Sunday, October 6, 2013

Comics Review: Scarlet Spider #22

Written by: Chris Yost & Erik Burnham
Art by: Three dudes whose last names were only used like Larry, Curly and Mo. But they goby Baldeon, Dilliffe & Green

Last time we left Kaine, he had come face to face with his personal hero. The original Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly.  This turned out to be Kraven the Hunter, distracting Kaine so Kraven's daughter could round up Kaine's friends. And the last panel was the reveal that "Ben" was actually Kaine. Readers were left with so many questions that can only be answered in this weeks book, so let's stop wasting time already!

This starts on an immediate bad note, Kaine's been buried in a hole at a nearby zoo. He crawls out to find Kraven speaking to him over the PA system, and there's dead animal bodies everywhere. But not all beasts are dead, because Kaine gets attacked by two tigers as soon as he gets out of the hole! The scene ends there and picks up with Kraven himself and Aracely. He wakes her up from being unconscious, I guess, and he lets her in on why he's around. He tells her in a nutshell of his Last Hunt. For those who don't know, that's the famous arc when he hunts down Spider-Man and manages to bury him alive. It ends with Kraven biting a rifle and swallowing a bullet. His family brought him back to life using what they thought was Peter Parker's blood, turns out it was Kaine's. So Kraven credits Kaine for being the reason he's alive, and he wants to repay him for this. By taking Kaine's life. After all, if Kaine's blood is strong enough to bring back the dead, he's gotta be a worthy hunt. Once Kaine finally handles the tigers, Kraven's daughter comes out of nowhere and gives him a good slice in the back, only to run away. She must be leading him somewhere.

He follows her to a wounded zoo guard trying to warm Kaine it's a trap. He doesn't get the message out in time and a huge net scoops up Kaine and the guard, but he busts out of that easily, needless to say. Meanwhile, Kraven is feeding a loose lion, explaining ever so calmly to Aracely that even the wildest of beasts can be tame, but are always one step away from their killer instinct. Kaine finally catches Kraven's offspring but has some trouble dealing with her, until she gives him a little poke with a police badge. This doesn't go over to well and Kaine begins to beat the unholy crap out of this woman. She won't talk, but she mentions his "Mexican friend." And this sets him off even more, ready to kill her, Kaine begins to think back on Ben and decides against the idea of murder, he's already killed enough in a lifetime. 

The Scarlet Spider finally reaches where Kraven is hiding and he finds his friends all tied up to poles with Kraven perched atop the middle one. His demands are simple, he wants rage. A fight. If Kaine refuses a fight, or dies in the fight, all his friends die. Kraven wants to die. He's truly back and crazier than ever.

Once again, the Scarlet Spider does NOT disappoint. This is easily one of the best books Marvel's putting out, but don't tell them that, they'll jack the price up. Will Kaine bring himself to kill again? Or will he let Kraven live and of course, if he does, there's bound to be a plot twist. Only one way to find out and that's pray I review the next issue! Or go buy it, whatever's more convenient. Until next week readers!!!

Matt Milanes

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