Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Batman Incorporated #13

Batman Incorporated #13
written by Grant Morrison
art by Chris Burnham

Is it really the end? Well, so it is. Batman and Talia clash once more in the conclusion to the Leviathan story-line. I love the cover. Like the imagery of Oroboro, the snake forever consuming itself, here we have Batman within Batman within Batman. It's like he can not escape himself. No matter how hard he leaps forward, he's stuck to his chest.

Batman and Talia are fighting in the Batcave. Talia is so cold-hearted. She's been so manipulative and continues to mess with Batman's head as they fight and they kiss. She's dressed in a cape and mask like she is mimicking and mocking Batman. I really enjoyed seeing Batcow and Damian's cat (did it have a name? Probably but I don't remember it) once more, who added a touch of humor to this dark book. Batman does not finish off Talia in the end. It's cool to see the character brought back from earlier issues who does finish her off. Jim Gordon narrates and he, also, speaks with Bruce Wayne about his involvement with Batman Inc. and thoughts about Batman during this whole Leviathan mess.

The art has been fantastic. One of my favorite moments in this issue is when Batman's perspective starts melting. I've never been a fan of the coloring style in this series, but it lends itself nicely to giving the world an almost toxic appeal because it's colorful yet dark with a soft glow.

The issue ends with Talia's father, who also makes a return to the story-line. He's got test-tube Batmen and who knows how that will all end. Probably badly, though. This story-line has been absolutely absurd at times but it's also dark and entertaining filled with tons of twists and turns that never left the story feeling dull. It's been a fitting end. I enjoyed seeing Batman's anger/grief for the loss of Damian continue to be used as an impetus for action. It makes his character tougher, stronger, and a little blindly stubborn, but that's just who Batman is.


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