Monday, August 12, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #302

Written by: David Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

    Last time we left you, we had just wrapped up an arc with Nazi's, obstacle courses and Peter Parker being offered a new job in Kansas! So keep carrying on my wayward sons and daughters and lets see what's in store in middle America for The Amazing Spider-Man!

    The small town of Emporia, Kansas is about to get hit hard with some Spidey power as Peter Parker is getting an all expense paid tour of what could be his new job at a high tech science lab. He's being shown around by Mr. Jacoby, the old man who was following him around everywhere last issue. Ironically enough, Jacoby tells Peter that they're so interested in him because of the incredible recommendation from a Dr. Curt Connors. Ain't that just awkward?. While looking around outside we see a verbal argument break out between a scientist of the facility and the head construction worker. The scientist's name is Dr. Nero, he's complaining about the noise of the machines that are working on the building, but hey buddy you can't build a building without a BIT of disruption! Now this wouldn't be a perfectly cliche comic book if a mega disruption didn't happen right about...wait for it...hold more sec...NOW! There's a big explosion and we learn that a fire broke out, and that fire is headed towards some gas tanks that'll REALLY mess up everyone's day. This seems like a job for the Amazing Spider-Man! Pete finds his moment when Jacoby runs off to handle the situation, changes into the trusty red and blue and shows up at the scene. Just before he can handle the problem, a speeding man comes from out of nowhere! He runs over to a truck filled with insulated sheets and he kicks the hatch of the truck right off! Then he bicycle kicks all the sheets to go over the fire, this guy has legs made of something else! Its incredible. Turns out super legs is that head of construction Wes Cassady, and he even notices Spider-Man looking at him! Finally the fire has been contained and Jacoby has come back to meet with Peter. Apologizing and expressing that he hopes this incident hasn't left a bad impression on Peter. We then get taken to a scene in the lab of Dr. Nero. He seems to be working on a glove of some sort, talking about how he can control it from a unit in his other hand. This glove seems like a weapon of some sort, and that's confirmed when Nero uses the glove to blow up an object from across the room! Looks like this guy is gonna be up to no good and very soon.

    Way over 1500 miles back in New York City, we see the Silver Sable training at the Symkarian Embassy. She's greeted by one member of the Wild Pack, and we're told she sent the team of 6 on a job. Why is it that only one has returned? Swinging back over to Kansas, Spidey has tracked down Cassady to his home and is keeping watch, until he notices him AGAIN! Seriously, Pete's just gotten sloppy cuse he's new to this place. Seriously. Cassady actually offers an explanation for his powers/always knowing when he's being watched. This is new for a guy with powers, most of them like keeping it to themselves. He takes Pete into the garage so they can get a word in private. We learn that this man was working when the original science buildings they were at earlier were being built. Towards the end of construction, they started transferring lab animals to the facility. One of the animals was a rabbit that broke loose. This rabbit was a fast little thing, but not uncatchable. But when Cassady catches him, the rabbit bites him. You can all see where this is going right? He then got super powered legs, like a rabbit. He can run fast, kick hard, and sense when he's being watched. Like rabbits with hunters. He can't exactly strap on a bunny suit and fight crime, so he asks Spider-Man if there's anything he can do to help, sadly there really isn't. One has to decide what they want for themselves, by themselves. Over in New York, the Sandman has locked himself out of his apartment, awesome. Just as he trickles his arm in the door to let himself in, he's told he has a visitor. Its the Silver Sable, who has a proposition for him. On the other side of the city, Mary-Jane Watson Parker is on the phone with her far away husband. He's absolutely loving the place and is considering the job, something she was actually afraid of.

    Back in Kansas, Dr. Nero breaks into the office of Mr. Jacoby! Nero's dressed up in a space suit looking outfit, and he's fitted with his newly made glove. It got multiple weapons on it, laser beams, can push air around like a solid object, and shoots out some liquid made of liquid soap and onion juice. Not THAT'S gotta burn! But this wouldn't be a good issue if Spider-Man hadn't shown up at the perfect moment! In comes bursting the red and blue warrior, confusing the hell out of Nero since we all know Spider-Man is from New York City. They have a great fight across multiple rooms of the lab. Crashing walls, smashing tables, breaking glass. Until Nero hits Spidey with a sonic blast that disrupts the liquid in his ears. This throws off his balance hardcore! Nero plans for Spider-Man to stumble into a near by laser that'll burn right through him. Peter sees Cassady and calls out for help, but the fear of everyone learning who he really is scares Cassady still. Unfortunately for Nero, he made his plan voiced, so Peter looked for this laser. He bumped right into in instead of in front of it, swinging it toward Nero! The Dr. moves out of the way, taking that sonic beam off of Spider-Man long enough for him to...punch Nero straight dead in the nose, smashing through the glass of his helmet. The situation is handled and Spider-Man walks off, presumably pissed at Cassady. Nero's arrested and all is well. Pete tells Mr. Jacoby that he'll have to discuss it with his wife before making a decision to come out all the way to Kansas. He comes back home to a huge embrace from his loving wife and tells her that this job is everything he's ever wanted. In return he gets some shitty news, MJ tells him that she's put a lot of thought into it, and she doesn't think she's willing to give her her career, her friend, her family, even if it means making his dream come true. In the next issue, we're told the decision is made! I wonder what'll happen. If they'll keep a long distance relationship, or will Peter say EFFIT to his dreams and stay with the woman he loves. Who knows! I also like how no one really sat down and put some serious thought as to why Spider-Man was magically in Kansas, suddenly when this new Peter Parker shows up. But hey, what do I know? Stay tuned, we got more of this Omnibus coming next week! Until next time readers!

-Matt Milanes

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