Monday, September 9, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #307

Written by: Dave Micheline
Art by: Todd McFarlane

First off, this weeks issue has a creepy as all hell picture of the Chameleon as Spider-Man, bent up fingers, creepy eyes. The whole 9. The issue opens up by telling us that newly married couples sometimes like doing simple activities together. Laundry, house cleaning, grocery shopping. And that's where we find our two lovers today, the grocery store. All is normal when in the distance a voice calls out to them to hold up! A short stubby woman recognizes Mary Jane from the cover of a magazine and asks for an autograph. Then when she goes to Peter asking where she may know him from, he suggests his book Webs, a picture book of all his Spider-Man photos from the Daily Bugle. In her mind, he's just an old classmate Irving Sprinkle, who supposedly changed his name to Peter Parker, and I still uppity just as in the third grade. What a fun day out at the grocery store with the wife, ain't life just grand?

Back at their humble abode in the upper west side, Peter and MJ are unpacking the groceries when there's a knock at the door. MJ goes to open the door only to find out their visitor is the owner of the building, Jonathon Caesar. He asks MJ if she needs anything while Peter's away, not knowing Peter is still in the apartment! Pete actually gets caught peeking over a door just before Jonathon walks off. MJ suspects Pete's jealousy and playfully tells him not to worry, she doesn't exactly go around marrying everyone in town. Although I wish she would, I wanna have my turn! Meanwhile, Jonathon's back in his apartment and this panel shows the creeeeeeeepyest looking face ever! He's gawking over a wall of pictures of MJ, just as she's telling Peter "He's nothing to worry about!" Yeah, ok MJ.

The next day brings us to Chicago! The Windy City, the city of uhm...Bulls and Cubs! Oh! And Bears, who can forget the Bears? R.I.P. Chris Farley. Pete's day isn't going so great though, he signs an autograph for an admitted lark, and blows a pen of good ink all over some kids book, who now gets a free copy. Meanwhile at the offices of William Dukane, the scratchy business man from a couple issues ago, the boss is taking another early day. Even his receptionist is getting suspicious. He's been leaving early a lot, mingling with people who have known ties to the mob. Even the dudes DRIVER notices something ain't right with this guy. Very suspicious activity for a normally very non suspicious man. I wonder what could be the deal. And then BOOM they give you the deal! He's the Chameleon! He's been disguising himself as this Mr. Dukane to make his plan easier. He sits back to watch a movie while in his head he goes over some life changing moments in his life. Going back to his first appearance in ASM1, to ASM80 and ASM186, he goes over how his motives changed and how he got a new method for taking appearances. He developed a new way, by, instead of masks, molding his face to that person's. Almost electronically. Even installing these faces into a belt so he can change looks on the fly! He's got big plans for America and if all goes according to him, they start reeeeaaaallllllll soon!

The next day at the book signing, Pete doesn't even have time to sign one book before a distraction plotted by the Chameleon sets off the place! He quickly disguises himself as a police captain and begins sending cops away, he's clung himself to a very well respected scientist. Only Chameleon knows what he has in store for this man of science. The distraction is short lived though, because barreling through is the Amazing Spider-Man! He manages to subdue the first two of three gunmen firing shots indoors, as the third one tries to make his escape. That doesn't end too well for him as he gets caught and flung across a hallway. Spidey overhears some cops trading stories about a police captain being there at the scene AND back at the office which can only mean one thing: Shenanigans!!! And just like that, Web Head's gone quicker than he came, he finds the trapped scientist standing next to...himself? Spider-Man quickly realizes its the Chameleon, but not before he tosses a bomb at the scientists feet and runs away! Spidey tacks Chaneleon with a Spider Tracer and tries to cover the bomb in webbing to muffle the blow but that doesn't work! He still saves the scientist though. He hurries off in an attempt to catch the appearance changing madman before its too late. Chameleon keeps changing looks, but Spider-Man keeps a close tail, to Chameleons confusion. The chase comes to a screeching halt when Chameleon steals a nearby cops gun and forces a crowd full of hostages into a nearby theater!

Inside, the Chameleon finds the tracer, and soon after all the hostages are let go. Spider-Man heads inside to find only his tracer, assuming that Chameleon found it, ditched it, and escaped with his own hostages. He didn't fully stop Chameleon's plan, but he put one hell of a dent in it. Chameleon quickly turns into a bus driver and steals the poor mans public ride to complete his getaway. Peter finally meets up with his guide and after a short conversation, he wonders if his wife ever has days like today. Speaking of which, she's just wrapping up a photo shoot when she returns home and smells...cigarettes? But neither her nor Peter smoke. Just then, two thugs appear, they're "friends" of a Jonathon Caesar! He's come to obtain something he's wanted for years, Mrs. Mary Jane Watson Parker! The building they're in is very old, thick walls that absorb sound. Sounds like loud music, dogs barking, and screams! Well, that wraps up this weeks ASM review, and what an issue that was! Who knows way extent Peter will go to to find out who took his wife. And even worse, what will he do when he finds out who did it?! We'll all have to see what happens next week! Until that time!

-Matt Milanes

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