Thursday, August 22, 2013

Comics Review: Uncanny X-Men #272

Written By Chris Claremont
Pencils By Jim Lee
Inks By Scott Williams
Colors By Joe Rosas & Gynis Oliver

The X-Men are on trial and I don't mean a test run of AOL online. In a story titled "Capital Crimes" the X-Men stand in a Genoshan courtroom and are charged as Mutant terrorists. With none of their powers they are helpless. Well, except Wolverine, he still has a little fight left in him and decides to attack the Chief Judge. The judge wants no part of it and turns the X-Men over to Hodge. In order to describe how bad this is, it's like letting your kids play with the older guy with the whole van with a stained mattress in the back. The van has no windows by the way. So yeah, very bad.

With his memories returned Havok gets Psylocke free and says she, of her own free will, wants to be turned into a mutate and is taken away. Hodge seems to enjoy making the X-Men suffer, so what does he do? He makes Wolverine and Angel fight to the death. Why? Because he can that's why. They have no hope of escaping right? Sounds like Hodge took his lessons in being a bad guy from the Bond Villains.

Havok and Pyslocke discover a way to return the X-Men's powers. While Hodge goes to investigate what's taking so long for Pyslocke to become a mutate, Gambit is able to free himself from his chains. Gambit then frees Cyclops. When Pyslocke returns she shuts off Wipeout's power blocker allowing Cyclops to get his optic blast back.

Cyclops gets attacked from behind by Storm who is Hodge's personal mutate slave. The issue ends with Storm and Hodge on one side ready to go face to face with the X-Men. Great story and even better artwork from Jim Lee. He did a really solid job drawing this book and the inks really make the line work stand out. The coolest thing I can say that will really catch your eye is the panel where Gambit has a lock pick in his mouth and throws it in the air to catch it with his feet. You gotta see it to believe it. Until next week stay out of Genosha gang.

-Tash Moore

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