away. Back on the Hellicarrier, Tempus, the mutant who can create time bubbles, freezes all remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. agents still while Magneto opens the door to the interrogation room, revealing the Dazzler.

There's an awkward scene with the X-Men greeting Dazzler, going so far as Magik calling her a betrayer of her people. The ice breaks when she asks Cyclops what happened with Charles Xavier. He tries to explain to her that its complicated and terrible. Yeah, ok I'm breaking off for a second. I just need a moment to vent out how much I hate Scott Summers. Ready? Its not confusing dammit, YOU KILLED HIM! No excuses, man up and admit it. Aaaaaand a sigh of relief, I'm back. Scott actually offers his hand to Dazzler, willing to accept her on the team if she's willing. She doesn't take to that too kindly, and Magneto locks her back in the interrogation room, without Fabio. Now for you kids asking why Scott brought along the new kid, and I know none of you are, since I didn't mention it, he's the escape plan. The X-Men have now gotten rid of everyone who knew they were on the Hellicarrier, so no one would try to stop them, so he's gonna get them out of there. By controlling the Hellicarrier with his mind!

Agent Coulson meets up with the Dazzler later that day. He brings her some coffee that he admits is terrible, they chat for a bit, and she takes a sip of the coffee. Even she says its crap, but then she passes out. Yeah, that coffee was some serious crap. That's because it was spiked by Mystique!!! Now the alarming question is, how did she come into contact with Agent Coulson for her to be able to turn into him, and did she kill him? Maybe if she did, he'll stay dead this time. Not that I don't like him or anything, but if you're dead, you're dead. I wonder what kind of shennanigans she'll pull over the course of the next couple issues. Its almost like every time this book comes out, I'm reviewing it. Its such a good book, written well by Bendis. And who doesn't like 20 pages of diagonal art by Bachalo? I also love seeing the repercussions of last summer's Avengers vs. X-Men STILL carrying on to this day, and I hope no one lets Scott live down that he killed Xavier. Even when they bring him back, I hope even Charles makes him feel like shit about it. Anyways, great book, can't wait for next issue! Until next week!

-Matt Milanes

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #10

Written By James Tynion IV
Art By Miguel Sepulveda & Szymon Kudranski
Colors By Jeromy Cox

 Wow, I forgot to read this issue. I will not lie, this sat on my bookshelf for awhile. But I read it and I really enjoyed this issue of Talon. James Tynion IV is flying solo as Scott Snyder's name only shows up here as the co creator of Talon.

  Anyway to kick things off Talon is still on Santa Prisca and fighting for his life. Or really what's left of it because he's been killed and turned into a full fledged Talon. Talon is locked in a struggle with Spider-Wolf. Spider-Wolf used to be a Olympic Runner as has had his bones broken then reset and then had Venom added. Talon's head is crushed by Spider-Wolf who smugly walks away.

  Back on the beach of Santa Prisca, Bane and his men are ready to takes boats to return to Gotham City to take down The Batman and the Court of Owls and rule the city. I guess since the whole "New 52" and "Flashpoint" Bane forgot that he tried that already. Quick, somebody buy the "Knightfall" trades and UPS them to Bane. He can read how he got his ass handed to him by the Obama of Batman's. Sad really. Wait, what was I talking about?

  Casey Washington is able to escape the Court of Owls back in Gotham City. In a move that I really thought was cool to get away, she walks into a Courtroom in broad daylight and pulls a gun then fires into the air. She didn't kill anybody but she get taken in by the GCPD. She's safe for now, but what of her Daughter still being held by the Court.

  Talon can't be killed and revives just in time to kill Spider-Wolf. Turns out that the rag tag crew of heroes that Casey had put together back in the earlier issues show up to Santa Prisca to help Talon. They all stand around gawking at each other and doing the whole "Let's slap each other on the back!" routine. But who shows up to ruin the whole thing? You guessed it, Bane. He hates when you have a party and don't invite him. He really does. Next month we see Bane blow out the candles. Or not. You'll have to come back and read my review. Next time it'll have 10% less rambling. I hope.

-Tash Moore


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Batman Incorporated #13

Batman Incorporated #13
written by Grant Morrison
art by Chris Burnham

Is it really the end? Well, so it is. Batman and Talia clash once more in the conclusion to the Leviathan story-line. I love the cover. Like the imagery of Oroboro, the snake forever consuming itself, here we have Batman within Batman within Batman. It's like he can not escape himself. No matter how hard he leaps forward, he's stuck to his chest.

Batman and Talia are fighting in the Batcave. Talia is so cold-hearted. She's been so manipulative and continues to mess with Batman's head as they fight and they kiss. She's dressed in a cape and mask like she is mimicking and mocking Batman. I really enjoyed seeing Batcow and Damian's cat (did it have a name? Probably but I don't remember it) once more, who added a touch of humor to this dark book. Batman does not finish off Talia in the end. It's cool to see the character brought back from earlier issues who does finish her off. Jim Gordon narrates and he, also, speaks with Bruce Wayne about his involvement with Batman Inc. and thoughts about Batman during this whole Leviathan mess.

The art has been fantastic. One of my favorite moments in this issue is when Batman's perspective starts melting. I've never been a fan of the coloring style in this series, but it lends itself nicely to giving the world an almost toxic appeal because it's colorful yet dark with a soft glow.

The issue ends with Talia's father, who also makes a return to the story-line. He's got test-tube Batmen and who knows how that will all end. Probably badly, though. This story-line has been absolutely absurd at times but it's also dark and entertaining filled with tons of twists and turns that never left the story feeling dull. It's been a fitting end. I enjoyed seeing Batman's anger/grief for the loss of Damian continue to be used as an impetus for action. It makes his character tougher, stronger, and a little blindly stubborn, but that's just who Batman is.