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The Verbal Mosh Episode 239

It's a new week and we've got new comics to talk about including Itty Bitty Hellboy #2, Batman #23.4, Wake #4, Uncanny Avenger #12, Scarlet Spider #22, FF #12, and Wolverine and the X-Men #36.
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Comics Review: Uncanny X-Men #12

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Chris Bachalo

    Chapter 4 of Battle of the Atom, last time we left these young mutants, time displaced Scott Summers and Jean Grey were picked up by the present team of Uncanny X-Men, as you know, let by his older self. The two young mutants are being hunted by their own people, with their fate being decided for them. To go back home to the past or everything they know will be destroyed. Or at least that's what a team of future X-MEn have said, but they've been blocking their thoughts on purpose. What do they have to hide? Let's see if anything gets answered in this issue. 
    We open up on the Hellicarrier and Maria Hill is PISSED. Well, its Wednesday, when isn't she pissed? The X-Men situations just keep piling on higher and higher and no one can seem to get one foot ahead of the mutant teams. All of them. She mentions to Agent Dazzler, that Hank McCoy will always do whatever he wants whenever he wants. At least Wolverine has some kind of moral code, but Hank just does whatever the hell he wants because he thinks he's always right. I swear, thems smart people making us normals feel stoopid or sumthing. Hill's just not having a good day, sending out teams to handle McCoy, and just sitting in her own hatred for the blue furry man. Meanwhile, at Utopia, Everyone's getting acquainted, new X-Men, present X-Men and past X-Men. This is the first time since Warren, the time displaced X-Men also known as Angel, left the group at the Jean Grey School and joined the New Xavier School run by Scott Summers, that the young X-Men have been together. At least there aren't any hard feelings between the three. Some of Scott's X-Men are very confused with the whole time traveling situation, not only them but a couple members of Scott's core team as well. Only way to catch everyone up without a long explanation is to show them. With the help of the Stepford Sisters and Emma Frost, young Jean Grey was able to project her memories to all the other X-Men, showing them what future Beast told them when him and his team came back to the past. Magik then has an awkward moment saying she's met some people on the future team before and she storms off into another realm. No one bothered getting into her head to see where she was going, since its a dark evil place. Like Wolverine dark. Creepy ass place.
    So now the three main X-Men are trying to decide if they should help these youngins or not. Taking things into account like the repercussions of them staying, and keeping their own present day agenda in mind. Meanwhile back at the Pacific Coast Highway, the other two teams of X-Men are trying to get a location on the missing X-Men. Xavier's got nothing on his Cerebro, and in the meantime the teams of X-Men can't seem to agree on anything. Kitty Pryde keeps pushing that they should be able to choose for themselves, especially since multiple members of the team have been put in situations where they were forced to do something they didn't want to, calling out mutants like Wolverine specifically. He mentions he's not gonna argue or change his viewpoint, they don't belong and he hasn't agreed from the start. But the point is to find them, not to fight each other. With every second they argue, young Scott and Jean are just getting further and further away. Back to the Uncanny X-Men, Scott's finally made his decision to help his younger self and Jean Grey. A decision that doesn't go over too well with the other mutants, Emma especially. She gets straight up mean, telling Scott that he's only helping them because it'll look good for him and will be a great catch. She says the only thing he's ever loved in life more than Jean Grey was himself, and now he's got the opportunity to have both. Even Magneto tries to, more civilly, tell Scott that its not a good idea. That maybe he's only trying to help them to help heal his guilt for Charles, something Scott doesn't take too lightly. He's not the biggest fan of getting the finger pointed at him for something he did in the first place. Give me a minute, my Scott Summers hate is coming back. Also, they don't need another team of super-humans coming after them. Its bad enough that a different team of Avengers is knocking at their door every other day, but now X-Men from the present and future will be hunting this new team of X-Men down. Right before the blows can start flying, Warren yells for a halt. He makes a great point here, back when the original 5 X-Men were asked about staying, he was outvoted and forced to stay. Now, not only do the Avengers think they should go back, but other X-Men, from multiple time periods. It can't possibly be right to stay, they NEED to go back.
    And in all perfect comic book glory, another voice yells out from a distance. Xorn (that's future Jean Grey for those not playing along at home) has showed up with all the X-Men from both teams on the hunt. Young Jean tries to fight her off, and the two mentally duke it out. Keep in mind young Jean does not know this is her future self, and if she did that would just send everything that's already messed up into a further chaos. Xorn's mask is starting to crack and just before it can be broken, revealing who she is, ANOTHER voice yells for a yalt. Jesus Christ, Bendis sure does like giving people entrances, doesn't he? Emma Frost and her triplets have frozen everything around them except for themselves and Xorn, and boy is Ms. Frost ready to throw down. Wanna pick on someone telepathically? Might as well be someone who's as good at it than you, at least that's Frost's reasoning. Then the issue ends with the greatest word bubble I've read in a while, something along the lines of "The white queen versus the black queen. The message boards would love this." And in come the instant chills. The next issue, bring Wolverine and the X-Men hopefully isn't a filler issue showing what the school's are doing during this debacle. Although I have a feeling it may be, I want to see some psychic throwdown! A fight years in the making!!! The art on this book was fantastic, and I'm normally not a fan of Bachalo. I feel like when normally does art, its very bland and the colors are never right. There's a tendency of using only purple and white whenever he works on a book, and I was very glad to see strong bold colors on this book this month. It was a joy to read for my eyes and my mind. Another great chapter in this 10-part anniversary to my favorite Marvel team, the X-Men. Keep an eye out for this one guys, until next week readers!

-Matt Milanes

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #196

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Vince Colletta

Found some of these old issues of Thor and decided to give them a review. This is a real treat because these next few issues of the Mighty Thor are from the Bronze age of Marvel comics. Which I always felt was the most creative time for Marvel. (I’m looking at you early 2000’s.) Anyway Thor and the Warriors Three have been sent by Odin to find the Well at the Edge of the World. Thor and Crew run into a woman named Satrina. (Boy, with a name like that, how could you NOT trust her.)

Satrina invites the Asgardians into her home. Then hits them with a sleeping gas. I’ll be the first to admit it is kind of funny to see a god taken down by gas. (I’ll smite you with my hamm…oh no! Pollen!) Back on Asgard Odin is fighting the Mangog. Mangog is a collection of an alien race that Odin sent off to space and die. But they came back to bite him in his bearded ass. Mamgog is the spirits of that alien race intent on killing Odin and all he loves. You gotta hand it to Odin, when he screws up it sure is a HUGE one.

