Thursday, October 24, 2013

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #198

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Vince Colletta

When dies the immortal! Hey wait, if Odin is immortal then how can he be killed? I don’t think comic books would lie to me. Still kicking it old school with the Bronze Age Thor run (which is the mid 70’s to late 80’s. for you kids.) Odin tries to save Asgard from Mangog. A being who has the hate of a billion, billion beings. Wow, somebody really put a great deal into that name. It’s totally just like when you like someone. And I don’t just mean like. I mean like, like.
But grade school crap aside, Odin is trying to keep Mangog from getting to the OdinSword. With it Mangog can blow up the whole universe.

Thor gets back to Asgard to throw down with Mangog. But before the big fight Mangog pulls a lifeless Odin from some wreackage. Oh No! Mangog says Odin is dead and Thor is next. Spoiler alert….Thor and Mangog fight. Bet you didn’t see that coming. Mangog is getting the best of Thor when Odin jumps up to join the fray. Leave it to good ol’ dad to jump in a lend a hand. What a bad father, Odin should have let Thor lose. Just to teach him not to be vain, or something.

Mangog runs off and finds the Odinsword and tries to use it. But since Odin has moved Asgard out of it current place in space and time the sword has no power to it. Thor and Mangog continue to fight and before Mangog can strike the killing blow Odin takes the hit meant for Thor. Okay, I stake back the whole bad dad crack about Odin. But only for a little while. Odin “Dies” and then Thor gets pissed. Thor finally beats Mangog in a fit of rage and Mangog just shrinks out of existence. How lucky was Thor? He didn’t have to kill Mangog and get blood on his hands. Almost as if someone (Gerry) wrote it that way.

The ending has Thor using his hammer (MC?) to put a time freeze on Odins body to keep Hela from getting to his soul. Thor then walks to the Odin room to boo hoo about his old man. Fun issue, the fight scenes are the best. Big John Buscema is on point as always. Has anyone noticed that his Thor is kind of a cross of Price Valiant and Conan the Barbarian. You should really check it out if for the art alone.

Okay, I need coffee and a break. I’m going to read more of old timey Thor and be back ASAP with a  review of Thor #199. I think Thor is going to bring Odin back to live. You can be sure he’ll punch plenty of Dark Elfs and creatures to get Odin back. It’s all he knows!!! Ask Loki!

-Tash Moore

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