Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Comics Review: Iron Man #16

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Carlo Pagulayan

A lot has happened has to Tony Stark since we last left him. Mainly because whenever this book came out, there were a lot of others better than it. But since then he's been kidnapped by Recorder 451, a robot who sorta helped him escape previous captivity to benefit his own evil plan. This plan has grown into a world killer heading for earth and the only way to stop it is or Tony to become the pilot. Yeah, sure, we'll believe that! Tony talked 451 out of killing humanity but that made him suicidal and now he's taking himself and Stark with him!

This issue opens with Recorder 451 reminiscing on the very thing that made him want to do more than record. It was an incident on a planet that the Skrulls got to first. The Godkiller Armor that they're all trapped in is initiating a self destruct feature that creates a black hole around it. Did I mention all ways out are completely sealed by the Godkiller? Stark needs to get the lock codes from 451's dead body and the only way to do that is to hook his ass up into any computer he can find! Nothing works until he thinks back on something Death's Head said earlier before he sacrificed himself. Stark noticed before that DH had some fancy tech and wouldn't tell where he got it. That has to mean that DH's ship has tech familiar with 451's and it may help unlock him! He takes 451 to the ship and hooks him in. The access codes are finally found! Just in time for Stark, 451 and DH's ship to break straight through the Godkiller right before it creates a giant black hole!

All is well three months later and Stark's even back helping the Guardians of the Galaxy, but he's not talking much about his run-in with 451. He's keeping it simple, he was a threat, he's not anymore. What he's really not telling anyone is he's kept 451 against the advice of his OS P.E.P.P.E.R. Finally making it back to earth, Tony stops for something he's missed so dearly, some genuine New York pizza. But even the pizza can't be enjoyed when he gets an urgent call from the real Pepper Potts! He quickly makes it to California just to walk into his own surprise welcome home party!

The party seems to be going well until Tony is introduced to a special person in Pepper's life, her fiancé! He tries to not be weird about it but he can't help it. Tony wen gets back to working in his office. Making his own links and connections he suits up in an Iron Man suit. Leaving his own party, he tells Pepper he needs totals care of some "family business" I wonder if this has anything to do with Pepper's fiancé, or 451? We'll have to find out next issue!

To say Iron Man was the best book of the week is tough, and it doesn't say much about the week. But nonetheless this book is strong when it needs to be. Pulls through, a little slow but gets there. I'm gonna give it one more arc before I make any decisions about the fate of it. Until next week readers!

Matt Milanes

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