Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #10

Written By James Tynion IV
Art By Miguel Sepulveda & Szymon Kudranski
Colors By Jeromy Cox

 Wow, I forgot to read this issue. I will not lie, this sat on my bookshelf for awhile. But I read it and I really enjoyed this issue of Talon. James Tynion IV is flying solo as Scott Snyder's name only shows up here as the co creator of Talon.

  Anyway to kick things off Talon is still on Santa Prisca and fighting for his life. Or really what's left of it because he's been killed and turned into a full fledged Talon. Talon is locked in a struggle with Spider-Wolf. Spider-Wolf used to be a Olympic Runner as has had his bones broken then reset and then had Venom added. Talon's head is crushed by Spider-Wolf who smugly walks away.

  Back on the beach of Santa Prisca, Bane and his men are ready to takes boats to return to Gotham City to take down The Batman and the Court of Owls and rule the city. I guess since the whole "New 52" and "Flashpoint" Bane forgot that he tried that already. Quick, somebody buy the "Knightfall" trades and UPS them to Bane. He can read how he got his ass handed to him by the Obama of Batman's. Sad really. Wait, what was I talking about?

  Casey Washington is able to escape the Court of Owls back in Gotham City. In a move that I really thought was cool to get away, she walks into a Courtroom in broad daylight and pulls a gun then fires into the air. She didn't kill anybody but she get taken in by the GCPD. She's safe for now, but what of her Daughter still being held by the Court.

  Talon can't be killed and revives just in time to kill Spider-Wolf. Turns out that the rag tag crew of heroes that Casey had put together back in the earlier issues show up to Santa Prisca to help Talon. They all stand around gawking at each other and doing the whole "Let's slap each other on the back!" routine. But who shows up to ruin the whole thing? You guessed it, Bane. He hates when you have a party and don't invite him. He really does. Next month we see Bane blow out the candles. Or not. You'll have to come back and read my review. Next time it'll have 10% less rambling. I hope.

-Tash Moore


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