A bunch of Asgardian’s are killed by Mangog before he and Odin start to tussle. Yes, I said tussle. Back to the trouble of the God of Thunder. He awakes from his sleep to see the Warriors Three just hanging out with a group of ladies and getting drunk. Thor knows this is all Satrina’s doing so he flips out and starts to swing his hammer. Turns out the girls the guys were having a blast with were some crazy looking aliens things. A donnybrook happens then Thor says they’ve wasted too much time playing games. While the story was a little hard to follow the art was great. It was really fun to just look at the drawings by Big John Buscema. This was just as good as his Conan work. You can really tell he enjoyed doing the art for this book.

Thor and crew find the Well. But then yet again they run into Satrina. Turns out she works for the guy who owns the Well. This angry looking dude named Kartag the Keeper. What does he want to keep? Well, for one he wants to keep long haired hippies like Thor the hell away from his damn Well. Come back in a few days (if I’m not that lazy) to find out about the mystery of the Well.

-Tash Moore

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Thor God of Thunder #13

Written By Jason Aaron
Art By Ron Garney
Colors By Ive Svorcina

Well here we go with my pick of the week. It’s got Thor, but I bet you already knew that. Hey, it is his damn book. The book starts off with a bunch of dark elves riding on a boat heading to Hel ( the realm where all the dead gods go). Fighting pass all of Hela’s guards they fight their way to a giant hole. A hole which turns out to be the holding cell of Malekith!  He’s back to make Thor’s life awful and also ruin his Vidal Sassoon hair. Say it ain’t so, Malekith.

As for the hero of our book Thor and the warriors three are getting drunk. Wow, Thor sure does drink a lot. Good thing he runs away with the Avengers, the Uncanny Avengers and his own book. That’s how Thor keeps the beer weight away. A dark elf who is drinking with Thor starts to scream that Svartalfheim ( I’m not writing that again in this review) is in trouble.

When Thor and the good guys show up in  Svartalfheim ( I copied and pasted that one.) Malekith is killing his own people. He thinks they’ve gone soft since he was away. Which is crazy talk. He’s like Hitler, except he’s blue. It’s up to Thor to stop this crazy blue bastard.

With that said I really loved reading this comic. Jason Aaron still has some great stories with Thor to tell I feel. I don’t really mind the Malekith is back seeing how he’s going to be in Thor Dark World in a few weeks. It’s really a no brainer. Olivia pointed out that the art by Ron Garney may not have been inked at all. It’s good art buy I get a bad feeling that inkers are falling by the way side. I hope not, but all in all the art work is pretty damn smooth. I was also feeling the colors in this. Crisp and cool. Aaron has done a great job building Malekith into a great villian. Making it even sweeter when Thor kicks his ass.

-Tash Moore

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #308

Written by: Dave Michelinie
Art by: Todd "The God" McFarlane

If you guys haven't noticed by any of my horrible reviews, I have a ridiculous soft spot for covers, and this week satisfies my craving. It's a dark setting, a graveyard. And Spider-Man's got the Taskmaster by the cape. Written in the moonlight is "Who Kidnapped Mary Jane?" Of course, we know it was owner of her own apartment building, but imagine when Peter finds out. Only one way to see that, and that's by opening up this book as we move closer to the midway point of this Amazing Omnibus. Enough of my rambling though, you didn't come here for that.

This issue opens up with a much sadder tone than the cover, a sulking Peter Parker is talking to an NYPD officer, giving his vague statement on the issue. Though vague, it's the only lead the cops have to finding his wife, they're doing everything they can to help. Or so Peter's told, but that isn't enough, and it's nothing that Spider-Man can't add too. After the cops leave Peter promises himself he's going to find MJ, and when he does, he's going to make her kidnapper very very sorry! Meanwhile, at the apartment where MJ is being kept, a very creepy Jonathan Caesar is making his victory speech. Confused by Mary Jane's discomfort, he asks what more he could do to make her happy. He's given her elegant wardrobes, grandest gourmet delights. She asks for a .357 Magnum or two. Something Caesar sees as cute and pats her face, she takes this chance to smack him, screaming not to touch her. Taking in a deep breath, he responds by slapping the unholy shit right out of her body. I mean like even Ralph Cramden would tell him to tone it down. She realizes how crazy and dangerous this man is, and doesn't test him again. Caesar takes this moment to do what every villain does, and voice his backstory and intentions for the evil plot. In a nutshell, this dudes a spoiled brat who learned that if he was told "no", to take until he was told "yes". Going as far to even making his own brother "disappear" over a train set. So, yeah this dude is batshit NUTS. He even tells her they're going to be married. A sobbing Mary Jane prays for Peter to find her.

That night, Spider-Man hit the streets and was on the prowl for any information he can get on MJ. He eventually finds a guy who'll talk, a common street thug name Chili Bono. He doesn't have answers now, but he'll have in about 24 hours. This next part is the hardest, waiting. That wait has been especially tough on Peter Parker. He's been making excuses for people calling the house, even coming close to canceling a book signing, until Aunt May calls an sweet talks Peter in going. The signing all goes well, and it gets Peter's mind off of things.

Black Cat, Felicia Hardy has finally found out Peter's new address but the bellhop of the building won't let her in, not a bad choice. She storms off vowing to just come back later. I wonder what she's got up her sleeve. All the while, Spideys on his way to meet up with that thug to trade info, except the lying jerk isn't even there! Peter gets stuck in a graveyard waiting for Chili Bono when he stumbles upon a large group of men in white suits. Uh oh, don't worry, no KKK here. The men think it's some kind of training program and start shooting at him! The soldiers think it's all an exercise and don't think it's really Spider-Man, until he starts actually hurting them! Smashing faces, hammer fisting, the whole 9 yards on these guys. He asks the last thug where's his boss and conveniently, he arrives. The dreaded Taskmaster!!!

