Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Comics Review: Talon #12

Written By James Tynion IV
Art By Emanuel Simeoni
Colors By Jeromy Cox

It’s the team-up you’ve waited a year for. (More if you throw in that damn villains month set of books.) Batman and Talon, together at last. Tash Moore here for your latest review of Talon. Pretty soon this book will no longer be reviewed here on the site and will be replaced with Green Lantern. We’d review it on the show but for some reason Olivia doesn’t like reading crap. Heh.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #199

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Vinnie Colletta

Damn you Odin! Well in this issue of the Mighty Thor, Odin is dead. Well not really, kind of sort of. Hey don’t blame me, I didn’t write this issue. Odin is being kept in a suspended animation type deal by Thor. So he’s kind of in a limbo type situation. Thor using the power of his hammer moves Asgard back into it’s normal space since. It being moved by Odin during his battle with Mangog.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man # 312

Written by: Dave Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

The showdown we've all been waiting for, both goblins go at it! We open up in the middle of a crossover event inferno, so yes, there will be some confusing moments. Apparently, the Hobgoblin has come to Harry Osborn, the new Green Goblin asking for "IT". And Harry not being crazy, at the moment, didn't know how to answer so he lied and said it was in his office in Manhattan. But now, his wife and child are in danger. And there's only one person who can keep them safe, and that's the Green Goblin! Meanwhile, over in Manhattan, Peter and MJ are on their balcony, seeing some of the odd changes that are happening to the city. Buildings growing, clouds shifting, shit is getting nice and weird. Pete's gotta head over to the Bugle to see if there's any work for him, and MJ's got a jewelry photo shoot still to do. Neither of them wants the other to go, in fear. But both are too prideful to admit their fear,

The Verbal Mosh Episode 243

Daredevil?! Coming to an end?! Another re-boot?!! We discuss this and a lot more on this week's episode. Tune in right here to listen or hear it as well on our Facebook page.
Aquaman #24, Flash #24, Superman #24, Uncanny Avengers #13, Indestructible Hulk #14, FF #13, and Wolverine and the X-Men #37.
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #198

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Vince Colletta

When dies the immortal! Hey wait, if Odin is immortal then how can he be killed? I don’t think comic books would lie to me. Still kicking it old school with the Bronze Age Thor run (which is the mid 70’s to late 80’s. for you kids.) Odin tries to save Asgard from Mangog. A being who has the hate of a billion, billion beings. Wow, somebody really put a great deal into that name. It’s totally just like when you like someone. And I don’t just mean like. I mean like, like.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Batman & Two Face #24

Written By Peter J. Tomasi
Penciled By Patrick Gleason
Inks By Mick Gray
Colors By John Kalisz

It’s Two Face with an origin story in the New 52. It’s only took two years. I’d hate to see a revamp of Batman: Year One. Oh wait, Scott Snyder is doing that in the pages of Batman. While there is much to complain about in that issue. I have no such problems here. The story starts off with Harvey Dent aka Two Face at his pad. What a knock down drag out awesome splash page here where half of Two Faces pad is nice and clean just like Dent would like it. The other side is dirty, bloody and an downright crappy looking on the other side.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Comics Review: Superior Spider-Man #19

Written by: Dan Slott
Art by: Ryan Stegman

A lots been going on lately in the life of the evil Spidey Ock. Doc Spidey. Otto Parker. Peter Octavius. Ok I'm done. In the last two issues, Miguel O'Harra, the Spider-Man from the year 2099 has come back in time to save his grandfather, Tiberius Stone, from dying so he can continue the family line so Miguel can live! The last issue ended with Otto knocking out Miguel from trying to take Tiberius away. So let's crack open this issue and sink our teeth into the juicy story!

Grand Turaó, an island paradise in the Caribbean. The Wraith, and New York Police Officer Carlie are hunting down leads to off shore bank accounts. As you know, Carlie has been suspicious of this new Spider-

The Verbal Mosh Episode 242

It's time for our latest episode of The Verbal Mosh!
We're talking about Invincible #106 (people are yelling and acting a fool), Thief of Thieves #17 (an old man gets away in a speed boat and no one stops him), Wonder Woman #24, Supergirl #24 (...), Animal Man #24, Morning Glories #33 (...), Superior Spider-Man #19, and Fantastic Four #13 (Save me, Valeria. You're my only hope.) Tune in to this new Episode right here or check it out on our Facebook page.
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Chew #37

Chew #37
written by: John Layman
art by: Rob Guillory

Family Recipe Part 2. In this issue, Toni is helping Tony out in trying to find the Collector by speaking to him from beyond the grave via her amputated toe. This book is such a good read. The level of absurdity from the situations to the characters is so consistent that you just accept whatever comes your way. It's a really funny book, too. Tony starts off by eating the wrong person's toe. He has a slight meltdown as he sifts through his wife's life. That toe was actually meant for his daughter, Olive. It's a family dinner.

