Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #11

Written By James Tynion
Art By Szymon Kudranski
Colors By Dezi Sienty

  Some very interesting things happened in this issue of Talon. (Or Batman Jr. as I like to call it.) First off James Tynion dropped the IV from his name in the credits to this book. I take all the glory for that. It made him come off as a very high sounding individual. Much like D.G. Chichester. (He wrote Daredevil for awhile over at Marvel.) I had to take him down a peg. Or it just could have been that DC felt like being cheap and not paying the letterer so they just stopped adding it. Hey, you never know, DC has been cheap asses in the past.

  Anyway, on to my review. I finally got off my ass and read this issue of Talon. I kind of wish I hadn't. The story was off. It was as if this damn thing was quickly re-written by the editorial powers that be at DC to line up with the line wide crossover, Forever Evil. For the record I am not buying that damn book. Never again will the Big 2 get my $3.99 for an "Event Book."

  So Talon is stuck on Bane's island of Santa Prisca. With the help of his friends who're also the friends of he girlfriend Casey, he's able to escape from Bane by luring him into the tunnels underneath the prison. Talon said he memorized the tunnels and was able to use a grappling hook to get away from Bane who just stood there yelling. Hey, if Bane spent his whole life down in these tunnles as a kid, how the hell does he not know this place like the back of his steroid loaded (Sorry Venom) hand?

Oh, Casey Washington breaks free of the Gotham City Police (GCPD) and heads to the roof to turn on the Bat signal to call who....well one guess is it ain't the Ghostbusters. Mega Talon (I forgot his damn name by this point) shows up to kill Casey but then the Dark Knight jumps in. Wow, for a guy who bitches about his city, it sure did take him a long ass time to learn that the Court of Owls was still in town.

  Batman saves Casey but she is hurt badly by Mega Talon. She gets taken to a hospital. A Gotham hospital? Really? I wonder for how long she'll be safe there. My guess is two to three issues. Talon steals a plane back to the good ol' US of A. Trying to call Casey, Batman picks up. At this point Talon flips out for four pages thinking that Casey is cheating on him with Batman. No, I kid. But Batman does pick up her line giving Talon the 411 that Casey may not live. Talon sheds a tear. I drink my coffee. Everybody is happy. Or not. Bane then kills Sebastian Clark then joins the Secret Society. Which really isn't a secret if I and everybody on the Internet knows. I bet their message board gets trolled by the like of Rocket Raccoon and Rocket Racer. Eh, I'm bored with this review. I'll be back to talk X-Men next. Cyclops wears a funny hat. You'll love it.

-Tash Moore

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