Taskmaster's not around for long before he makes his escape and goes back to hiding, a spot that Spidey finds very quickly. All you need is a little...persuasion. Taskmaster is hiding in a nearby mausoleum, a spot Spider-Man has no problem breaking some doors to get into. He breaks right into a room filled with more of those soldiers and the Taskmaster. It's not long before the bullets start flying again, thank god for that Spider Sense! Unfortunately for the soldiers, Spidey's got no time to waste, so he just yanks up a whole section of the floor to scare them off. Now, to find the Taskmaster. He shows up and the two duke it out. Taskmaster's showing off some of his newly "acquired" skills, like Cap's shield throw. Peter knocks him into a munitions closet just in time for him to set off the bullets! The building erupts in flames just as everyone gets out. It's a bitter/sweet night for Peter. Sure, he set back the Taskmaster and his plan to train henchmen to sell, but he still hasn't found Mary Jane. If he only knew she was being kept in the very building he sleeps in at night. This brings us to another end of another great issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. Things aren't getting any easier for our red and blue Avenger. Right when things start looking up, getting this awesome new apartment that I'm sure he'll be leaving soon, getting a book deal, it all comes crashing down in one night. All it took was a kidnapping. I'm prepared to see a much darker side of Spider-Man unseen before, even when he had the black suit. You just don't mess with a dude's wife, especially if he's loved her for god knows how long. Sit tight, we'll be back in a few days with another look into the ever so dwindling life of Peter Parker and the Amazing Spider-Man!

-Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode #238

It's a short episode with only 3 books to talk about: Morning Glories #31, Superior Spider-Man #18, and Daredevil #31. So just go ahead and tune in for free right here or click to hear this episode on our Facebook page.
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Comics Review: X Factor #62

Written By Louise Simonson
Pencils By Jon Bogdanove
Inks By Allen Milgrom
Colors By Glynis Oliver

  This is it, folks. The X Teams final showdown with Hodge. How will it end? Who will be left standing? My best bet is the guys who the damn book is named after. But hey, you never know.Rictor and Wolfsbane are the first to find Hodge. They attack but call for backup in the form of Cable and Storm. I'm glad that Cable has his mutant powers back (Which is what really? His eye lights up?) so he can use that goofy ass metal arm of his. So what happens when the good guys show up? Why they get their asses kick of course.

  Angel from X Factor shows up to the battle to lend a hand. Then HE gets taken out by Hodge. Boy this is starting to become a pattern. A sad pattern. Hey look kids, it's Wolverine. Oh wait he just got beaten down as well by Hodge. Oh wait, here comes Jean Grey. Oh, forget that, she was beaten too! Oh, won't anyone save the day.

  Here comes the heroes in the form of Scott and Alex Summers. Or the Vanilla Boys as I like to call them. Two of the plainest dudes in the Marvel U. They use their powers, the Optic Blast and uhhhm, that thing that comes out of Havok chest to break apart the android body of Hodge. The with only his laughing head left Rictor brings a ton of debris down over him. The art as always by Jon Bogdanove was very much top notch.

The Writing was fine for this issue. Just didn't like how the Genoshian Magistrates took control of the country and Havok stayed behind to make sure the Mutates were going to be treated fair. It's not the best ending but hey, it is an ending.

-Tash Moore

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Indestructible Hulk #13

Indestructible Hulk #13
written by Mark Waid
art by Matteo Scalera

Indestructible Hulk is a fantastic book. It's funny. It continues to reference what's happened in the greater Marvel Universe and how space time done did broke. The artwork is great and it just tells an awesome story in and of itself.

In this issue, the Hulk still needs to battle it out with the Chronarchists. He's beaten one already. Now it's time to fight this other one who's holed himself up in Camelot, who'd basically kicked out King Arthur and his brave knights. Being a time traveling Chronarchist, he had gathered some of the fiercest fighters to put down any kind of resistance, not to mention there was a gigantic wall surrounding the castle. Too bad for them though that nothing will stop a rampaging Hulk who's ready to kick some bad guy butt.

The Hulk busts right through that place like it was nothing. The Hulk has a really tough time fighting the Chronarchist, though, as this guy has the ability to focus and manipulate time around him. He'd already lain waste to Merlin, turning him to dust. Now he's in the process of doing the same to the Hulk but with the aid of the Black Knight, the Hulk is able to stop this guy. The story is so riveting with all of the action and the humor. The Hulk has such an out-of-character moment in talking back to "Banner" but it's great because it cleverly refocuses on the urgency of the situation. He needs to take out the last and final Chronarchist, which should happen in the next issue, else deal with the consequences of not being himself anymore.

It's been a lot of fun seeing the Hulk so out of his own time, and seeing how quickly he can adapt to any situation. All you have to do is point him in the right direction and he's set. You're getting the best of the Hulk with the combination of Banner's conscience and the crazy-like-a-bull-rhino power-house.

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and that is why it is my Pick of the Week.

Comics Review: New Mutants #97

Written By Louise Simonson
Pencils By Guang Yap
Inked By Joe Rubinstein
Colors By Steve Buccellato

  This issue was titled "War" and boy, was it ever. The X-Men and X Factor and New Mutants all have their powers back. Lots of X's in there. What is this, an adult film? Back to the review. Turns out the Geneenginer who worked for the Genoshian's had a change of heart. He wasn't a really evil man like Hodge. He had a soft spot for the old mutants. He installs a back up in Storm so that she can return any of the X Team's powers. Wow, that makes tons of sense. You know, if you don't count for logic.

  Cyclops is the first to get his back and he goes toe to toe with Hodge. While all this is going down, Storm gets busy turning on the other's mutant powers. Even Cable and his one million pouches. Which from the looks of it might just be filled with sand.  During the Cyclops and Hodge fight, Hodge takes some serious damage from Cyclop's optic blast (and hey, who wouldn't.)  Hodge then phases out through the floor all pissed off. But before Hodge goes away completely, he shoots out a laser beam to kill the Genoshan Geneenginer. What a way to go. Killed by a dude with just a giant head.

  The X-Men stand around plotting their next move. They decide that once and for all they are going to kill Hodge. Which is a good idea since this crossover only has one issue left. Oh, and the New Mutants come across the remains of a killed in action teammate, Warlock. They cry. He will be missed. Not by me.

All in all, we really could have done without this issue. This felt like it was padded out way too much. That's not a knock on Louise Simonson, who I think is a great writer. This just goes to show what happens when Marvel sales, other than the creators and editors, have the final say. Well next we'll find out if the X-Men win. I have a feeling they may just win.