The Verbal Mosh Episode 241

itunes pic
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On this episode, we're reviewing Batman #24, Batgirl #24, Nightwing #24, Captain America #12, Thor God of THunder #14, and Wolverine #10.
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Matt Milanes New York Comic Con Day 2 Saturday and 3 Sunday ( For him, anyway)

Saturday. The most popular day at NYCC. It's when all the juiciest announcements are made, and the big reveals get the most gasps. This day, started like all others, but ended with a bang. First up was the IGN panel for all you gamers out there. It was basically a bunch of gamers sitting in a room talking about the future of gaming. What systems they're stoked for, what games they're drooling for, and what can define the next generation of video game consoles. Definitely a lot of fun.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Matt Milanes New York Comic Con Day 1 Friday (For Him, anyway.)

Ahhh New York Comic Con. How I haven't missed you one bit, just kidding, I've missed your crazy ass and it's time to get down another year! The walk from 33rd street station to the Jacob Javits Center is always entertaining. The cosplaying, the excitement of being Day 1, loved it. The crowd was very cooperative when my friends and I started a Daniel Bryan "Yes!" chant, so I knew the day would be great. We finally get inside and boom! line up for the Comic shook amen panel hosted by Kevin Smith, and boy what a show that was. The funniest Q&A session I've ever been to in my life. Topics ranging from Clerks 3 to what kind of pot Solent Bob was smoking while in New York to what female character would they want to be, in order to sleep with what male character. Tons of laughs, and I left feeling real good. Kevin Smith has such a way with words and he's got an even better way of making you feel like you can do anything. A truly inspirational man and I'm glad I got to hang with him for an hour.

Next panel was the DC: All Access panel and by All access they meant, let's talk all about Batman and how Zero Year will cross into a bunch of other titles that are failing as a way to get sales. Yeah, that sounds about right. Not the strongest panel of the day sadly. They also took this time to plug a bunch of Vertigo books written by some DC writers. Yay for cross advertisement! The rest of the day, for me at least, was spent buying a Stan Lee autograph ticket, meeting some dude ass dudes at artist alley, and getting some books signed by amazing writers. Left a little earlier than I wanted to, but that's what happens when you're in a group and get outvoted =[ Overall: successful Day 1.

-Matt Milanes

Monday, October 14, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013

New York Comic Con 2013 was this past weekend at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.  

First up on Thursday: This was the best day to go to the convention if you wanted to look around and be able to buy stuff. Every other day was so crowded. There was only one panel I went to which was the So, You've Published Your First Comic, Now What? panel. I didn't glean any information from the panel that I thought was breaking news but overall, it was very entertaining. I did like that it focused on trying to make a career after publishing your first work, where panels at cons normally tend to focus on just breaking in to the business. They wanted to emphasize the transitional period after the first publication, but considering everyone in comics has their own story about how they got their foot in the door, everyone also has their own story about how they've transitioned their comics job into a career. Some people who have been published for quite a while still consider themselves to be transitioning. Some people still hold "day jobs" as it provides a certain amount of security. Some people jumped into the business with both feet and dealt with the struggles that came along the way. 

Friday: Rather than have everyone wait inside the convention in a long winding queue, there was a long line outside the convention center that wrapped around the corner. The good thing about this was that it was outside. So there was plenty of fresh air, a nice breeze. The bad thing about waiting outside was that there were no dividing rails to mark the line. I had arrived and joined the queue at the back of the line. As the line was moving, a BIG group of people were seemingly walking to the back of the line when they all of a sudden decided to turn around and basically cut the line as they saw it moving forward. That seriously annoyed me. It was unfair to the people who did the right thing by walking to the back of the line and waited on line. What. The. Hell.

New Villain in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
There were a few more panels I saw on Friday. I went to the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds panel. The game is for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. Though I like Zelda, I have neither of those platforms nor am I interested in purchasing them so I won't be picking up this game. The best panel was the Bob's Burgers panel, by far. They showed clips from two upcoming episodes. Most of the main cast was there. I felt bad for Dan Mintz, who does the voice of Tina. Every time he began to talk people would burst out laughing. It's so surreal to hear his actual voice is the voice of Tina. H. Jon Benjamin, who does the voice of Bob, was really funny. A baby started to cry during the panel. Basically he said, 'why the hell did you bring a baby to the panel? It's going to cry the whole time.' There was a lot of sass, spunk, and awkwardness, kind of like there is in the Bob's Burgers episodes. I had a great time.

75th Anniversary of Superman panel.
On Saturday I was starting to get really tired from all the walking and standing I had been doing at the convention. It was all good though. Not the 75th Anniversary of Superman though. There were two old men sitting behind me talking so loud that I couldn't even hear what the panelists were saying at times. There were two awesome girls sitting next to me who were also frustrated by the old men who asked them to quiet down. The panelists had nothing to say except that they 'like Superman. He's a good guy.' In waiting for the Cup o' Joe panel, I sat through the Star Wars: Rebels panel. I like Star Wars, so this was cool. This was about a new series that takes place after the Clone Wars saga. The conceptual art was absolutely beautiful. There are a lot more photos from that panel on our Facebook page. If the animation looks anything like the still paintings they showed us, I would love to check it out.

