Saturday, September 28, 2013

Comics Review: Uncanny X-Men #12

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Chris Bachalo

    Chapter 4 of Battle of the Atom, last time we left these young mutants, time displaced Scott Summers and Jean Grey were picked up by the present team of Uncanny X-Men, as you know, let by his older self. The two young mutants are being hunted by their own people, with their fate being decided for them. To go back home to the past or everything they know will be destroyed. Or at least that's what a team of future X-MEn have said, but they've been blocking their thoughts on purpose. What do they have to hide? Let's see if anything gets answered in this issue. 
    We open up on the Hellicarrier and Maria Hill is PISSED. Well, its Wednesday, when isn't she pissed? The X-Men situations just keep piling on higher and higher and no one can seem to get one foot ahead of the mutant teams. All of them. She mentions to Agent Dazzler, that Hank McCoy will always do whatever he wants whenever he wants. At least Wolverine has some kind of moral code, but Hank just does whatever the hell he wants because he thinks he's always right. I swear, thems smart people making us normals feel stoopid or sumthing. Hill's just not having a good day, sending out teams to handle McCoy, and just sitting in her own hatred for the blue furry man. Meanwhile, at Utopia, Everyone's getting acquainted, new X-Men, present X-Men and past X-Men. This is the first time since Warren, the time displaced X-Men also known as Angel, left the group at the Jean Grey School and joined the New Xavier School run by Scott Summers, that the young X-Men have been together. At least there aren't any hard feelings between the three. Some of Scott's X-Men are very confused with the whole time traveling situation, not only them but a couple members of Scott's core team as well. Only way to catch everyone up without a long explanation is to show them. With the help of the Stepford Sisters and Emma Frost, young Jean Grey was able to project her memories to all the other X-Men, showing them what future Beast told them when him and his team came back to the past. Magik then has an awkward moment saying she's met some people on the future team before and she storms off into another realm. No one bothered getting into her head to see where she was going, since its a dark evil place. Like Wolverine dark. Creepy ass place.
    So now the three main X-Men are trying to decide if they should help these youngins or not. Taking things into account like the repercussions of them staying, and keeping their own present day agenda in mind. Meanwhile back at the Pacific Coast Highway, the other two teams of X-Men are trying to get a location on the missing X-Men. Xavier's got nothing on his Cerebro, and in the meantime the teams of X-Men can't seem to agree on anything. Kitty Pryde keeps pushing that they should be able to choose for themselves, especially since multiple members of the team have been put in situations where they were forced to do something they didn't want to, calling out mutants like Wolverine specifically. He mentions he's not gonna argue or change his viewpoint, they don't belong and he hasn't agreed from the start. But the point is to find them, not to fight each other. With every second they argue, young Scott and Jean are just getting further and further away. Back to the Uncanny X-Men, Scott's finally made his decision to help his younger self and Jean Grey. A decision that doesn't go over too well with the other mutants, Emma especially. She gets straight up mean, telling Scott that he's only helping them because it'll look good for him and will be a great catch. She says the only thing he's ever loved in life more than Jean Grey was himself, and now he's got the opportunity to have both. Even Magneto tries to, more civilly, tell Scott that its not a good idea. That maybe he's only trying to help them to help heal his guilt for Charles, something Scott doesn't take too lightly. He's not the biggest fan of getting the finger pointed at him for something he did in the first place. Give me a minute, my Scott Summers hate is coming back. Also, they don't need another team of super-humans coming after them. Its bad enough that a different team of Avengers is knocking at their door every other day, but now X-Men from the present and future will be hunting this new team of X-Men down. Right before the blows can start flying, Warren yells for a halt. He makes a great point here, back when the original 5 X-Men were asked about staying, he was outvoted and forced to stay. Now, not only do the Avengers think they should go back, but other X-Men, from multiple time periods. It can't possibly be right to stay, they NEED to go back.
    And in all perfect comic book glory, another voice yells out from a distance. Xorn (that's future Jean Grey for those not playing along at home) has showed up with all the X-Men from both teams on the hunt. Young Jean tries to fight her off, and the two mentally duke it out. Keep in mind young Jean does not know this is her future self, and if she did that would just send everything that's already messed up into a further chaos. Xorn's mask is starting to crack and just before it can be broken, revealing who she is, ANOTHER voice yells for a yalt. Jesus Christ, Bendis sure does like giving people entrances, doesn't he? Emma Frost and her triplets have frozen everything around them except for themselves and Xorn, and boy is Ms. Frost ready to throw down. Wanna pick on someone telepathically? Might as well be someone who's as good at it than you, at least that's Frost's reasoning. Then the issue ends with the greatest word bubble I've read in a while, something along the lines of "The white queen versus the black queen. The message boards would love this." And in come the instant chills. The next issue, bring Wolverine and the X-Men hopefully isn't a filler issue showing what the school's are doing during this debacle. Although I have a feeling it may be, I want to see some psychic throwdown! A fight years in the making!!! The art on this book was fantastic, and I'm normally not a fan of Bachalo. I feel like when normally does art, its very bland and the colors are never right. There's a tendency of using only purple and white whenever he works on a book, and I was very glad to see strong bold colors on this book this month. It was a joy to read for my eyes and my mind. Another great chapter in this 10-part anniversary to my favorite Marvel team, the X-Men. Keep an eye out for this one guys, until next week readers!

-Matt Milanes

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