-Tash Moore

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Comics review: X-Men #5

Written by: Brian Wood
Art by: David López

What a ride Battle of the Atom has been so far. For those of you not being cool and keeping up, this is what's gone down so far, the X-Men of the present are all ready to send the X-Men of the past back home. They've been here too long, and quite frankly, time is fucked. But right before anything can be done, a team of X-Men from the future, a team made up of a further mutated Beast, grandson of Charles Xavier, Deadpool, Kitty Pryde of the future, some lady who I don't remember her name because she's probably unimportant, and a mysterious woman who we learn us Jean Grey, arrive in the present to warn all X-Men! (Keep up, it's worth it. I promise.) Past Jean Grey has had enough of people making decisions for her, she causes a distraction so her and past Scott Summers can make their escape. *Deep breath* now that I've got THAT out of the way, we can open up this book and try to find Jean and Scott.

Everyone's first concern is getting Jean and Scot back before they get too far, only problem is, they took the only jet on campus. Well, only tested jet. Future Beast reminds Middle Beast that him and young Beast (I ain't gonna keep doing this shit much longer, they better get nicknames soon.) that they were working on some experiments for planes, and one of them happened to be ready to go. Convenient. As everyone loads into the plane, Xavier pops a pill, apparently this is Cerebro of the future. My god, that's awesome. Elsewhere, Jean and Scott are sneaking into someone's backyard, stealing clothes right off of the drying lines. I guess the bright colored tights would be too noticeable, huh? There's a quick moment where the two of them kind of drool over each other for a quick second as they dressed. It's adorable, completely throwing away Jean making out with Hank last month. Yay for continuity! And since theft is in the air, Scott sees a beautiful new motorcycle they can scoop up, since you know, they parked a jet on the beach.

The hunt for the young mutants is barely moving forward. The jet has been found, and Wolverine barely has a scent on them, future Jean suggests plotting points in a 50 mile radius and set it to ping if any mutant activity pops up. Genius, she's...catching herself? Eh, whatever. Meanwhile, back at the school, Rachel Grey is slowly but surely talking Kitty into doing some non Headmaster-ish approved things. We'll see where that goes later. Scott and Jean are constantly one step ahead of everyone, but that won't hold for long. They need to find someone who can help them, and fast. Jeans got someone in mind, but she knows Scott wont like it. She drops her shields for a second to call this person, and that's all future Jean and Xavier need. The young X-Men are found. Both teams of X-Men have found the missing young mutants, but Scott's not ready to go down without a fight. Against Jean's call, he revs up his eye blasted and shoots one of the jets, then bolts it on the bike. They're stopped by a well placed bullet to the tire, and caught by Middle Beast before anyone can get hurt. Someone Scott is willing to hit with his optic blast to escape. Determined, him and Jean run, only to be completely cornered by the present and future X-Men. Just when it gets real tough, Rachel, a time displaced X-Men herself, and Kitty Pryde show up and ram a vehicle into future Iceman, or at least we think it's Iceman. Everyone's ignoring present and past Bobby when he asks. While the two duke out the moral argument of hunting the past X-Men down, young Jean and Scott take the dying car used by professor Pryde and make yet another escape.

They drive all the way out to the remains of the Mutant Utopia, built by present Scott Summers and left abandoned after the disastrous fight last year. Scott asks Jean who they're meeting here, only to find out himself that it's...himself. Scott Summers, present day leader of the rogue X-Men and his full team are waiting for the two time displaced mutants. Aaaaaand SCENE! WHOA, what an issue that was. This crossover event has not let up from the moment it started. A truly amazing X-Event that perfectly marks the 50 year anniversary of this incredible team, the X-Men. I'm glad to be a reader of it. Now lets get to the art of the book. A FANTASTIC, and very realistic look, from Mr. López. Very enjoyable to look at as well as read. The stor continues next week in Uncanny X-Men so be sure to read it! Until next week readers!!!!


Matt Milanes

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Comics Review: Superior Spider-Man #17

Written by: Dan Slott
Art by: Ryan Stegman

Last time we left Otto Park, he was cleaning up some Shadowland loose ends. Assuming the Kingpin dead, and now the Hobgoblin. Little does he know, Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, is taking in any ad all Goblin followers and building his army. Slowly, but surely. This time around, by the looks of this fantastic cover by Stegman, we're gonna get a taste if Miguel O'Harra. Beloved Spider-Man of the future, year 2099. But the question is, does Miguel come to 2013, or does Otto shoot foreword? Only one way to find out, and that's by opening up this book and finding out ourselves panel by panel.

We open up in the year 2009 New York City or as it's now called, Nova York. The local police are evacuating a sector of the city, sector that our hero, Miguel, happens to be in. I guess he's got the same convenience luck as his predecessor, Peter Octavius. He quickly loses his civilian clothes (even the future there's no easy way to store clothes when you gotta get into your hero outfit on the go) and dons the Spider-Man suit! For those that've never seen it, it's a beautiful all blue piece, with red eye rims that wrap around the head, down the shoulders, and even form the design on the front of the suit. A red spider, with a skull for a body. It truly is a genius suit. Miguel arrives in time to find the local police on their hover bikes fighting...dinosaurs and biplanes? Guess it's true, you can't write a time travel story without dinos and biplanes. The authorities actually want Spider-Man to beat it, completely ignoring that he's helping them! Not long after the dinos and planes disappear and it's time to get to the bottom of what's going on, and Miguel knows exactly where to start. Alchemax.

Breaking into the building, Miguel follows these gold bubbles that erupted from the time displaced threats through the building. He ends up in a lab only to find Tyler Stone (his biological father who doesn't know Miguel is Spider-Man) with holes all over his body. Not like cuts or something, I mean holes! Like Kung-Pow hole in the stomach. Only this dudes got them everywhere! Legs, face, arms, chest, rear end. We learn that all the time traveling that's been done recently by our heels today, is COMPLETELY destroying the future! The X-Men jumping back and forth, the Hulk jumping into the old west, Kang and all his shenanigans, Marty and Doc Brown. Wait, wrong property, ignore that last one!  In order to fix the timeline and save Stone (which is something Miguel doesn't want to do) he'll need to come back to 2013 and fix it. Except Miguel doesn't wanna go, but he's told he absolutely has to. But, why? Dude doesn't wanna go, why should he? Oh, that's why, there's a picture of him in New York in 2013. Guess it kinda blows living in the future and all. Alright time to crank up his cool little time travel watch and get his futuristic ass back to the year 2013!

