Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Comics Review: All New X-Men #15

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: David Lafuente

    This issue picks up pretty quickly, Rachel Grey, alternate timeline daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, arrives at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. She says she was out being an old fashioned super hero, saving cats out of trees, helping old ladies cross the street. You know, normal stuff. She rushes into the school and crosses a young Jean Grey stepping out of the shower. An awkward stare down, and they even both try to read each others minds! Confused since they both can't, they both rush off. A pretty funny scene, especially since the art in this issue is MUCH more cartoony than we're used to in the series. In a different room of the academy, a young time displaced Scott Summers is writing a letter to his fellow time displaced Jean Grey, trying to find a way to tell her how he feels about her, and when its not good enough, it gets an eyeblast and shot into the garbage can. Iceman shows up and asks Scott if he wants to bounce for a bit. Scott's a little suspicious, but the reason is innocent. Bobby's weirded out by seeing his older self make out with Professor Kitty Pryde. Sure, it may be normal for THEM, but time displaced Bobby sees Ms. Pryde as a professor, and he's not convinced she likes him too much. Not like it matters, he gets to hit that when he's older. Can I get a "Hell yeah!"? Meanwhile, down in the garage of the school, Beast is trying to help train time displaced Jean Grey with her mind powers. They're levitating Logan's motorcycle, and if the past 50 years is any indication, when someone touches his bike that's not him, it never ends well. She takes it one step further though, not only can she lift the bike, but she disassembled it piece by piece. Screw by screw. She's in perfect concentration, until Bobby and Scott come rushing through in a car and mess up everything! Yelling over at Jean "Hey, foxy lady!" Aaaaaaaaaand all those beautiful pieces fall to the floor. Jean and Beast now have a giant Lego set at their feet. Oh, and here comes Wolverine to growl a bit and walk away.

    Scott and Bobby end up at a city fair type of thing. A big outing with lots of people around. With no money to spend, Bobby doesn't plan on having such a grand ol' time, especially with the way things are priced in this day and age. Fortunately for him, Scott knows that Professor Logan keeps spare money in all his pockets, and glove compartments of his cars and bikes, and what a wad of cash he pulls out! Huge stacks! Wolverine makes it rain on people from time to time. A local girls sort of recognizes Scott, even coming up to him and telling him that he looks real familiar. Then Bobby opens his mouth and blurts out that yes, he's Scott Summers. Back at the school, Jean and Beast are assembling the bike back together when Jean accidentally read's Beast's thoughts. He's thinking back on his youth, back when he was young with Jean, and why he never told her how he felt about her. He's commenting on how beautiful she is, and wonders what would've happened if he just told her. She's completely shocked by all this, never knowing he even had an inkling of feeling for her. Over at that town fair, Bobby's showing off his powers, adding more ice to ice cream, leaving everyone in shock and awe. These two girls kinda fan girl it out over the mutants. Their powers, their school, their abilities. Scott and Bobby even tell them about some of the other students, mainly the other time displaced X-Men, without actually saying who they are. At the school, young Jean confronts young Henry. He's just going over some of the mutations that his body underwent over the years, and she doesn't waste any time asking why he hasn't told her how he feels. This takes him completely by surprise, and he doesn't like it much. Its not fair to him, and Jean thinks not being honest to each other isn't fair as well. Henry doesn't wanna talk about it, he tells Jean she's making him uncomfortable and asks her to leave. Then the truth finally comes out, he yells at her. Says he never told her because she's in love with Scott and Scott loves her. To which she denies, she says she's not in love with Scott. There's a staredown between the two, and they finally kiss.

    Young Scott and young Bobby are still chatting it up with these local girls, they want to know everything there is about these two mutants. The time travel, how long they're staying, everything. Its all smooth until a screeching car drives near them. A robbery coming to an end of some sort. Cops chasing after this dude with a busted windshield. This can't end well because, well, it never does. Scott hits the tires with an eye beam which sends the car shooting into the air, and Bobby sets it up with a nice patch of ice and snow to catch it. They both walk away like nothing happened, knowing they just potentially saved many lives. Their day date ends short when Wolverine finally finds them, Scott gets a phone number and they both head out pretty quickly. Little does everyone know, Dazzler, the newest agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., who's been following the older modern day X-Men, is at the park, keeping an eye on these time displaced X-Men. It won't be long before all teams of X-Men cross paths. Back at the school, Jean and Rachel grey cross paths again. Skipping the mind reading part, they just awkwardly walk away from each other and Jean goes to her room. She looks under her bed to look again at a wedding invitation. The same invitation she found before, of hers and Scott's wedding. Now she's torn, she has these feelings for Beast, but is told she'll have feelings for Scott. Wonder what Scott's gonna do when he finds out that her and Beast may be an item. Will that tear the X-Men apart before they even become the team of today. And what will that do to the timeline that eventually becomes today? Guess we'll have to find out in the next coming months. Get ready, there's a huge X-Event coming called Battle of the Atom. All X-Titles out now will play a part and at the end, the fate of the time displaced X-Men will be decided. Until next week!

-Matt Milanes

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