Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Matt Milanes New York Comic Con Day 1 Friday (For Him, anyway.)

Ahhh New York Comic Con. How I haven't missed you one bit, just kidding, I've missed your crazy ass and it's time to get down another year! The walk from 33rd street station to the Jacob Javits Center is always entertaining. The cosplaying, the excitement of being Day 1, loved it. The crowd was very cooperative when my friends and I started a Daniel Bryan "Yes!" chant, so I knew the day would be great. We finally get inside and boom! line up for the Comic shook amen panel hosted by Kevin Smith, and boy what a show that was. The funniest Q&A session I've ever been to in my life. Topics ranging from Clerks 3 to what kind of pot Solent Bob was smoking while in New York to what female character would they want to be, in order to sleep with what male character. Tons of laughs, and I left feeling real good. Kevin Smith has such a way with words and he's got an even better way of making you feel like you can do anything. A truly inspirational man and I'm glad I got to hang with him for an hour.

Next panel was the DC: All Access panel and by All access they meant, let's talk all about Batman and how Zero Year will cross into a bunch of other titles that are failing as a way to get sales. Yeah, that sounds about right. Not the strongest panel of the day sadly. They also took this time to plug a bunch of Vertigo books written by some DC writers. Yay for cross advertisement! The rest of the day, for me at least, was spent buying a Stan Lee autograph ticket, meeting some dude ass dudes at artist alley, and getting some books signed by amazing writers. Left a little earlier than I wanted to, but that's what happens when you're in a group and get outvoted =[ Overall: successful Day 1.

-Matt Milanes

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