Friday, September 20, 2013

Comics Review: X Factor #62

Written By Louise Simonson
Pencils By Jon Bogdanove
Inks By Allen Milgrom
Colors By Glynis Oliver

  This is it, folks. The X Teams final showdown with Hodge. How will it end? Who will be left standing? My best bet is the guys who the damn book is named after. But hey, you never know.Rictor and Wolfsbane are the first to find Hodge. They attack but call for backup in the form of Cable and Storm. I'm glad that Cable has his mutant powers back (Which is what really? His eye lights up?) so he can use that goofy ass metal arm of his. So what happens when the good guys show up? Why they get their asses kick of course.

  Angel from X Factor shows up to the battle to lend a hand. Then HE gets taken out by Hodge. Boy this is starting to become a pattern. A sad pattern. Hey look kids, it's Wolverine. Oh wait he just got beaten down as well by Hodge. Oh wait, here comes Jean Grey. Oh, forget that, she was beaten too! Oh, won't anyone save the day.

  Here comes the heroes in the form of Scott and Alex Summers. Or the Vanilla Boys as I like to call them. Two of the plainest dudes in the Marvel U. They use their powers, the Optic Blast and uhhhm, that thing that comes out of Havok chest to break apart the android body of Hodge. The with only his laughing head left Rictor brings a ton of debris down over him. The art as always by Jon Bogdanove was very much top notch.

The Writing was fine for this issue. Just didn't like how the Genoshian Magistrates took control of the country and Havok stayed behind to make sure the Mutates were going to be treated fair. It's not the best ending but hey, it is an ending.

-Tash Moore

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