Conceptual art from Star Wars: Rebels
 Sunday arrived at last. There was one panel that I was really looking forward to that turned out to be a bit of a bust. It was the Desolation of Smaug trailer panel. The first thing I did when I got into the convention center was to line up for it. There was another panel just before it so I sat through that and wound up enjoying it more than I did the Smaug panel. This panel was for the "Illegitimates." This is a new comic book created by Taran Killam, actor from SNL, legitimate comic book fan. The story revolves around the illegitimate sons and daughters of a Bond-like character. It's a team book with five main characters. The book will be published by IDW. Four issues have been completed already, they are currently working on the fifth and the book isn't even set to debut until December. They made the great point of wanting to publish a book that would be on time, as so many books nowadays aren't on time which is terrible. This panel was so great. They made mention that the book is not going to be a parody of Bond, like Austin Powers was. It will be serious and fun, similar in tone to the Die Hard movies. Taran took lots of different and fun questions, some about the comic book, some about working at SNL, and it was jokingly mentioned that he and the rest of the team on the book would take questions about the Hobbit.

Taran Killam and writer Marc Andreyko of the Illegitimates.

And then came The Desolation of Smaug panel. It opened with a trailer that had been previously released. Then came the newest trailer which they debuted. I got chills watching them. After that, I found the panel wanting. I hadn't realized it was an unofficial look at an official trailer. The panel was hosted by It was filled with a look at the actors joining this film and mostly speculation about how the movie will differ from the book. They warned everyone ahead of time that there would be spoilers in their discussion. I stuck around because, what the heck, I've already read the book, The Hobbit. I couldn't believe it when they said that TheOneRing is in thousands of dollars of debt from hosting an Oscar party earlier this year.

That was about it. I enjoyed some panels. I didn't enjoy others. The crowds were too big and too smelly with no sense of personal space and boundaries. I was excited at the start of the convention and I was so happy it was over by the end. I'm ready for a good nap now. Until next time, NYCC.


New York Comic Con 2013 Day 4

Well, sad to say that the 2013 New York Comic Con has come and gone. I did have a good time, but with each passing year it feels more and more like San Diego which has less to do with comics and more and more to do with pop culture and weak ass new NBC and CW shows. (Sean saves the World, I'm looking at you.) Some cool panels went down on Sunday. I spent a good four hours waiting for the Spider-Man panel. So I did what any real Marvel Zombie would do. I sat in the same damn room only getting up to move closer
to the front.

Some good panels took place before hand and The Person of Interest, The Following and Sleepy Hollow looked really good. I might have to dust off some time during the week to give these three shows a shot. You never know, I just might end up liking one. Gotta kill time before Hannibal returns to the NBC lineup.
Steve Wacker and crew got right down to the nitty gritty for the Superior Spider-Man & Friends Panel. Boy, does Captain Marvel have some hardcore supporters and rightly so.

*Stunner (Doc Ock's Ex) is going to return in Superior Spider-Man
*A Superior Venom arc in Superior Spider-Man #23-#24
*Peter Parker returns in some one-shot tales in Amazing Spider-Man #700.1-700.5 (Cash grab)
*Goblin Nation begins in Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW (Cash grab)
*New Captain Marvel #1 which will boost sales aka Cash grab
*New Elektra ongoing, which caught me off guard
*New Pushisher #1 (again?) This time Marvel will drive Nathan Edmondson mad with re-writes el oh el
*New Warriors Relaunch by Chris Yost and Marcus To (Two?)

That was about it, but be sure to head over to our Facebook page for more photos and continue to support this site. See you again at next year's NYCC!

-Tash Moore

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013 Day 3

  I can be honest and say I had fun at New York Comic Con today. While there was a ton of people the good folks at reedpop kept the crowding to a minimum. Which is great because i didn't get the feeling I was going to be trampled to death. One thing from yesterday's post that I forgot to put up is that the people who ran NYCC made a big deal that you had to tap your badge when you came in and when you went out. When we left last night after the Zelda panel there was nobody there to tap us out to exit. But we had no problem getting in this morning which was good for us, sucky for the people who dreamed this badge thing up. Anyway on to the day.

First panel that was hit up today was the 75 Years of Superman panel. This panel was odd. It was just a panel that had the folks at DC pushing us to buy or pre order the Man of Steel DVD/Blu Ray. I remember sitting there thinking to myself that DC could have put a little something extra into this panel, seeing as how it was the 75th Anniversary of Superman. It was great to see former Superman Editor Mike Carlin on stage and Bruce Timm. Carlin spoke a great lengths about his love for the Man of Steel and how his mom was a comic book fan. She had a thing for the old EC comics and hey, who could blame her.

