Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Comics review: X-Men #5

Written by: Brian Wood
Art by: David López

What a ride Battle of the Atom has been so far. For those of you not being cool and keeping up, this is what's gone down so far, the X-Men of the present are all ready to send the X-Men of the past back home. They've been here too long, and quite frankly, time is fucked. But right before anything can be done, a team of X-Men from the future, a team made up of a further mutated Beast, grandson of Charles Xavier, Deadpool, Kitty Pryde of the future, some lady who I don't remember her name because she's probably unimportant, and a mysterious woman who we learn us Jean Grey, arrive in the present to warn all X-Men! (Keep up, it's worth it. I promise.) Past Jean Grey has had enough of people making decisions for her, she causes a distraction so her and past Scott Summers can make their escape. *Deep breath* now that I've got THAT out of the way, we can open up this book and try to find Jean and Scott.

Everyone's first concern is getting Jean and Scot back before they get too far, only problem is, they took the only jet on campus. Well, only tested jet. Future Beast reminds Middle Beast that him and young Beast (I ain't gonna keep doing this shit much longer, they better get nicknames soon.) that they were working on some experiments for planes, and one of them happened to be ready to go. Convenient. As everyone loads into the plane, Xavier pops a pill, apparently this is Cerebro of the future. My god, that's awesome. Elsewhere, Jean and Scott are sneaking into someone's backyard, stealing clothes right off of the drying lines. I guess the bright colored tights would be too noticeable, huh? There's a quick moment where the two of them kind of drool over each other for a quick second as they dressed. It's adorable, completely throwing away Jean making out with Hank last month. Yay for continuity! And since theft is in the air, Scott sees a beautiful new motorcycle they can scoop up, since you know, they parked a jet on the beach.

The hunt for the young mutants is barely moving forward. The jet has been found, and Wolverine barely has a scent on them, future Jean suggests plotting points in a 50 mile radius and set it to ping if any mutant activity pops up. Genius, she's...catching herself? Eh, whatever. Meanwhile, back at the school, Rachel Grey is slowly but surely talking Kitty into doing some non Headmaster-ish approved things. We'll see where that goes later. Scott and Jean are constantly one step ahead of everyone, but that won't hold for long. They need to find someone who can help them, and fast. Jeans got someone in mind, but she knows Scott wont like it. She drops her shields for a second to call this person, and that's all future Jean and Xavier need. The young X-Men are found. Both teams of X-Men have found the missing young mutants, but Scott's not ready to go down without a fight. Against Jean's call, he revs up his eye blasted and shoots one of the jets, then bolts it on the bike. They're stopped by a well placed bullet to the tire, and caught by Middle Beast before anyone can get hurt. Someone Scott is willing to hit with his optic blast to escape. Determined, him and Jean run, only to be completely cornered by the present and future X-Men. Just when it gets real tough, Rachel, a time displaced X-Men herself, and Kitty Pryde show up and ram a vehicle into future Iceman, or at least we think it's Iceman. Everyone's ignoring present and past Bobby when he asks. While the two duke out the moral argument of hunting the past X-Men down, young Jean and Scott take the dying car used by professor Pryde and make yet another escape.

They drive all the way out to the remains of the Mutant Utopia, built by present Scott Summers and left abandoned after the disastrous fight last year. Scott asks Jean who they're meeting here, only to find out himself that it's...himself. Scott Summers, present day leader of the rogue X-Men and his full team are waiting for the two time displaced mutants. Aaaaaand SCENE! WHOA, what an issue that was. This crossover event has not let up from the moment it started. A truly amazing X-Event that perfectly marks the 50 year anniversary of this incredible team, the X-Men. I'm glad to be a reader of it. Now lets get to the art of the book. A FANTASTIC, and very realistic look, from Mr. López. Very enjoyable to look at as well as read. The stor continues next week in Uncanny X-Men so be sure to read it! Until next week readers!!!!


Matt Milanes

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