Saturday, September 7, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #306

Written by: Dave Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

    Here we are again with another installment from the Michelinie/McFarlane Omnibus and the cover on this one is great. Its an homage to Action Comics #1. Spidey's holding up a flaming police car and there's some people running and its all chaotic and awesome, just like everything Spider-Man related. Right as you open up the issue, its another great shot. A circular lens looking thing covered in webbing and Spider-Man on one end telling someone to back off. We see that it was indeed a camera, a news camera. Spidey's holding onto two webbed up baddies while flipping out on the local media. Sure, the local police think that media has a right to know what's going on with crime so that can tell the people, but Spidey's asking what about his right to privacy?! Right after that he lifts the camera up by his belt and moves him over. I guess walking around the dude was out of the question. While swinging away, Pete's starting to have some second thoughts about his recent actions. As if the Bugle doesn't bash him enough, that last thing he needs is tv media hating him too. He's trying to be happy with everything going on, his book, the tour, but he's actually getting jealous of his alter-ego. he's getting jealous of...himself. Meanwhile, somewhere else in town, a man is walking to his home with a bag of shananigans. Local kids seem to know who he is, poking fun at him calling him Bug-Man. This man turns out to be the villain Humbug. Your guess is as good as mine, he's some loser failed villain who's trying to make a comeback. Back at Peter and Mary Jane's apartment, he finally arrives home with a nice rose for his wife. A nice gesture, interrupted by a knock at the door. Its the owner of the building Jonathon Caesar, and he's brought a bouquet of flowers for MJ, ok weird. He invites the couple to a party he's throwing at his place and then leaves. MJ tells Pete that Jonathon's flowers will be going to the cleaning lady tomorrow, and his rose is headed for a vase. She only keeps important things. I swear, these two <3

    As night falls, a slender, quick moving woman hops from building top to building top. Felicia Hardy, better known as the Black Cat, makes her way across the city of New York. She wants to see her old hot flame Spider-Man/Peter Parker but she's not aware he's moved from his old apartment and she walks in on some old dude in the shower! This only gives her more reason to track down the Webbed Wonder! This can't end well for anyone involved. Thursday finally arrives and the Parker couple has landed in Cleveland. Just before his book signing, he gets stopped by a fan backstage, he's got a handful of comics in his bag that he accidentally drops and Peter has a moment in his past. The kid has to sell his old collection at a nearby Expo and has to leave early so he was hoping to get an early autograph from Mr. Parker. Peter signs the kid's Webs book and he's off on his way. The signing goes great, and at the end of it all MJ comes back with a gift to Peter. Turns out she went to that Expo and bought the comic off the kid and got it for Peter. She jokes around about not being jealous of the girl from the comic. Its truly adorable. Its time like this I was I didn't know the events that happen at the end of One More Day. =[ Anywho, in the same state, but different city of Chicago we find ourselves at the offices of a Mr. William Dukane. He has a visitor by the name of Roland Carson, he goes into Dukane's office and tells him straight up that he's getting replaced. Before the two old men whip out their member's, Carson becomes a copy of Dukane. That can only mean one and only one thing! Back over at ESU, Buck Mitty A.K.A.. Humbug sets himself up in a van near the campus. He was an insect specialist at the school who was let go due to budget cuts and needless to say, he's pissed about it. He's prepared to break into the school and steal some rare paintings to sell them. He wants to refund his insect research. His powers are kinda cool, as doofy as they are. He has the different properties of insect venoms, sprays, etc. He uses one of these properties to break open the doors of where he thinks is the room where some of the paintings are. Instead, he breaks into the women's locker room! Makes for a pretty funny, embarrassing two panels.

    The Parker couple finally arrive back in New York safe and sound. Aunt May stops into the apartment to visit and reminds Peter of an application for a student grant he's been needing. Guess he forgot to do that, WHOOPS! Tonight's also the night of Jonathon's party, its cool MJ'll go and make excuses until Peter gets there. Conveniently, Humbug is making his second attempt at robbing ESU that same very night, the same place that Peter Parker/Spider-Man is headed. Spidey shows up just as Humbug makes his way into the room he needs to get to and the two duke it out for a bit. Spider-Man uses a glass circle to reflect a beam shot by Humbug. Its all awesome except it goes right back at Humbug and he gets shot out of a window! Almost as fast as the fight lasted, Spidey manages to catch Humbug by the foot with his webbing, and how he feels comfortable doing that, I'll have no idea. Just as the local police arrive, Humbug shoots another beam right at one of the cars! The flaming vehicle is caught last second by Spider-Man and he tosses it into a nearby fountain to extinguish the flames. In this gap of time, Humbug makes his way right back into the school. He gets distracted from his goal though, going into his old lab and...talking to his old equipment. Spidey takes this opportunity to grab a nearby jar FULL of roaches and threatens to smash them on the ground. Immediately, Humbug puts a stop to his shenanigans and agrees to go quietly. This was an awkward night to say the least, a part that'll surely be left out of Spider-Man's autobiography. Back at Jonathon's party, MJ is being heckled by some loser who's trying to pick her up and not letting off. That is, until Peter gets there and mentions he's the husband. This guy doesn't seem to care all that much about things like that and even tries to kick Peter's ass with some fancy kung-fu. The man is quickly escorted out and Jonathon comes over to Pete and MJ. She decides to call it and early night since they just got back earlier that day, and are leaving Chicago on Monday

    Speaking of Chicago, at Dukane's office, his secretary is noticing some strange behavior. Cancelling appointments, having after hour meetings with questionable men. Hey man, maybe the dude's gay, I'm not one to judge, but I digress. Inside Dukane's office, he's having a meeting with two shady men, he's covered in the darkness. The final panel reveals that this isn't Dukane at all, but the Chameleon! This is also Spider-Man very first ever villain! What dastardly plan could this shape shifting fiend have up his sleeve this time! You'll have to wait until the next Retrospective Review of the Amazing Spider-Man! Until next week readers!

-Matt Milanes

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