The final panel that we had to wait two hours for was the annual Cup O' Joe, hosted by Marvel CCO Joe Quesada. Here are just a few things that was taken away from his panel. They showed the Infinite Comics for the ipad and i gotta say those things look way better than that Spider-Woman crap they gave us as a motion comic a few years back.
*Marvel Universe is a live action tour that's coming next year (Meh.)
*FF and Fantastic Four ends with issue #16. $10 bucks says that one or both of these books gets a reboot.
*Miracleman returns with the Alan Moore run this January which I'll be sure to pick up. Looks like Marvel cleared up any legal problems they may have had with any reprint rights.
* Marvel is jumping into the money pit that The Walking Dead has created with Empire of the Dead from George Romero and Alex Meleev. While Kirkman is pretty good at Zombies, it's safe to say that Romero is the master. I'm excited to see what goes down in this one.

Well I'm sleepy and going to crawl into bed to read more EC comics. I'll have more info
from tomorrow which is sadly the last day of New York Comic Con.

-Tash Moore

Friday, October 11, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013 Day 2

  Hey there goobers and so on. We here at The Verbal Mosh are back from day two of New York Comic Con. I'd like to point out a few things and also say that the spicy honey mustard was fine by me. Now on to the review of what went down today at the con. They still had people scanning their badges to get into the building. Still a nice size line and wait to get in, but since we had already went through the motions yesterday it wasn't so bad.

 First panel was the Amazing X-Men Panel. There was a kid in line (who am I kidding, Grown man) who thought he was in the right line for Kevin Smith. I then told him that Kevin Smith and good comics like Wolverine and the X-Men just don't go together. (See anything Kevin Smith has ever done.) Nick Lowe has to be the best editor when it comes to hosting a panel. That guy could give Bob Barker a run for his money. He was lively and kept the pace flowing at the panel.

From the X-Men Panel
*Amazing X-Men #1 has the return of Nightcrawler. (Along with more dumb ass time traveling.)
*Terry Dodson will do two fill in issues for X-Men #7-8
*Wolverine & the X-Men #38-#39 has Wolverine taking on SHEILD.....again
*X23 will join the All New X-Men.....making them slightly less all new
*She Hulk #1 From Marvel NOW
*Ghost Rider joins the Thunderbolts with issue #20
* Crossover with Guardians of the Galaxy (Bendis gets more $$$) with the Trial Of Jean Grey

Olivia and I then ran over to the Zelda panel where the new game was shown. It looked at bit odd. For one I could have swore this was a new game for the Wii U (Still a stupid ass name). The graphics looked odd, then we noticed it was for the Nintendo DS. Which lets it get a pass. It's sort of a sequel to A Link To The Past so I'll let this slide. But just this once, you hear me Nintendo? Also way too many dudes dressed as Link.Sooo many Links.

I picked up a Star Fleet Science Officer shirt that was pretty sweet then headed over to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles panel for the new cartoon on Nick. I'll admit that that I didn't take well to the show at first. But the cast made me get into it. It also helped that they showed the first episode of the new season. While it is very "Family Friendly" as Olivia put it, I got on board. If this gets kids talking about TMNT the way I did as a kid then hey, I'm all for it.

The final Panel was the Bob's Burgers panel. It was very interesting to say the least. It was really more Olivia's cup of tea so I'll save that review for her. Well that's it for now. I'm tired and my back hurts. Now if I could just get one of you damn kids to come over and clean out my garage.

-Tash Moore

Thursday, October 10, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013 Day 1

Well gang we are back. Meaning the whole crew from The Verbal Mosh are getting around to taking on day one of New York Comic Con 2013. It was pretty crazy with the new way they have us going into the building and you have to rub your badge. Screw all that tapping shit, you gotta rub it to tag in to the building which slows things down and not just a bit. Does it make the convention safer from Hobo and grifters who want to sneak in for free? Then the answer is yes. Do I have to stand around while a slow moving line walks from the first floor to the third floor….? The answer to that is yes again. This is what I was stuck in this afternoon......

So as we hit the floor, I can really say I didn't find anything I wanted to buy....yet. Also, when the hell did The Walking Dead take over the whole damn planet? They've got this huge banner at the con and hell, even the badges have The Walking Dead on them. I'd like to go out and say that this had gone on long enough. I'd like to make the point that I'd shut up if they put a comic version of said "Main" hero Rick on the badge but nope. I'm pretty sure there are people out there who have no idea The Walking Dead is a comic book.

Last but not least we here at The Verbal Mosh hit up the "You've broken into comics, now what?" panel. It was the best thing of the day. We had a blast and heard some great stories about the do's and the do not do's of getting a job in and staying in comics. Jim Zub was the best and I'll check out his Skullkickers comic. By the way Cullen Bunn has a totally southern accent. It's a trap! I kid. But I'll be back to complain about waiting in line yet again tomorrow. Keeps eyes on this site gang. 

-Tash Moore

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Comics Review: Iron Man #16

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Carlo Pagulayan

A lot has happened has to Tony Stark since we last left him. Mainly because whenever this book came out, there were a lot of others better than it. But since then he's been kidnapped by Recorder 451, a robot who sorta helped him escape previous captivity to benefit his own evil plan. This plan has grown into a world killer heading for earth and the only way to stop it is or Tony to become the pilot. Yeah, sure, we'll believe that! Tony talked 451 out of killing humanity but that made him suicidal and now he's taking himself and Stark with him!

