Thursday, September 19, 2013

Comics Review: New Mutants #97

Written By Louise Simonson
Pencils By Guang Yap
Inked By Joe Rubinstein
Colors By Steve Buccellato

  This issue was titled "War" and boy, was it ever. The X-Men and X Factor and New Mutants all have their powers back. Lots of X's in there. What is this, an adult film? Back to the review. Turns out the Geneenginer who worked for the Genoshian's had a change of heart. He wasn't a really evil man like Hodge. He had a soft spot for the old mutants. He installs a back up in Storm so that she can return any of the X Team's powers. Wow, that makes tons of sense. You know, if you don't count for logic.

  Cyclops is the first to get his back and he goes toe to toe with Hodge. While all this is going down, Storm gets busy turning on the other's mutant powers. Even Cable and his one million pouches. Which from the looks of it might just be filled with sand.  During the Cyclops and Hodge fight, Hodge takes some serious damage from Cyclop's optic blast (and hey, who wouldn't.)  Hodge then phases out through the floor all pissed off. But before Hodge goes away completely, he shoots out a laser beam to kill the Genoshan Geneenginer. What a way to go. Killed by a dude with just a giant head.

  The X-Men stand around plotting their next move. They decide that once and for all they are going to kill Hodge. Which is a good idea since this crossover only has one issue left. Oh, and the New Mutants come across the remains of a killed in action teammate, Warlock. They cry. He will be missed. Not by me.

All in all, we really could have done without this issue. This felt like it was padded out way too much. That's not a knock on Louise Simonson, who I think is a great writer. This just goes to show what happens when Marvel sales, other than the creators and editors, have the final say. Well next we'll find out if the X-Men win. I have a feeling they may just win.

-Tash Moore

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