Cut back in time to 2013 New York. Horizon Labs is having their annual company softball game, it's a team of everyone who was turned into a Spider during Spider-Island vs. everyone who was turned into a lizard during Dr. Curt Conners' debacle last summer at the labs. Personally, I think those teams are hilarious. It's a good way to look back and laugh at the near death experiences you came across while working at Horizon Labs! And yes, that's product placement. I expect a paycheck. Otto's been taking this game way too seriously, determined to be the very best in the company at the game, something that he's mocked for by some of the other players. Right as he knocks a ball straight out of the park, a helicopter lands near the field. Two Feds come out and they're placing Max Modell under arrest!!! Bringing him up on charges like procurement, storing and creation of hazardous materials, harboring known fugitives, human experimentation. All things that've happened recently to the company, like Morbius working there, the serum that helped beat Spider-Island. Lots of stuff that really helped the city, he's being arrested for it, but who could've told? Someone with a grudge, someone who's tried to hurt the company before. Tiberius Stone. Professional brown noser of Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin and ex-Horizon Labs scientist who was beat out of a thin tank spot by Michael Morbius, the living vampire.

While all this is going on at the softball game, the Green Goblin is finishing his training with Phil Urich, the old Hobgoblin. He's being trained to be an even better, badder goblin! Back at Horizon Labs, the staff are all trying to comprehend what just went down with Max. And with all the perfect shitty timing, Liz Allan, newly made majority stock holder of Horizon Labs comes walking through the door. She's got her own staff ready to essentially replace the Horizon crew, and she runs her own company Allan Chemical. Hmmmm, seems like a familiar name, don't it. With her is Tiberius and Otto's Spider-Sense is ringing like a fire alarm. This isn't the time to be subtle, what Otto wouldn't give for his Spider-Sense to be more specific! Stone mentions how by being majority stock holder, Allan Chemical now owns all of the inventions to come out of Horizon Labs, for "Peter", that includes all his gadgets he's made for Spider-Man. Once they leave, Grady actually comes up with a great idea, all of Horizon's now problems are definitely caused by Stone, but they've got no proof. His idea is to go back in time and snap some pictures of Stone in the past. Seems like a pretty easy plan, except for the whole time paradox thing that always comes with basic time travel. The scientists all go to Grady's lab to fire up the machine when suddenly, it fires itself up! Meanwhile, "Pete"'s disappeared and Spider-Man is off doing some first hand work! Back at Horizon, everyone is shocked to see this new Spider-Man looking creature crawl out of the time machine. As if the names earlier weren't enough, Miguel jumped back FROM Alchemax, landing in the same spot some 80-odd years in the past. Looks like Horizon is doomed (or destined, however you look at it) to become Alchemax. And for those of you playing at home who didn't figure it out by bad.

Miguel wastes no time breaking out of the lab and off into the streets to fulfill his job. At the same time, Otto reaches the limo driving Tiberius and Liz and he acts quickly to stop it in the middle of the street. He's about to knock Tiberius' teeth in when his fist gets webbed and yanked at the last second. The final page of the book is a gorgeous shot of the Spider-Man of tomorrow swinging into the scene presenting himself to the Spider-Man of today. Next is the fight we'll be waiting 86 years for! Will these two clash heads and fists? Or work it out and help save time? I'm voting option A because well, it's a comic book and what's a book without peril and possible universe ending possibilities? Can't wait to see this unfold, especially because I love Spider-Man 2099 so much. Always had a strong liking for him even when I was young. And I believe SM2099 number 1 was the same month and year of my birth, but I digress. Keep checking with us to see what's coming next! Until next week readers!

-Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 237

Batman can move his hips, but then again we all knew he could.
On this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh, we review: Kick-Ass 3 #3, Flash #23.2, Batman #23.2, Captain America #11, Fantastic Four #12, and Wolverine #9. So tune in right here as always for free or you can listen on our Facebook page.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #11

Written By James Tynion
Art By Szymon Kudranski
Colors By Dezi Sienty

  Some very interesting things happened in this issue of Talon. (Or Batman Jr. as I like to call it.) First off James Tynion dropped the IV from his name in the credits to this book. I take all the glory for that. It made him come off as a very high sounding individual. Much like D.G. Chichester. (He wrote Daredevil for awhile over at Marvel.) I had to take him down a peg. Or it just could have been that DC felt like being cheap and not paying the letterer so they just stopped adding it. Hey, you never know, DC has been cheap asses in the past.

  Anyway, on to my review. I finally got off my ass and read this issue of Talon. I kind of wish I hadn't. The story was off. It was as if this damn thing was quickly re-written by the editorial powers that be at DC to line up with the line wide crossover, Forever Evil. For the record I am not buying that damn book. Never again will the Big 2 get my $3.99 for an "Event Book."

  So Talon is stuck on Bane's island of Santa Prisca. With the help of his friends who're also the friends of he girlfriend Casey, he's able to escape from Bane by luring him into the tunnels underneath the prison. Talon said he memorized the tunnels and was able to use a grappling hook to get away from Bane who just stood there yelling. Hey, if Bane spent his whole life down in these tunnles as a kid, how the hell does he not know this place like the back of his steroid loaded (Sorry Venom) hand?

Oh, Casey Washington breaks free of the Gotham City Police (GCPD) and heads to the roof to turn on the Bat signal to call who....well one guess is it ain't the Ghostbusters. Mega Talon (I forgot his damn name by this point) shows up to kill Casey but then the Dark Knight jumps in. Wow, for a guy who bitches about his city, it sure did take him a long ass time to learn that the Court of Owls was still in town.

  Batman saves Casey but she is hurt badly by Mega Talon. She gets taken to a hospital. A Gotham hospital? Really? I wonder for how long she'll be safe there. My guess is two to three issues. Talon steals a plane back to the good ol' US of A. Trying to call Casey, Batman picks up. At this point Talon flips out for four pages thinking that Casey is cheating on him with Batman. No, I kid. But Batman does pick up her line giving Talon the 411 that Casey may not live. Talon sheds a tear. I drink my coffee. Everybody is happy. Or not. Bane then kills Sebastian Clark then joins the Secret Society. Which really isn't a secret if I and everybody on the Internet knows. I bet their message board gets trolled by the like of Rocket Raccoon and Rocket Racer. Eh, I'm bored with this review. I'll be back to talk X-Men next. Cyclops wears a funny hat. You'll love it.

