Friday, August 16, 2013

Comics Review: X Factor #61

Written By Louise Simonson
Pencils By Jon Bogdanove & John Caponigro
Inks By Allen Milgrom
Colors By MikeRockwitz

Assault on the citadel? More like, "Hey look, we totally got captured by the stories main bad guy." It's okay, but it just doesn't have a great ring to it. The story picks up from New Mutants (again I hate that title.) as Marvel Girl, Cable and Forge are also captured by Hodge.

Cable gets all sissy boy on us. Crying about how he can;t believe that he let the New Mutants get captured and all that jazz. Jeez Cable, grow up will you. You knew the life you were going to lead the moment you threw on your 98 pouches and vest that help absolutely nothing in them.So man up, solider!

Cable, just like everyone else in the Genoshan citadel has their powers taken away by the mutate Wipeout. Wow, I only imagine what his powers are. Cable has no use of his bionic arm and tries to take out Hodge. No luck Cable. Hodge just tosses him around like a rag doll.A really big rag doll, but you get the idea. Marvel Girl it taken to a cell and she's sharing it with a bloody Wolverine. He's in really bad shape seeing as how his healing factor is gone. Jean feels bad for Logan so she plants him a kiss. Who knew that all Wolverine needed to hook up with Jean was to die? Sounds easy.

The remaining free mutants lead by Cyclops dress up as Genoshan mutates and sneak into the Citadel. They are almost close to freeing Wolverine, Storm and Marvel Girl until Havok( Still thinking he is a Gensohan Magistrate.) drops the dime on X Factor. Yet again Cyclops and Havok fight.

This issue ends when Cyclops finally makes Havok remember that they are brothers and Havok gets his memories back. But he does so at the worst time. While he and Scott are fighting in front of Hodge. Not to blow his cover Havok knocks out Cyclops. But not before letting the reader know with the use of thought balloons ( remember those) that he will have save the X-Men and X Factor and kill Hodge. Good issue and nice resolution to the whole Cyclops yelling at Havok to "Remember". Hey it work out pretty well. I'll have to remember that the next time I lose my car keys.

-Tash Moore

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