Saturday, October 26, 2013

Comics Review: Amazing Spider-Man # 312

Written by: Dave Michelinie
Art by: Todd McFarlane

The showdown we've all been waiting for, both goblins go at it! We open up in the middle of a crossover event inferno, so yes, there will be some confusing moments. Apparently, the Hobgoblin has come to Harry Osborn, the new Green Goblin asking for "IT". And Harry not being crazy, at the moment, didn't know how to answer so he lied and said it was in his office in Manhattan. But now, his wife and child are in danger. And there's only one person who can keep them safe, and that's the Green Goblin! Meanwhile, over in Manhattan, Peter and MJ are on their balcony, seeing some of the odd changes that are happening to the city. Buildings growing, clouds shifting, shit is getting nice and weird. Pete's gotta head over to the Bugle to see if there's any work for him, and MJ's got a jewelry photo shoot still to do. Neither of them wants the other to go, in fear. But both are too prideful to admit their fear,
and Peter leaves to work.

Harry finally reaches his building in the city, but notices that the entire enters nice has been changed! It's now a giant ice hole, right where the front door should be! And waiting inside is the dreaded Hobgoblin!!! But before we can keep tabs on their fight, the book takes us over to the Daily Bugle, where EVERYTHING is going haywire. The printers are printing porn, yes you read that right, PORN, and the stop buttons aren't working! The Statue of Liberty snarled at people this morning, and the Staten Island ferry sprouted fins and swam out to the ocean! And on top of everything, Peter asks for work. Of course, Jonah snaps at this, the entire city is a story! He'll take pictures of anything at this point, it's all gotta be different by now. Finally, back to the Goblin Fight, the two duke it out for sometime. Harry can't seem to get a hand on Hobby since he's sane now. When he was insane, he had a confidence about him. A reckless side that just isn't coming out now. To make matters worse, peter can't even get into his school. The one place where he could possibly vent a bit. And inside, Curt Conners is losing touch with his control of the Lizard. He's breaking out in bits and pieces for short periods of time. Not being able to get into school, peter heads home to find a letter was left for him with the bellhop of the building. It's from Liz Osborn, she fills him in about everything Harry and asks if peter can use some newspaper connections to help. Well, now Peter's got something to do tonight.

-Matt Milanes
At MJ's photo shoot, things go south real quick. All the jewelry on her and in the room starts coming to life! Meanwhile, Spidey's making a smashing entrance at Harry's New York building, just in time to catch the best part of the Goblin fight. Peter didn't know Harry was there too, he thought the Hobgoblin was only sent there. Using this distraction fueled by surprise, Hobgoblin attacks Spider-Man with some gas and the two goblins continue their fight. Pete sends Hobby flying with a well placed file cabinet to his back and this gives Harry some time to tell Spidey that his family's in trouble. Just then, Hobgoblin's glider comes shooting at them remote controlled. Spidey suggests Harry go hide out with "That Parker kid." He refuses to get anyone else involved, which shows he has forgotten that Peter is Spider-Man. At least there's one Good thing. Harry hops on his glider and follows the lone glider to its orange and blue rider. Spidey naturally, after being told to but out can't help, so he smacks Hobby's glider with some web and goes for a ride! Back at MJ's shoot, she finally found a way to disable the golden jewelry snakes, and that's with a fire axe! Gold is a soft metal and easy to slice with most household products. The photo crew picks up on this method and begins to chop up the snakes too. Over at the streets of New York, explosions are going off, smokes rising, and the Hobgoblin has found his passenger, and gets rid of him quickly. Now Spidey's trapped on the roof of a building watching the two goblins fly off. Harry uses his sanity to his advantage finally, out plotting the Hobgoblin and sneaking away only to end up ABOVE him, then dropping all of his pumpkin bombs on the Hobgoblin. This damages Hobby's glider significantly and he crashed straight into a wall. Harry goes over and let's the B-Rated Goblin know that there is no IT serum, the formula that ads Norman and Harry insane does not exist anymore. It has been destroyed. This sparks anger in Hobgoblin and he tries to attack Harry behind his back, but Harry's saved by Spider-Man last minute. Hobby uses this and counts his blessings and bails on his broken glider.

Spidey compliments Harry on his thinking and even jokes about becoming a crime FIGHTER. Harry shoves that idea away and the two go their separate ways. We're left with a scene from ESU and a certain green, scaly monster breaking out of a door marked Dr. Conners. That can only mean one thing kids, we're getting a Reptile-Arachnid fight soon! Come back in only a short week to see where it goes!

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