-Tash Moore

Monday, September 9, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #307

Written by: Dave Micheline
Art by: Todd McFarlane

First off, this weeks issue has a creepy as all hell picture of the Chameleon as Spider-Man, bent up fingers, creepy eyes. The whole 9. The issue opens up by telling us that newly married couples sometimes like doing simple activities together. Laundry, house cleaning, grocery shopping. And that's where we find our two lovers today, the grocery store. All is normal when in the distance a voice calls out to them to hold up! A short stubby woman recognizes Mary Jane from the cover of a magazine and asks for an autograph. Then when she goes to Peter asking where she may know him from, he suggests his book Webs, a picture book of all his Spider-Man photos from the Daily Bugle. In her mind, he's just an old classmate Irving Sprinkle, who supposedly changed his name to Peter Parker, and I still uppity just as in the third grade. What a fun day out at the grocery store with the wife, ain't life just grand?

Back at their humble abode in the upper west side, Peter and MJ are unpacking the groceries when there's a knock at the door. MJ goes to open the door only to find out their visitor is the owner of the building, Jonathon Caesar. He asks MJ if she needs anything while Peter's away, not knowing Peter is still in the apartment! Pete actually gets caught peeking over a door just before Jonathon walks off. MJ suspects Pete's jealousy and playfully tells him not to worry, she doesn't exactly go around marrying everyone in town. Although I wish she would, I wanna have my turn! Meanwhile, Jonathon's back in his apartment and this panel shows the creeeeeeeepyest looking face ever! He's gawking over a wall of pictures of MJ, just as she's telling Peter "He's nothing to worry about!" Yeah, ok MJ.

The next day brings us to Chicago! The Windy City, the city of uhm...Bulls and Cubs! Oh! And Bears, who can forget the Bears? R.I.P. Chris Farley. Pete's day isn't going so great though, he signs an autograph for an admitted lark, and blows a pen of good ink all over some kids book, who now gets a free copy. Meanwhile at the offices of William Dukane, the scratchy business man from a couple issues ago, the boss is taking another early day. Even his receptionist is getting suspicious. He's been leaving early a lot, mingling with people who have known ties to the mob. Even the dudes DRIVER notices something ain't right with this guy. Very suspicious activity for a normally very non suspicious man. I wonder what could be the deal. And then BOOM they give you the deal! He's the Chameleon! He's been disguising himself as this Mr. Dukane to make his plan easier. He sits back to watch a movie while in his head he goes over some life changing moments in his life. Going back to his first appearance in ASM1, to ASM80 and ASM186, he goes over how his motives changed and how he got a new method for taking appearances. He developed a new way, by, instead of masks, molding his face to that person's. Almost electronically. Even installing these faces into a belt so he can change looks on the fly! He's got big plans for America and if all goes according to him, they start reeeeaaaallllllll soon!

The next day at the book signing, Pete doesn't even have time to sign one book before a distraction plotted by the Chameleon sets off the place! He quickly disguises himself as a police captain and begins sending cops away, he's clung himself to a very well respected scientist. Only Chameleon knows what he has in store for this man of science. The distraction is short lived though, because barreling through is the Amazing Spider-Man! He manages to subdue the first two of three gunmen firing shots indoors, as the third one tries to make his escape. That doesn't end too well for him as he gets caught and flung across a hallway. Spidey overhears some cops trading stories about a police captain being there at the scene AND back at the office which can only mean one thing: Shenanigans!!! And just like that, Web Head's gone quicker than he came, he finds the trapped scientist standing next to...himself? Spider-Man quickly realizes its the Chameleon, but not before he tosses a bomb at the scientists feet and runs away! Spidey tacks Chaneleon with a Spider Tracer and tries to cover the bomb in webbing to muffle the blow but that doesn't work! He still saves the scientist though. He hurries off in an attempt to catch the appearance changing madman before its too late. Chameleon keeps changing looks, but Spider-Man keeps a close tail, to Chameleons confusion. The chase comes to a screeching halt when Chameleon steals a nearby cops gun and forces a crowd full of hostages into a nearby theater!

Inside, the Chameleon finds the tracer, and soon after all the hostages are let go. Spider-Man heads inside to find only his tracer, assuming that Chameleon found it, ditched it, and escaped with his own hostages. He didn't fully stop Chameleon's plan, but he put one hell of a dent in it. Chameleon quickly turns into a bus driver and steals the poor mans public ride to complete his getaway. Peter finally meets up with his guide and after a short conversation, he wonders if his wife ever has days like today. Speaking of which, she's just wrapping up a photo shoot when she returns home and smells...cigarettes? But neither her nor Peter smoke. Just then, two thugs appear, they're "friends" of a Jonathon Caesar! He's come to obtain something he's wanted for years, Mrs. Mary Jane Watson Parker! The building they're in is very old, thick walls that absorb sound. Sounds like loud music, dogs barking, and screams! Well, that wraps up this weeks ASM review, and what an issue that was! Who knows way extent Peter will go to to find out who took his wife. And even worse, what will he do when he finds out who did it?! We'll all have to see what happens next week! Until that time!

-Matt Milanes

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #306

Written by: Dave Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

    Here we are again with another installment from the Michelinie/McFarlane Omnibus and the cover on this one is great. Its an homage to Action Comics #1. Spidey's holding up a flaming police car and there's some people running and its all chaotic and awesome, just like everything Spider-Man related. Right as you open up the issue, its another great shot. A circular lens looking thing covered in webbing and Spider-Man on one end telling someone to back off. We see that it was indeed a camera, a news camera. Spidey's holding onto two webbed up baddies while flipping out on the local media. Sure, the local police think that media has a right to know what's going on with crime so that can tell the people, but Spidey's asking what about his right to privacy?! Right after that he lifts the camera up by his belt and moves him over. I guess walking around the dude was out of the question. While swinging away, Pete's starting to have some second thoughts about his recent actions. As if the Bugle doesn't bash him enough, that last thing he needs is tv media hating him too. He's trying to be happy with everything going on, his book, the tour, but he's actually getting jealous of his alter-ego. he's getting jealous of...himself. Meanwhile, somewhere else in town, a man is walking to his home with a bag of shananigans. Local kids seem to know who he is, poking fun at him calling him Bug-Man. This man turns out to be the villain Humbug. Your guess is as good as mine, he's some loser failed villain who's trying to make a comeback. Back at Peter and Mary Jane's apartment, he finally arrives home with a nice rose for his wife. A nice gesture, interrupted by a knock at the door. Its the owner of the building Jonathon Caesar, and he's brought a bouquet of flowers for MJ, ok weird. He invites the couple to a party he's throwing at his place and then leaves. MJ tells Pete that Jonathon's flowers will be going to the cleaning lady tomorrow, and his rose is headed for a vase. She only keeps important things. I swear, these two <3