This issue opens with Recorder 451 reminiscing on the very thing that made him want to do more than record. It was an incident on a planet that the Skrulls got to first. The Godkiller Armor that they're all trapped in is initiating a self destruct feature that creates a black hole around it. Did I mention all ways out are completely sealed by the Godkiller? Stark needs to get the lock codes from 451's dead body and the only way to do that is to hook his ass up into any computer he can find! Nothing works until he thinks back on something Death's Head said earlier before he sacrificed himself. Stark noticed before that DH had some fancy tech and wouldn't tell where he got it. That has to mean that DH's ship has tech familiar with 451's and it may help unlock him! He takes 451 to the ship and hooks him in. The access codes are finally found! Just in time for Stark, 451 and DH's ship to break straight through the Godkiller right before it creates a giant black hole!

All is well three months later and Stark's even back helping the Guardians of the Galaxy, but he's not talking much about his run-in with 451. He's keeping it simple, he was a threat, he's not anymore. What he's really not telling anyone is he's kept 451 against the advice of his OS P.E.P.P.E.R. Finally making it back to earth, Tony stops for something he's missed so dearly, some genuine New York pizza. But even the pizza can't be enjoyed when he gets an urgent call from the real Pepper Potts! He quickly makes it to California just to walk into his own surprise welcome home party!

The party seems to be going well until Tony is introduced to a special person in Pepper's life, her fiancé! He tries to not be weird about it but he can't help it. Tony wen gets back to working in his office. Making his own links and connections he suits up in an Iron Man suit. Leaving his own party, he tells Pepper he needs totals care of some "family business" I wonder if this has anything to do with Pepper's fiancé, or 451? We'll have to find out next issue!

To say Iron Man was the best book of the week is tough, and it doesn't say much about the week. But nonetheless this book is strong when it needs to be. Pulls through, a little slow but gets there. I'm gonna give it one more arc before I make any decisions about the fate of it. Until next week readers!

Matt Milanes

Tash's Pick of the Week: Green Arrow #24

Written By Jeff Lemire
Art By Andrea Sorrentino
Colors By Marcelo Maiolo

Trying to get this review out before all the nonsense of New York Comic Con gets underway. I ended up going with Green Arrow #24 as my pick of the week because simply put, it was the best damn thing I read that week. Pretty simple, right? Good.

We pick up from last issue where Green Arrow meets the woman, Shado, that his old man was getting busy with. Turns out that Komodo’s daughter is really Ollie’s half sister. Also since rescuing Shado, Green Arrow has run afoul of Count Vertigo. Things are turned upside down for our hero and that’s putting it mildly.

You know Oliver should have known better than to go into Count Vertigo’s hood. I mean it’s just not done. So Doctor Doom… I mean Count Vertigo comes to Seattle to see a Seahawks game and catch a meal. Wait, that’s not right. He comes to tear up Seattle to bring out Green Arrow for a fight.

Did I mention that Green Arrow has a problem with his hearing/ equilibrium from his last battle with Count Vertigo? No? Well I just did, so get off my back will you. It’s so bad that Ollie can’t even fire a damn arrow. That’s like his only power, oh no!

But our hero goes out to do battle with Vertigo. So when they come face to face the Count starts using his powers and things get spinning. So what does GA do? He closes he eyes. What the hell? So that’s they way to beat a super villain. “Hey, Count! I can’t see you use your powers so they don’t work on me.”  Boy is Superman doing it wrong. Fighting and so on.

After pulling the power pack from Count Vertigo and taking his powers from him The Po Po (police) come and take the Count away. Won’t he get away with all that damage because he is a Count? Doesn’t he have some sort of Diplomatic Immunity? Only Jeff Lemire knows for sure. Oh and the ending has some dude named Diggle coming back to Seattle. At first I was like Andy Diggle? But no, not that Diggle.

Great story where GA finally gets to stand up and win a fight instead of just getting his ass handed to him like in past issues. The art as always stunning. Not enough kudos go out to Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo who are starting to gel as an art team. Good stuff.

-Tash Moore

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #310

Written by: Dave Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

All is well in the world of New York. Crime is rampant and unemployment is probably up, but MJ is back home with Peter, so that does something to the city's morale...right? Guess not =/

The cover of this issues shows Spidey going webs to cape with the Shrike Force. This issue wastes no time getting to business, as the first couple panels show the Shrike pulling off an expensive heist. However, he's thwarted in the nick of time by a web on his wrist bands. The webbing is easily cut off with Shrikes other wristband, but they can't stop a good of feet to the face! The fight between the two costumes men ends quickly with Shrike tossing a garbage dump at pedestrians, using that as a distraction to get away. At least Spider-Man was able to save some lives. And even better, he scored some pictures to sell to the Bugle. Pete finally gets home to his wife Mary Jane Watson Parker, they set up a date night for the two of them after he goes to ESU to register for some classes.

