Thursday, October 17, 2013

Matt Milanes New York Comic Con Day 2 Saturday and 3 Sunday ( For him, anyway)

Saturday. The most popular day at NYCC. It's when all the juiciest announcements are made, and the big reveals get the most gasps. This day, started like all others, but ended with a bang. First up was the IGN panel for all you gamers out there. It was basically a bunch of gamers sitting in a room talking about the future of gaming. What systems they're stoked for, what games they're drooling for, and what can define the next generation of video game consoles. Definitely a lot of fun.

The next panel of the day was the DC: Forever Evil panel. Now that one was much more interesting than Friday's DC panel. They plugged their very well done, convenient app, talked about charity work they've helped with help from the fans, then got to business. And by business I truly mean business. They showed off some art from the current Forever Evil issues and teased some upcoming art. The meat of the of panel though, we're titles spawning out of Forever Evil. New team books, and new arcs spinning from Forever Evil.

For me personally, this was the day for meeting creative teams. Artist Alley was my favorite place to be this con. I was there almost every day. Any down time I had, I spent there, and I'm sure happy I did. Tons of people, since it's the busiest day, tons of cosplaying, tons of fun.

The final day of NYCC, and things are getting sad for everyone. First things first was my second meeting with incredible writer of the main Spider-Man books, Dan Slott. Most humble dude I've ever met in my life. After that, a mad dash downstairs for the Green Ranger, Jason David Frank panel! A childhood idol, an inspiration and a complete bad ass dude ass dude! A Q&A with fan favorite ranger and Jason Narvy, or better known as Skull. One of the bullies from the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. A hilarious inside look on what they've been up to since. Emotions ranged from laughter, happiness to sadness when JDF looked back on his brother who he coststarred with and sadly he passed away.

After that was over, the day is free until 4. As you guessed, most of that was spent in Artist Alley and at the Marvel booth meeting writers. Some light shopping then it's off to the panel I waited all weekend for, Superior Spider-Man and Friends. For the full look on that, check out Tash's review of Sunday at NYCC but let me say it was awesome! Tons of laughs and GREAT insight on upcoming arcs and titles.

Overall, this was the best NYCC I've been to, and there's only many more to see from here!

Matt Milanes

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