    As night falls, a slender, quick moving woman hops from building top to building top. Felicia Hardy, better known as the Black Cat, makes her way across the city of New York. She wants to see her old hot flame Spider-Man/Peter Parker but she's not aware he's moved from his old apartment and she walks in on some old dude in the shower! This only gives her more reason to track down the Webbed Wonder! This can't end well for anyone involved. Thursday finally arrives and the Parker couple has landed in Cleveland. Just before his book signing, he gets stopped by a fan backstage, he's got a handful of comics in his bag that he accidentally drops and Peter has a moment in his past. The kid has to sell his old collection at a nearby Expo and has to leave early so he was hoping to get an early autograph from Mr. Parker. Peter signs the kid's Webs book and he's off on his way. The signing goes great, and at the end of it all MJ comes back with a gift to Peter. Turns out she went to that Expo and bought the comic off the kid and got it for Peter. She jokes around about not being jealous of the girl from the comic. Its truly adorable. Its time like this I was I didn't know the events that happen at the end of One More Day. =[ Anywho, in the same state, but different city of Chicago we find ourselves at the offices of a Mr. William Dukane. He has a visitor by the name of Roland Carson, he goes into Dukane's office and tells him straight up that he's getting replaced. Before the two old men whip out their member's, Carson becomes a copy of Dukane. That can only mean one and only one thing! Back over at ESU, Buck Mitty A.K.A.. Humbug sets himself up in a van near the campus. He was an insect specialist at the school who was let go due to budget cuts and needless to say, he's pissed about it. He's prepared to break into the school and steal some rare paintings to sell them. He wants to refund his insect research. His powers are kinda cool, as doofy as they are. He has the different properties of insect venoms, sprays, etc. He uses one of these properties to break open the doors of where he thinks is the room where some of the paintings are. Instead, he breaks into the women's locker room! Makes for a pretty funny, embarrassing two panels.

    The Parker couple finally arrive back in New York safe and sound. Aunt May stops into the apartment to visit and reminds Peter of an application for a student grant he's been needing. Guess he forgot to do that, WHOOPS! Tonight's also the night of Jonathon's party, its cool MJ'll go and make excuses until Peter gets there. Conveniently, Humbug is making his second attempt at robbing ESU that same very night, the same place that Peter Parker/Spider-Man is headed. Spidey shows up just as Humbug makes his way into the room he needs to get to and the two duke it out for a bit. Spider-Man uses a glass circle to reflect a beam shot by Humbug. Its all awesome except it goes right back at Humbug and he gets shot out of a window! Almost as fast as the fight lasted, Spidey manages to catch Humbug by the foot with his webbing, and how he feels comfortable doing that, I'll have no idea. Just as the local police arrive, Humbug shoots another beam right at one of the cars! The flaming vehicle is caught last second by Spider-Man and he tosses it into a nearby fountain to extinguish the flames. In this gap of time, Humbug makes his way right back into the school. He gets distracted from his goal though, going into his old lab and...talking to his old equipment. Spidey takes this opportunity to grab a nearby jar FULL of roaches and threatens to smash them on the ground. Immediately, Humbug puts a stop to his shenanigans and agrees to go quietly. This was an awkward night to say the least, a part that'll surely be left out of Spider-Man's autobiography. Back at Jonathon's party, MJ is being heckled by some loser who's trying to pick her up and not letting off. That is, until Peter gets there and mentions he's the husband. This guy doesn't seem to care all that much about things like that and even tries to kick Peter's ass with some fancy kung-fu. The man is quickly escorted out and Jonathon comes over to Pete and MJ. She decides to call it and early night since they just got back earlier that day, and are leaving Chicago on Monday

    Speaking of Chicago, at Dukane's office, his secretary is noticing some strange behavior. Cancelling appointments, having after hour meetings with questionable men. Hey man, maybe the dude's gay, I'm not one to judge, but I digress. Inside Dukane's office, he's having a meeting with two shady men, he's covered in the darkness. The final panel reveals that this isn't Dukane at all, but the Chameleon! This is also Spider-Man very first ever villain! What dastardly plan could this shape shifting fiend have up his sleeve this time! You'll have to wait until the next Retrospective Review of the Amazing Spider-Man! Until next week readers!

-Matt Milanes

Friday, September 6, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Green Arrow #23.1/ Count Vertigo #1

Written By Jeff Lemire
Art By Andrea Sorrentino
Colors By Marcelo Maiolo

   This was one of the first of the bad guy New 52 wave of books. The regular creative team of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino introduce us to the New 52 version of Count Vertigo. This ended up being my pick of the week because of the strong storytelling and the way anyone can relate to being able to pick themselves up from their boot straps. Provided that you are given super powers.

   We see the beginning of the Count's story through his eyes as a small child as his mother is talking down to him. We get the details that his father was also the count of a small European nation (Dr. Doom?) and they were exiled and Count Vertigo's father was killed allowing his wife and unborn son to escape.

  His mother keeps letting him know that if not for him, the Count's father would still be alive. The country that rightfully belongs to Count Vertigo is now in the hands of a dictator. I really felt a dirty environment that the Count lived in with his mother. Thanks to the awesome art renderings of Andrea Sorrentino and top notch colors of Marcelo Maiolo. Makes you want to take a bath.

   The Count's mother is a drug user and decides that it would be a better idea to sell her son for drug money to a company that will experiment on him. It's quite heartbreaking to see her tell him that she'll be back as she collects her money and bolts. The next few years the Count is operated on and has his head shaved and a device implanted to give him powers to give people vertigo. (Hence the name, Duh!)

  The Counts kills the people who have been experimenting on him. Next stop, his homeland. Count Vertigo kills the tyrant ruling his native land, then takes over. He then has his mother found and taken to the same building where he was given his powers. They meet face to face and his mother is happy to see him. He tells her of his taking back the homeland. She thinks she is going with the Count. How wrong she is.

