Monday, October 21, 2013

Comics Review: Superior Spider-Man #19

Written by: Dan Slott
Art by: Ryan Stegman

A lots been going on lately in the life of the evil Spidey Ock. Doc Spidey. Otto Parker. Peter Octavius. Ok I'm done. In the last two issues, Miguel O'Harra, the Spider-Man from the year 2099 has come back in time to save his grandfather, Tiberius Stone, from dying so he can continue the family line so Miguel can live! The last issue ended with Otto knocking out Miguel from trying to take Tiberius away. So let's crack open this issue and sink our teeth into the juicy story!

Grand Turaó, an island paradise in the Caribbean. The Wraith, and New York Police Officer Carlie are hunting down leads to off shore bank accounts. As you know, Carlie has been suspicious of this new Spider-Man since Peter spoke to her in Ock's body! (See ASM700) Wraith manages to get some fear gas into a car they're chasing, and the two follow it back their bosses base of ops. Back at Horizon Labs, Max Modell's crew are attending to the knocked out Spidey of the future. All Otto wants to do is harm Stone, so they can't eventually take the company over. Together, the team figures out a way to stop time from unraveling itself and that includes some of Sajani's Reverbium. A metal thought to have been completely destroyed. Max doesn't like that all too much, especially since he was the one who thought it was destroyed. Otto quickly gets to working on the counter device, loosening up Stone from his webbed cocoon when Max reminds him that there's one more person they need when working with Reverbium, Peter Parker. He was the ONLY person to know the equation the cancel the destructive vibrations of the flux capacitor at 88 miles an hour with the evil tyrant in space. Don't worry, what Max ACTUALLY says, is just that confusing as well. You're not missing anything!

Otto tries to reach into Parker's memories to find that one he needs. He finds his first meeting with MJ, Gwen Stacy's death, even his own revival from "death" at the hands of Kraven. In the time Spider-Man was out thinking, Max and the team were able to throw together a very sketchy machine. With only 4 minutes to go, the entire lab, in a panic, evacuates! Even Tiberius tries leaving, but Miguel finally wakes up and webs him right back in. If he's gonna die, he might as well take the man who's somewhat responsible for him too! Only one minute left and Miguel changes his mind, running out with Stone but the machine doesn't work! A massive explosion destroys what use to be Horizon Labs, with Spider-Man still inside! A giant hole is left where Horizon used to be. In the future, no one is all holed up and everyone is safe, that is until Stone from 2099 throws a chair at the time device!!! Now with both devices destroyed, O'Harra is now STUCK in the year 2013!!!

Construction on the first Alchemax building doesn't take long, and just to stay close, Miguel sets himself up as an employee. That way, he can work nice and close to his ever so living grandfather. Meanwhile, at Horizon Hole, Jameson is going off the handle, as usual and yelling at Max, telling him he better not be up to no more shenanigans, and yes, Jameson uses the word shenanigans, in this town again. So naturally, when Jameson leaves, Max pulls out some shenanigans. Spider-Man was trapped in a ball with a bunch of energy from the blast, the least Max can do, after all the good Spidey's done, is let him out! The first thing Max tells him though, is this is where they part ways. That goes for Parker as well. And it looks like the Parker luck doesn't stop at Peter but it reaches Otto as well.

Back at his apartment, Otto's got 16 new messages. Mainly from MJ and some from Aunt May. May is Inverness about dinner with Peter, and MJ is just checking on him because she knows what's been going on at Horizon. When he finally calls MJ back, they have an argument. She even brings up her club lighting on fire and Spider-Man was too busy to come by. She cuts herself off from "Peter" completely. She's moving on. At the seaport, Max and his team are boarding his sub. They're off to keep their company going, elsewhere. Sadly, with Sajani. He's low on trust and couldn't see himself inviting her back after her deception. With her and Tiberius Stone, who could blame Max? That doesn't stop Otto from giving her a call though. Offering a spot in HIS think tank. Meanwhile, back in Grand Tauró, Carlie and the Wraith have made it to their ultimate destination. The private compound of Antoine Morant. He's trying desperately to shred documents, obviously of criminals who's money he's laundering. Carlie put a pair of bullets in the shredder when Wraith notices he's not complying to their request to step away. Carlie grabs the sheet he was in the middle of shredding. Something so important he'd want to destroy it first. A bill. For soldiers of fortune, vehicles and scientific equipment. Purchased and shipped to Spider-Island all from the secret bank account of Otto Gunther Octavius! She's hot on Otto's tail and it won't be long before she becomes a thorn in his side. Hmmm do I smell Otto's second murder? Would he, oh he would. He would.

Incredible issue, as always. Can't wait for the next six months in Otto's life as he'll soon face off against his once greatest ally and all time greatest Spidey villain, the Green Golin! Wait, did I just say that? Whoops =X

Matt Milanes

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