Friday, August 30, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #304

Written by: David Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

    "WEBS: Spider-Man in Action Exclusive DAILY BUGLE photographers by PETER PARKER" Whoa! Peter Parker has his own book out now, a book of all his pictures of Spider-Man over the last couple years. That's a pretty sweet idea, except for Jonah forgetting to remind Peter about the fine print on his release forms. All his work belongs to the Bugle and no one had to ask Pete permission to publish his work, so he's barely getting any money for this. Awesome. That's just how the Parker luck works though! Peter and Jonah are meeting with a Mr. Wilton and a Ms. Greely from the publication company. They offer Peter a way to make some extra cash, going on a book tour to promote the book. Not a bad plan, if sales go well, he'll get some real nice extra cushion in his pocket, and they've got an even better idea. How about bring along Spider-Man himself! He flips for a second, telling them he's not Spidey's pal or anything, he's just been lucky enough to take pictures of him, and he'll go on the book tour by himself. After work at the Bugle, it becomes another day in the life of Spider-Man. Weighing the options of this book tour and the extra money, not to mention seeing people actually want to buy something with his name on it makes it even better. A small robbery stopped here, a tiny stick up there. All's well on the streets of New York. Back home, Pete surprises Mary-Jane with the news and she's just as excited as he is, she's got a job in Los Angeles in a month anyway, and that's exactly where they want Pete to start the tour. Guess the couple's gonna be going on this cross country adventure together! A quick stop to his old home, which is now a boarding home run by his dear old Aunt May, to let her know about the tour and now everyone's ready to get packing and get going to L.A.!

    Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills another older person is up to no good. An older man is breaking into a house, this man goes by the name of Black Fox and he's a cat burglar from New York. What could he possibly be doing all the way on the other side of the country in California? He's breaking into a very conveniently empty home of a rich couple vacationing away for two whole months. And instead of evading the police, he makes a quick call to the local authorities, posing as the man of the house, to tell them they're expecting a guest for the time they're away. Why waste time avoiding the cops when with a little bit of extra work, you can have them working FOR you. A couple days later, MJ is all packed and ready to go, when in the hallway of her apartment building, she drops her keys. They're caught by the owner of the building, and he's been waiting to meet MJ for some time and even asks her out to tea sometime. She plays that great "Sure. Me and my HUSBAND would love to go. But once we're back!" He creepily does that typical "Oh yes, you will." What's missing is an evil laugh, but I don't like this guy already. On the plane and the limo ride around there's a smile left on Peter's face that just can't be wiped off. And an even bigger one comes on when him and MJ are told there's a couple hours to kill before a fund raiser later that evening. Why that smile gets even wider, you ask? Because Peter's finally going to Disney Land!!! Its like he just won the Super Bowl!

    Later that evening at the event, Pete's having a rough time fitting in. Asking the fancy food carrying butler for...Span on a Ritz. While just outside, the Black Fox is also there, planning his next move, the reason for being in Los Angeles. He steals an invitation into the even and sneaks his way to the party. All is going according to plan until Peter notices Black Fox and steps away to take care of some business, but he's not the only one. The Black Fox has already gotten into his thieving garments and has already taken out some security guards on his way to getting what he wants. He's looking for a chalice that's supposed to help pay for his retirement to the French Reviera. He finally gets his hands on it when Spidey shows up and the chaos ensues. Knocking over some of the other "real" artifacts in the room, the Fox makes for his escape. Throwing smoke bombs to cover his tracks as he runs away. Spidey goes around opening doors, any door he can find hoping to find Black Fox behind it. Instead, he finds himself back at the main party room! MJ, quick on her feet announces that Spider-Man is a surprise guest on the book tour. He gets surrounded with people wanting autographs for the people unwantingly until he just gives up and goes along with it. Back at the chalice room, Black Fox goes back for his prize only to be stopped again (man this guy's day has GOT to suck ass) by the Prowler, another New York local spending some free time on the west coast! What could the Prowler want with this chalice, why does someone of his background even care about the Black Fox. Find out next time in another Retro Review of the Amazing Spider-Man!

-Matt Milanes

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