At the school, Peter makes his way to his lab where he'll be a research assistant. He meets Marie Baker, a fellow assistant, and finally Dr. Evan Swann. Introductions are cut short however, Dr. Swann receives a package, but Marie questions this because she was under the assumption that the equipment budget was spent already. Swann hurries into his office and slams the door and immediately, something isn't right. This bothers Peter all night, even well into his date with MJ. At the end, he tells her the truth and goes back to the lab as Spider-Man to get to the bottom of things. He shows up at the lab and immediately gets rough with Dr. Swann, and just before he breaks, the Tinkerer shows himself! Thought to be out of the villain game, he reveals that yes, he's no longer fighting bad guys, but that doesn't stop him from making goodies for bad guys that pay the right price. He shows off a new invention he just finished making, its a machine that intensifies nearby electrical devices. Making them believe there's more power than there really is. Basically, it beefs up devices. And not a moment too soon, Shrike comes breaking through the window of the lab, and even Spidey mentions that no one would believe this even if it was written as a story. All at once, everyone thinks the same thing, Shrike getting that power booster. Shrike makes his attempt by shooting some blasts from his wrist bands at Spider-Man, and he tries to get up close but that doesn't work. Shrike's been conditioned for pain, plus he's trained in martial arts AND his wrists have those blades. Spidey's gotta take this fight to him from a distance which he does just fine, swinging cabinets around the room right into the Shrike.

A fire distracts Spidey for half a second, and that's all Shrike needs to make his way to the Tinkerer. He doesn't exactly have the money to pay for the device, since Spider-Man stopped his heist earlier that day but he takes the power booster anyway. Right as he gets ready to blast our favorite Web-Head into oblivion, he actually zaps himself stiff. Tinkerer reveals that expecting some kind of double cross, he withheld one circuit from the finished project. So now that the Shrike can't even move, its the biggest cue of the century for Spider-Man to drill this loser through a wall! In that time, the Tinkerer made his escape into Dr. Swann's private lab, a door unlocked only with a key Tinkerer had. Not a problem, Spidey's got a super strong foot that can take care of a door no problem. He seems to have had an escape vehicle ready by the window in case things went South, as they did tonight. As the cops show up, Dr. Swann knows he needs to turn himself in. He was supplying the Tinkerer with supplies, aiding in the distribution of devices to villains, but why. Why would a good lab doctor need to do such a thing, well that's simple. He's dumb. No, seriously! He dropped out of high school, for some pretty bad reasons. He had financial troubles with his family when he was young, and needed to work to help support the family. Its very unfortunate, truthfully. He bought some degrees when he was older and posed as a smart doctor at the school. Spider-Man isn't too thrilled to see a good intentioned man like Dr. Swann go to jail, but that's how life is. That's how the cookie crumbles. That's how...some other analogy.

Well that concludes another jam packed issue of the Amazing Spider-Man! Another great one-and-done issue that continues the great Omnibus by Michelinie and McFarlane. As great as this is, its got to end soon. Luckily for everyone involved, that's nowhere near soon! We've still got about another half of this book to go so stay strapped in for the many adventures of New York's most favorist bestest awesomest Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

-Matt Milanes

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Comics Review: Scarlet Spider #22

Written by: Chris Yost & Erik Burnham
Art by: Three dudes whose last names were only used like Larry, Curly and Mo. But they goby Baldeon, Dilliffe & Green

Last time we left Kaine, he had come face to face with his personal hero. The original Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly.  This turned out to be Kraven the Hunter, distracting Kaine so Kraven's daughter could round up Kaine's friends. And the last panel was the reveal that "Ben" was actually Kaine. Readers were left with so many questions that can only be answered in this weeks book, so let's stop wasting time already!

This starts on an immediate bad note, Kaine's been buried in a hole at a nearby zoo. He crawls out to find Kraven speaking to him over the PA system, and there's dead animal bodies everywhere. But not all beasts are dead, because Kaine gets attacked by two tigers as soon as he gets out of the hole! The scene ends there and picks up with Kraven himself and Aracely. He wakes her up from being unconscious, I guess, and he lets her in on why he's around. He tells her in a nutshell of his Last Hunt. For those who don't know, that's the famous arc when he hunts down Spider-Man and manages to bury him alive. It ends with Kraven biting a rifle and swallowing a bullet. His family brought him back to life using what they thought was Peter Parker's blood, turns out it was Kaine's. So Kraven credits Kaine for being the reason he's alive, and he wants to repay him for this. By taking Kaine's life. After all, if Kaine's blood is strong enough to bring back the dead, he's gotta be a worthy hunt. Once Kaine finally handles the tigers, Kraven's daughter comes out of nowhere and gives him a good slice in the back, only to run away. She must be leading him somewhere.

