Saturday, August 31, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #305

Written by: Dave Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

    Last time Peter Parker started his cross country book tour in Los ANgeles, but not exactly how he's planned. He ran into the Black Fox at a charity event, and stopped him from stealing a very prized chalice. Fox got away, leaving Spider-Man in the main room of the party, only for him to be stopped again by the Prowler! Now starting this issue, let's see what's in store for Spidey and the Prowler! After a long line of autographs, Spider-Man gets tired of this game and swings off into the Los Angeles sky. Just in time to stop the Prowler from doing some serious harm to the Black Fox. In the scuffle between the two, Black Fox makes yet another escape with the aid of smoke bombs. Both Spidey and the Prowler aren't too far behind in their escapes when they hear the guards that Fox knocked out earlier start to wake up. Prowler tells Spider-Man to meet him at his hotel room in the morning and he'll explain everything he can about the situation on hand. Spidey agrees and they both go their separate ways. The party wraps up and the next morning the Wall Crawler makes his way to Prowler's hotel room. Only to find a very scared woman and her husband/landlord chasing Spidey out with a bat. Guess that's one way to invite your guests over, thanks Prowler. Meanwhile over at the empty house that Fox is camping out in, he finally wakes up and starts his thieving day early. Startling on his hosts' jewelry to give him a boost for the day.

    Over at a nearby beach, MJ is trying to get Peter's head off of things by giving him sort of a reality check. Can't solve all the world's problems, now let's go for a swim. At least that problem's taken care of. Pete and MJ show up to the first signing and he's handed a real copy of the book. A magical moment for anyone who's being published for the first time. He gets another bunch of good news, being told he's going to be on the The Tonight Show hosted by none other than Johnny Carson! It all goes well that night, but there's more important things to take care of tonight. Spider-Man gets back into the...swing...of things (see what I did there?) and he goes to a building of a company that the Prowler mentioned. He actually finds the Prowler there and angrily tells him to start explaining, now. And boy does he have quite the story. His wife got a job with this same company at their New York division as a bookkeeper. When the company got caught up in some shady business, they set her up and put all the real information on a info chip. Prowler needs to get this chip in order to prove his wife is innocent or she'll be out of a job and they'll be poor. But that doesn't explain the chalice. They do some eavesdropping and find out that the Fox has been found at Long Beach about to get on a boat and head out, and he's headed with that chalice! Quickly, Spider-Man and Prowler make their way over to Long Beach as fast as they can.

    Black Fox gets caught up with some thugs before the two heroes can get there, but he seems to be able to fend for himself just fine. The two arrive at Long Beach and split up to help cover more ground, Prowler takes care of some thugs by slashing through support rails, trapping them under debris. While Spidey takes his fight to the Fox himself! The fight is cut short when Fox sees a crown and yells over about Spider-Man. He gets bombarded again having pens and notebooks shoved in his face. Just when the Black Fox thinks he got away, Spidey wraps him up in his hands, but because of Fox's old age, he decides to let him go and not go to jail. But not before taking his bag of stolen goods and that chalice. Shortly after, the chip is given to Prowler and the chalice back to its rightful owners. The Black Fox makes his escape on a plane plotting his next heist, wherever that may be, and Peter and MJ head over to Cleveland! Can't wait to see whats next for the couple as they continue their adventure across America with Spider-Man tagging along! Until next week!

-Matt Milanes

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