 Count Vertigo kills her and then tells his men to burn the building and his mother's body to the ground. As if they both had never been. Now his own man the Count decides to strike Green Arrow in Seattle. And Maybe catch a Seahawks game. Or not.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 236

And we're back with another new episode! This week we talk about Invincible #105 where things get real, yo, Chew #36, Batman and Robin #23.1, Trillium #2, Superior Spider-Man #17, and All-New X-Men #16. You can tune in to this new episode right here or also on our Facebook page.
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Comics Review:Scarlet Spider #21

Written by: Chris Yost & Erik Burnham
Art by: Carlo Barberi & David Baldeon

    First off, that cover. Can it be true, is it real? IS!!! THIS!!! LIFE?!?!?! Could that truly be Ben Reilly, THE Scarlet Spider right on the cover of this month's Scarlet Spider?! And not only that but in place of the "All of the power, none of the responsibility." tag on the top of the issue, it says "Because you demanded it, Ben Reilly the original..." So just about now, I've lost my shit, safe to say. Yep, shit is lost. Enough drooling over the cover, let's finally open up this book to see what exactly is inside!

    We open at the Four Seasons Hotel, where Kaine has been staying for quite sometime while he's been in Houston. He's flipping out, trashing up the room all because his degenerative disease is coming back. His face is all scared up like it once was long ago. I'd be mad too if I was suddenly dying by something that was supposed to kill me, but gave up. ESPECIALLY if I had just become a super hero and started using my powers for good. Aracely tries to get into his mind to see what's bothering him so much, maybe she can help. Yeah, that's not a good idea at all. Instead, she finds that spider beast hiding in Kaine's mind and well, that scares her off. Just as it would anyone who travels into minds. He gets so mad just flings a couch out the window, and bails from the newly gaping whole into the rainstorm. While in his flight, he either runs out of webbing or blacks out, I'm not sure. But he crash lands and gets some lip from a near by dude in his car. Kaine's answer? A swift kick to the door. Not too long after Kaine gets a swift kick of his own to his face. The next page reveals an incredible full page shot of the original Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly, standing behind a crouched Kaine Parker. I mean seriously, this is beautiful. Its like, phone background worthy. Immediately the scene shoots over to Park Plaza Hospital workplace of Dr. Donald Meland. He's got an urgent call from Aracely, and is told she sounded a bit scared. He rushes into his office to call his husband, police officer Wally Layton, but as he's calling, the lights in his office cut off. What looks like a knife appears from the dark and the scene cuts back to Ben and Kaine. Ben starts tearing into Kaine, telling him how he made a new life for himself, a happy life until he started hearing stories. Stories of a new Spider-Man in Houston, Texas. Calling himself the Scarlet Spider. Ben's pissed at Kaine for trying to be a hero after all the bad he did. All the lives he took, all the time he tortured Ben, not only to try and be a hero but to take his name! Kaine tries to escape to get his head together, probably still shocked that Ben Reilly was standing in front of him. Over in Montrose, apartment of Annabelle Adams, she's awoken by a phone call, its Aracely. Poor girl's just trying to get anyone to come and help her. Annabelle heads into the bathroom to freshen up a bit, when she closes the door and screams.

    Kaine's finally got a minute to himself but it doesn't last long. Sooner than later he's got a knee in his face and web balls hitting him in the head. After a couple hits, Kaine's decided he's had enough. He takes his mask off to show his face, oddly enough, without the degenerative virus anymore. He admits that yes, he's done many things wrong as a villain, and yes he's been trying to make it up by taking on the role of a man he admired. But the REAL Ben Reilly wouldn't have been mad or offended by it, he'd be honored, appreciative and even forgave Kaine. So that can only mean that this man isn't Ben Reilly. And just as he goes to take his mask off, the scene changes again. Wally Layton's just getting home, leaving his husband a message not knowing he's been possibly kidnapped or even worse, killed. The power's out at his place too, and as he enters the kitchen, he finds his dog has been murdered. Reading this was real awkward for me, it didn't feel good. Anyone who's ever owned a pet, especially a dog would feel terrible reading this. His remorse for his dog, Buddy, doesn't last long before there a crash and a scream. Looks like Layton's been taken too. Meanwhile, at the rooftop fight, ben finally takes his mask off and yes, it is the face of Ben Reilly. Kaine seeing this, wastes no time in fighting back. Looks like Ben's been lost to something greater and talking isn't going to solve anything. He finally beats Ben to the ground and Kaine stands over him. Knowing that he may just have to kill him, but doesn't want to. Then, the voices start talking in his head. First, Spider-Man, telling Kaine that is he doesn't kill Ben, he'll come back for his alter-ego and completely take Kaine's new life away. Then the Jackal gives his two cents. Telling Kaine he was always the favorite clone and he should definitely kill Ben.

    Back at the Four Seasons, Aracely is left home watching the fight between the two Scarlet Spiders, trying to reach Kaine and tell him not to kill Ben. He's better than that, he can't kill him. Her thoughts are interrupted quickly when the daughter of Kraven the Hunter appears in the apartment. They have a long long LONG seeded score to settle, the Kraven family and Kaine. The knife she holds is the same knife used to kill Wally's dog, and the same knife that appeared in the office of Dr. Meyland. She's been going around kidnapping all of Kaine's closest friends. The fight between Scarlet Spiders rages on the in pouring rain. Kaine's slowly losing the fight, realizing that he may just have to kill Ben just to survive. Ben finally reveals that the degenerative disease was never reintroduced to Kaine, he was drugged the whole time. Ben had Kaine drugged to think he was dying again, to make it easier to catch him. The final page reveals that the original Scarlet Spider was not Ben Reilly, it was Kraven the Hunter! So Ben was never back to begin with, aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm super pissed off. Kraven says that there's unfinished business between the two of them, and now's the time to finish it. One of them must die, and Kaine couldn't agree more. This was a great issue, it was non-stop from the start. It didn't slow down for a bit. Where there wasn't action, there was suspense. An awesome fight, a great twist that didn't even reveal until the end. Man, why can't everything be as good as this. I find sometimes I get a lot more entertainment out of my $3 books than my $4 books. Get on that Marvel! Anywho, I'm excited to see where this is going to end up, its been a long while since we saw the Kraven family cross paths with the Scarlet Spider. And even back then I was awaiting to see how that would end. Could Kaine possibly be the new focus of a Texas version of Kraven's Last Hunt? I wouldn't be too mad at that. Guess we'll all have to find out in the next couple issues of Scarlet Spider! Until next week!

-Matt Milanes