He follows her to a wounded zoo guard trying to warm Kaine it's a trap. He doesn't get the message out in time and a huge net scoops up Kaine and the guard, but he busts out of that easily, needless to say. Meanwhile, Kraven is feeding a loose lion, explaining ever so calmly to Aracely that even the wildest of beasts can be tame, but are always one step away from their killer instinct. Kaine finally catches Kraven's offspring but has some trouble dealing with her, until she gives him a little poke with a police badge. This doesn't go over to well and Kaine begins to beat the unholy crap out of this woman. She won't talk, but she mentions his "Mexican friend." And this sets him off even more, ready to kill her, Kaine begins to think back on Ben and decides against the idea of murder, he's already killed enough in a lifetime. 

The Scarlet Spider finally reaches where Kraven is hiding and he finds his friends all tied up to poles with Kraven perched atop the middle one. His demands are simple, he wants rage. A fight. If Kaine refuses a fight, or dies in the fight, all his friends die. Kraven wants to die. He's truly back and crazier than ever.

Once again, the Scarlet Spider does NOT disappoint. This is easily one of the best books Marvel's putting out, but don't tell them that, they'll jack the price up. Will Kaine bring himself to kill again? Or will he let Kraven live and of course, if he does, there's bound to be a plot twist. Only one way to find out and that's pray I review the next issue! Or go buy it, whatever's more convenient. Until next week readers!!!

Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 240

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It's another three book show. We are gearing up for New York Comic Con 2013. It'll be an interesting convention to say the least. In the meantime we're reviewing: Morning Glories #32, Trillium #3, and All-New X-Men #17. You can click the link to hear it for free right here or tune in on our Facebook page.
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Wonder Woman #23.2

Wonder Woman #23.2/ The First Born #1
written by Brian Azzarello
art by Aco

This was a great origin story for the First Born. I really liked the perspective told on this. We're watching the story unfold before Apollo's eyes as he wants to learn more about the first born child of Zeus so he can make sure the guy won't get in the way of Apollo's throne. By not leading the story with the First Born, it just makes the character all the more mysterious.

The guy doesn't have a name. He was unloved as a baby by his father because he was foretold to take the throne away from Zeus and so the baby was sentenced to death. But pity saved him. The First Born grew up in a pack of animals, wild and fierce. No man could stand in his way as he grew an army, all in an attempt to grab the god's attention. He's like a rebellious kid, lashing out at his father. There's a mixture of anger and sadness in him, as he never really gets anywhere close to Olympus and now he's doomed to the center of the Earth (before he burst onto the scene in the current story-line).

Despite the characters and locations, this story read as being very relatable because of the essence that it is about family, relationships and dynamics. I like that even though this story explained where the First Born came from, there's still so much to learn from the character. It's a very compelling story when you can't see what's coming. Unlike Apollo who's in the know all thanks to his three chicas/oracles. That was some kind of thanks, letting them catch on fire in the end.

Great story. Great art, too.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #197

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Vince Colletta

So here we go folks. A knock-down, drag-out fight between the Mighty Thor and Kartag, the keeper of the well. That was a damn mouthful. It’s a basic Bronze Age Marvel battle where Thor starts out winning then Kartag gets the upper hand. Thor makes his big baby face comeback only to be knocked down by Kartag again. The Warrior Three would like to jump in to lend a hand but Satrina ain’t gonna let that go down. She lets it slip that Kartag is her man and she aims to fix the fight in his favor.

Kartag and Thor then fall into the Well while fighting. That would happen to people all the time. If I get into a fight with a giant guardian monster then it’s almost certain that we tumble into a lake/well/pond. Comics would never lie to me. Right? Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, this comic.

The Norns show up and tell Kartag to let Thor take some of the Well water. Wait what? All that fighting for nothing? The Norns pour some of the Well water on to Thors Hammer and tells Kartag to go with Thor and the Warriors Three to save Asgard and Odin. So just like that Kartag is a good guy now? That's a pretty damn fast about face. Next time I go into work I’ll attack a co worker and then tell my boss to tell said co worker to be my best friend. This has got to work!

Thor and crew then get teleported to the rainbow bridge and find Asgard missing. Like it was stolen by hippies. Damn, hippies. They just love bright colorful things.  If they had any sense they would have looked down and seen the Bifrost and taken that too! Boy, did I just hijack this review or what? With the Well Water Thor swings his hammer and finds Asgard hidden away by Odin using his last ounce of magic. Thor runs in to stop Mangog from  killing Odin.

Kind of an odd story. The dialogue is a little wooden, to tell the truth. But the thing that stands out is the pencil art of John Buscema. It’s just amazing. From the way it’s laid out to how BIG John draws the flowing cape of the Thunder God. I could go on for hours but I’ll stop now. I’ll be back in a few days to let you know if Odin bites the big one. (I bet he won’t.)

