Thursday, August 1, 2013

Comics Review: Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1

Written by: Chris Yost
Art by: David Lopez

    We have another Spidey series starting at number 1. A team up book, a product of the Spidey office, another wonderful story penned by Chris Yost! We open up to New York City at 12:37 in the morning. This group of muggers has a young couple cornered at knife point. Things aren't going so well until one of them gets shoe by a small beam of white light. Enter: Cloak and Dagger! Then Spidey shows up in his new garbs. Very much looking like Kaine's Scarlet Spider, but we'll let that pass. Odd, he stands on the side of the muggers, and straight decks Dagger in the face! About 4 hours later, at 4:12 am over in Hell's Kitchen, from a window high above, Spider-Man is crashing through with DareDevil! Why oh why could Spider-Man be committing these terrible crimes against his fellow heroes! Over at Avengers Tower, Captain America is watching several news stories all covering Spidey's new crime against hero spree. Cap calls it and its time to bring Spider-Man in.

    `For the rest of the morning, Spider-Man is taking down heroes all over the city. One by one webbing them up and knocking them down. Gravity 6:24 am. Power Man and Iron Fist 7:42 am. Sun Girl 8:39 am. Moon Knight 9:50 am. Doctor Strange 10:23 am. And finally, at the Baxter Building. We have Spidey fighting off Medusa and She-Hulk after knocking over Miss Thing. All only to get his hands on Ant-Man. Giving him the same 1-2 he's been giving all the other heroes that day. He tries to make his escape before he's stopped by none other than, The Avengers! Queue music from the!

    A slideshow of different Avengers handing Spider-Man's ass to him takes up the next page until finally, the Hulk and Thor apprehend him. He tries to tell Cap about an infection that's after everyone, and in confusion, no one listens. Until Hyperion shows that he's been taken over and blasts Iron Man to bits! (Spoiler: Stark's not in the suit, damn outer space.) Hyperion then proceeds to whoop everyone's super ass until the only Avengers left standing are Cap and Hawkeye. Great. The two powerless heroes are left to help Spider-Man fight a cosmicly powered, pissed off, possessed alien dude guy bro dog. As long as they buy him the time he needs to power a weapon to stop the virus, it'll be all good. The Hulk and Captain Marvel make their comebacks and seriously unload on this dude, finally slowing him down. That's when Spider-Man pulls out the gun and is ready to shoot the Hyperion in the face, or better yet Carrion, the name of the appearance of the virus. Carrion reveals that Hyperion will die along with Carrion if Otto shoots him, something that scares Cap into attempting to stop Spider-Man. Spidey tells him that there's more lives at stake than this one, that Cap needs to trust him that he won't die. Steve let's him do it but Carrion leaves his host and disappears, leaving Hyperion alive and disoriented. Spidey then says that the gun was created this morning and he wasn't even sure if Hyperion would've survived. Well, thanks for being total dick of the year Otto. Couldn't just shut up and count your blessings huh? Also, Cap was serious about the probation that The Avengers want to put Spider-Man on, Spidey ain't got time for that. He swings away telling them if they need their asses saved again, to let the Web-Head know. 

    Back at his HQ/lair in Battery Park, Otto looks back on all the teams he's come across in the last couple months as Spider-Man. The Avengers, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four. They all now have his respect and will accept the "new" him. But that's not enough. He needs a new team, a Superior Team. A team made up of the villains he's been kidnapping and holding in his lair until ready. The Vulture, Electro, The Chameleon, The Sandman, and Mysterio. He's built his very own Sinister Six. God only knows what he's got planned for these guys next. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!! Carrion escaped back to his own bosses lair. That boss is none other than the Jackel himself, and he's got his own plans for the Superior Spider-Man. He wants to kill him once and for all!

    Honestly, I don't know why this series was started. I was loving Avenging Spider-Man since it started, and I feel like this book may just become another AVSM. This feels like a "Let's Babysit Spider-Man" book, and I feel it'll eventually become a team-up book, just like Avenging Spider-Man. Nonetheless, its a great book. I enjoyed the first issue, and if you've read some of my other Spider-Title reviews, I'm very excited to see where this team that Otto is building goes. I just want a giant climatic fight to happen already!!! Come on Spidey Office!!! Well that wraps up this review, go out and see The Wolverine if you haven't, and check out our review on it, and all our other great content on the site. Until next week!

Matt Milanes

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