Thursday, August 15, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #303

Written by: David Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

    Here we are again with another Retrospective Review, bringing you the webtastic pages of Amazing Spider-Man 303. In this issue, we have the start of a new decoration on the covers. Instead of a Spidey head, or a 30 years of this guy, that team, we have the issue number in webs. Real cool looking stuff. And the cover is great, looks like Spider-Man and the Sandman go at it again in this issue, with a guest appearance by the Silver Sable. So let's stop gawking and get this book open so we can get to the fun that's inside!

    Peter needs some peace and quiet to think over some things. He's got Kansas to think about, he's got MJ, possibly leaving Aunt May. And no one wants to do that. None of his awesome spider powers can help with the thoughts flowing in his head about these decisions. He realizes that he's been thinking about himself for too long and he should really be thinking about his wife, so he goes home to find Mary-Jane asleep on the couch trying to wait up for him. Not much crime out there tonight, since he's back fairly early. They talk about Kansas a bit more, before MJ just decides they should go to bed and think about it with clear heads in the morning. Over at the Symkarian Embassy though, someone is being kept busy. Last issue the Sable met up with Sandman at his apartment with a proposition. He's in her facility training with giant robot bug type things. She's more than likely going to use him for her hunt of this Neo Nazi Karus. Luckily for them, they've been able to track him down and know where he is. Over at the Daily Bugle, Jonah is pissy because someone has paid to throw an add out in the paper. They've paid a lot of money, a lot. But why's Jonah so pissy? Oh, that's because the ad is speaking to Spider-Man and not talking trash about him. That's why he's pissed. Oh Jonah. Even MJ is shaken up today. She's not really giving her all at the shoot she's at. She seems bothered by the whole idea of leaving her friend and family behind. Especially since she's a model and there isn't much of a market out in Kansas for models. She even questions if she loves Peter that much. I don't know, that bit kind of bothered me, not sure why. 

    Back at the Embassy, Spider-Man didn't waste any time being discreet with his arrival. Since Sable was so forward with her invitation, the least Peter could do is be forward with his end of the deal. Sable brings him upstairs to find the Sandman waiting, neither are too thrilled with the idea of working WITH each other instead of AGAINST each other, but the money end of it talks for both parties involved. Sable says she needs both their brains and brawn to help her infiltrate Kraus' location. Spidey does a great job of sneaking around until the rafter that he's hanging from snaps in two! Damn old wooden buildings. Only one guard was around to notice at first which is very fortunate. Spider-Man deals with him quickly, tackling him into a nearby crate. Finding out that the crate was filled to the brim with little baggies of white powder. Definitely heroin or cocaine, only one way to find that out. Gotta investigate the area more. He sneaks up on some of the Nazi's having a conversation. We learn that they're planning on stealing enough money to start their own country, like the Jews did when they formed Israel. A quick scene of MJ and Peter's apartment show her at home, and she's made a decision about Kansas, and it doesn't look like a pleasant one. Jumping over again to the warehouse (You know, all this jumping here and there that comics do, its a miracle that they do the traveling for us. Thank God we don't have to travel.) Sable basically tells Peter and Sandman that they're finished and she no longer needs their help. Sandman being...well...dumb, says forget it and follows her in the name of just wanting a good fight. And a hell of a fight does he get. Taking out tanks with little to no effort. Spidey can't do anything but help out, but his mind is elsewhere. Thinking about Kansas almost gets him shot a couple times. But once he gets his head back in the game, he's able to take out a couple jetpacked Nazi's with no thought. He finally catches up with Sable in time to see her catch that head Nazi and stick a gun in his mouth, asking for an excuse to pull that trigger. Boy, I think I'm falling in love with this woman.

    Everything is handled, the job is done and these Nazi's are in custody for now. Everyone gets paid by the Sable and they're free to go. Peter does come home though to find bags waiting for him. He can only think the worst and MJ is leaving to another place in New York while he goes to Kansas, only to find out she's packed and is ready to go with him! But before she can tell him her news, he breaks his. He's going to go back to school so he can get an equal or better job right here in the city! She absolutely loves the idea and even play faints into his arms. I swear these two are beyond adorable. But of course, nothing can ever end happily in a comic book, from another point far away in the same city, three shadowy figures all have photos of Spider-Man. They know Parker takes pictures of Spider-Man for the Bugle, and they have big plans for him in the next coming days. And we will figure out those plans all in next week's issue of The Amazing Spider-Man! Until next week readers!

-Matt Milanes

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