Monday, October 28, 2013

Comics Review: Mighty Thor #199

Written By Gerry Conway
Pencils By John Buscema
Inks By Vinnie Colletta

Damn you Odin! Well in this issue of the Mighty Thor, Odin is dead. Well not really, kind of sort of. Hey don’t blame me, I didn’t write this issue. Odin is being kept in a suspended animation type deal by Thor. So he’s kind of in a limbo type situation. Thor using the power of his hammer moves Asgard back into it’s normal space since. It being moved by Odin during his battle with Mangog.

So with Odin being semi dead, who shows up? Why it’s none other than Hela! She wants Odin’s soul to take back to her realm of the dead and have tea. Or not. Well you just need to know she wants his soul and the mighty (whitey?) Thor ain’t going for it.  So he does what he does best (or about all he can do) and they fight for Odin’s soul.

Just like a bad party that you can’t stand Pluto shows up and he want’s Odin’s soul! Pluto is an old Thor villain who I’m sure you new schoolers may not have heard about. He’s a god too, but you know, evil. He wants to take Odin’s soul so he can torture him for revenge or something like that. Hela has too much respect for Odin to see him taken by Pluto so she and Thor team up.

But Pluto doesn’t come alone. Really in this day and age what bad guy doesn’t have back up. He’s got some evil trolls and these guys just aren’t content just to leave nasty comments. Oh no, they fight! Oh how the trolls do fight. Great fights panels by the late and I do mean great John Buscema.  Every artist drawing comics should sit down and take a look at how he laid out his panels and the flow of the comic in general. Some of they guys today need a crash course. (Some editors too.)

Thor and Hela along with the warriors of Agard try to hold the fort but it’s no use. After the big battle that they had with Mangog, they are totally spent. Thor, Hela and the warriors of Asgard soon fall to the evil Pluto and his trolls. They then spam the hell out of Asgard.  No but really good issue with tons of pages of Thor wrecking people. Just another great issue with brawling and phenomenal artwork. Wow Vinnie Colletta is really underrated as an inker. Not too much over the Buscema pencils but he doesn’t over do it like some inkers. (Klaus Janson I’m looking at you.)

-Tash Moore

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