Thursday, August 1, 2013

Comics Review: New Mutants #96

Written By Louise Simonson
Pencils By Rob Lieleld
Inks by Art Thibert & Josef Rubinstein
Colors By Steve Buccellato

  The X-Men and the New Mutants strike back. To be honest, it's about damn time. Where last we left you Wolverine and Pyslocke ended up being captured by Hodge and about to be turned into mutates who serve the glory of Genosha! The X-Men deal with that month in and month out.

  X-Factor and what's left of the New Mutants spilt up. Jean and Cable attempt to take the Genoshan Citadel in what's supposed to be a sneak attack. The main point of the issue is Rictor, Boom Boom and Jubilee trying to break back into the Citadel to free Storm and the others. Since they now know that Cable and crew are in town they decided that a direct attack is the best idea. I think it's a bad idea. That's the damn problem with Teenagers. Also, the ones who are mutants and have powers. They just never learn.

  Again I found no real problem with the story or the art from the insane Rob Liefeld. He isn't Jack Kirby but in this issue he did a decent job of storytelling. I remember once John Romita Sr. Saying that you know how good an artist is when you can just look at the pages and without words tell what's going on in the story. Well, Liefeld can't do that. But I will say it gets it's point across, but yeah he still totally needs a couple of caption boxes to help out.

  The whole sad mess ends with Cable, Jean, and Forge fighting the Genoshan Magistrates. They hold their own and win. That is until Hodge shows up to join the fray. He kicks every one's ass then takes them hostage. While Boom Boom, Rictor and Jubliee can only watch from some bushes. With sad looks on their faces. I bet. All is not well for the mutants in Genosha. I'll be back in a few days with the X-Factor tie in which an all out war it launched with Hodge by the mutants that aren't enslaved by him. Which at this point i think i like two. It's a a hard knock life for Cyke.

-Tash Moore


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