Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Thor God of Thunder #13

Written By Jason Aaron
Art By Ron Garney
Colors By Ive Svorcina

Well here we go with my pick of the week. It’s got Thor, but I bet you already knew that. Hey, it is his damn book. The book starts off with a bunch of dark elves riding on a boat heading to Hel ( the realm where all the dead gods go). Fighting pass all of Hela’s guards they fight their way to a giant hole. A hole which turns out to be the holding cell of Malekith!  He’s back to make Thor’s life awful and also ruin his Vidal Sassoon hair. Say it ain’t so, Malekith.

As for the hero of our book Thor and the warriors three are getting drunk. Wow, Thor sure does drink a lot. Good thing he runs away with the Avengers, the Uncanny Avengers and his own book. That’s how Thor keeps the beer weight away. A dark elf who is drinking with Thor starts to scream that Svartalfheim ( I’m not writing that again in this review) is in trouble.

When Thor and the good guys show up in  Svartalfheim ( I copied and pasted that one.) Malekith is killing his own people. He thinks they’ve gone soft since he was away. Which is crazy talk. He’s like Hitler, except he’s blue. It’s up to Thor to stop this crazy blue bastard.

With that said I really loved reading this comic. Jason Aaron still has some great stories with Thor to tell I feel. I don’t really mind the Malekith is back seeing how he’s going to be in Thor Dark World in a few weeks. It’s really a no brainer. Olivia pointed out that the art by Ron Garney may not have been inked at all. It’s good art buy I get a bad feeling that inkers are falling by the way side. I hope not, but all in all the art work is pretty damn smooth. I was also feeling the colors in this. Crisp and cool. Aaron has done a great job building Malekith into a great villian. Making it even sweeter when Thor kicks his ass.

-Tash Moore

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