-Tash Moore

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man #309

Written by: David Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

    Mary Jane is still missing. Spider-Man is still pissed. Peter Parker is still hurting. Readers are still reading. Right off the bat, Spider-Man is at a nearby Gym, questioning a local boxer about MJ. A pretty violent fight ends in no answers, and the boxer, Manslaughter Marsdale, to report to his higher up, Madame Fang. An even more frustrated Spider-Man sits on top of a building just sulking, even knocking a gargoyle into a couple pieces. Now before he hurts someone, he decides to just go home, and sulk there. Little does he know, his wife is being held right under him in the same building. Jonathon now shows his crazy even more by telling MJ they're getting married, tonight! She throws a glass of ice in his face, and tries to make a run for it. There's a nearby open door, a very heavy one but at least its open. Just before she can run through it, shes stopped by two massive security guards. Jonathon walks over and pulls out a knife to her face, warning her that is she tries to run again, he'll be forced to do things that'll make her never want to show her face in public again. The guards tell Mr. Caesar that word on the street is, Spider-Man has been looking for Mary Jane. This means that some...special...bodyguards are to be hired for this job.

  The next morning, Peter tries to get back into the swing of things with a normal life at the Daily pun intended. Jonah's got no assignments for him and tells Peter to go find some work out there himself, but he does make a memo that any information on Mary Jane is to be number one priority. Naturally, he's only looking for a story, but at least MJ's on top. Now that the word on MJ is spreading, Peter might as well head to tell Aunt May himself, she might feel left out is she hears it from somewhere else. He just needs to make one stop real quick. He stops at a nearby hospital to visit one of his bosses Robbie Robertson, in another Spider-Man book (Spectacular SM 139) he gets his back broken by Tombstone. The visit is very dark and depressing, appropriate. Back at the Bedford Towers, those special guards that Jonathon hired have finally arrived. Men named Mr. Styx and Mr. Stone. Styx is a tall slender man with a glave, and Stone is a shorter stalkier man. Styx takes his glove off and kills a plant with a single touch, and needless to say this scares the hell out of MJ knowing that they'll be hunting down her husband. On his way home, Spider-Man gets noticed by Jonathon and he sends his new henchmen out quickly, just in time for his Spider-Sense to go off. Styx is still dressed in his sharp suit, but Stone has donned a new yellow suit with two huge guns on his shoulders. Geez, aren't there ANY normal people in New York anymore? In an attempt to prevent the harm of civilians, Spidey decides to take the fight to Central Park, seeing that the only people who're in the park that late are armed and dangerous assholes. Styx and Stone hit the park with some gas that Spider-Man gets a small whiff of and it starts throwing him off, and to add to that, they started shooting out some sonic blasts! These dudes have got every kind of weapon you can think of! Spider-Man figures out that Stone's two guns have different purposes. One shoots projectiles and the other shoots beam weapons, but before he can web them both up, the two baddies stop in their tracks and look away from him. Before he can even question this, a huge flash of light blasts everything in sight blinding Spider-Man!
    Back in MJ's holding cell/apartment, Jonathon tells her that in mere minutes, her "would be" rescuer will be nothing to worry about. He's also standing on a puddle of water, from the ice MJ threw in his face earlier. She's a smart gal and wastes no time trying to electrocute him with a lamp! But he's one step ahead of her wearing rubber sole shoes. Now, I'm gonna take a break here and question why in the unholy hell would he be prepared for this? Ok, break over, he whips out his knife again ready to carve MJ up reeeeaaaalllll nice, and this resourceful lass just smacks him right in the face with the lamp. Glass shatters all over the place and Jonathon is left bloody-faced on the floor. Just then, the original bodyguards walk in and demand she drop the lamp, they're standing over the same puddle of water from earlier, and since they look more of the leather sole shoe type, why not drop the lamp. They both get overly shocked yet stay alive, gotta keep it clean for the kids! And MJ steals one of their guns, telling herself to pretend she's on Miami Vice. Yes, because that's how you use a gun efficiently, just pretend you're on an 80's cop show! The fight between Spider-Man and Styx and Stone carries on with Spidey being blind like DareDevil! The two trap him by coating the floor in adhesive gel and then shooting the branch that Spider-Man is standing on. Relying on only his Spider-Sense, Pete jumps off and lands right in the gel, unable to move. Now, Spider-Man's just a sitting duck, being hit directly with a heat ray just draining every last bit of fight left in him. Styx walks up to him about to touch him right in the face when bullets whiz by the baddies' heads! Spidey uses this moment to reach out and crush the gun, and shooting a whole canister of webbing where a face should be. The two villains get away luckily, since MJ isn't hitting a damn thing with her gun, and without all that heat, Spider-Man can free himself of that adhesive gel. He hears Mary Jane call out to him and with tears in her eyes, she runs to her husband and hugs him. 

    The police arrive shortly as Spider-Man heads home. Back at the apartment complex, Jonathon Caesar is being stuffed into a cop car, leaving the newly reunited couple at home. Heading inside, Peter shares that he feels so guilty for letting her get captured and she awesomely tells him that he shouldn't feel guilty. They have to protect each other, that's what being in love is about. That's so god damned friggin AWE! We've hit roughly the half way mark of this Michelinie/McFarlane Omnibus and what a trip its been. We've gone from churches, to different states, to kidnapping and there's still another whole half to go. Can't wait to see what else my favorite artist has got in store for my ever wanting eyes! Another great edition, check back in a week for another Retro Review! Until next week readers!

-Matt Milanes