Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Comics Review: Wolverine #8

Written by: Paul Cornell
Art by: Alan Davis

    Last arc we left Wolverine without a healing factor, again. Now he's in trouble, the virus that took away his healing power is on its way to Wakanda, homeland of the Black Panther. Now, with the help of the Panther's ex-wife, Storm and Nick Fury, Logan's on the way to Africa to warn T'Challa. And what a first page to kick off this "warning". Black Panther's got his fist going right through Logan's jaw. A short scuffle finally leads to the question that should've been asked a while before, "Why are you acting so strangely?" Two days prior was the gathering of the minds and the planning of the trip to Wakanda. They're not sure who this virus has infected, so Wolverine's got a plan to force T'Challa to lose it. To tap into parts of his brain that the infection can't reach, and that's how he'll know if the Black Panther truly is who he poses to be. So flashing back to present day, Wolverine knows how to trigger that. He hits Panther where it hurts, Storm. He brings up them getting a divorce last summer, and especially Panther being over protective towards Logan. Making him seem jealous. Back two days ago at the Hellicarrier, Storm expresses her fear for Logan, since he's lost his healing power, he's been different. She notes his voice is different, he's even shivering more often. She's worried he may not be able to keep control is T'Challa decides to play this game back with him, which is exactly what he does. Present day again (a lot of back and forth in this issue this month, jeez) and Panther gets up close and personal in Logan's ear, calling him a scared fake coward who's now afraid of death. And well, that leads to Wolverine doing what he does best, attack. 

    All this fighting and arguing is just a distraction for the rest of the team. Storm, Fury and Dr. Victoria Frankenstein, yes...THAT Frankenstein, are all in another part of the area, trying to pin point the location of the virus. They get to a couple infected guards, but Storm deals with them quickly, as they approach what looks like a prison of some sort. The fight between Logan and Panther rages on, Panther tells Logan that his fighting style is based on taking damage, there's no way Wolverine can win. But beserked out Wolverine doesn't really listen to reason that much. Continuing to rage toward T'Challa. Over at Fury's end of the plan, he's got a great little helper. A tech-bug that looks like a pink and purple dragonfly that seeks out electronics and people and it well, takes care of them. They find exactly who they're looking for, a woman, floating in a containment tube. Frankenstein is about to break her out when a huge explosion goes off at the window. The fight rages on between Panther and Wolverine, panther trying to 1. Calm Logan down from his beserker rage and 2. Convince him that he is the real, uninfected Black Panther. Or is that what the infection wants to do? Wrong again kids! He truly is T'Challa, taking off his mask and revealing to Logan he's been wearing a small gas mask type of device on his face, protecting him from the infection. Finally a calm moment, Panther looks on his computer to see there's others in Wakanda, learning they're Logan's friends, he orders all weapons to be turned off to the targets. 

    The weapons finally stop and Frankenstein can get back to work on waking up their sleeping target. Some quick apologies from Logan to Panther get cut quickly before Storm arrives to their location. A reconciliation between the Panther and Storm, all seems well and happy until Logan gets a picture on his phone. Its a dreadful image that no one's happy to see, especially being so far away on such an important mission. Mystique has found a way into the Jean Grey School, and she's holding a very deadly looking katana, walking behind some very vulnerable looking students. All shit is about to be lost across two continents! Marvel's hyping this arc to be a very extreme and powerful arc in Wolverine's long lived life, and I can't wait to see where it goes. I'm not too much a fan of the way Davis does his art, but I've always been more of a story guy, and I can see more issues in this arc getting reviewed as they come out. Keep it up Marvel, especially that X-Office, they're putting out some choice books lately. Until Next week readers!

-Matt Milanes

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