Thursday, October 10, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013 Day 1

Well gang we are back. Meaning the whole crew from The Verbal Mosh are getting around to taking on day one of New York Comic Con 2013. It was pretty crazy with the new way they have us going into the building and you have to rub your badge. Screw all that tapping shit, you gotta rub it to tag in to the building which slows things down and not just a bit. Does it make the convention safer from Hobo and grifters who want to sneak in for free? Then the answer is yes. Do I have to stand around while a slow moving line walks from the first floor to the third floor….? The answer to that is yes again. This is what I was stuck in this afternoon......

So as we hit the floor, I can really say I didn't find anything I wanted to buy....yet. Also, when the hell did The Walking Dead take over the whole damn planet? They've got this huge banner at the con and hell, even the badges have The Walking Dead on them. I'd like to go out and say that this had gone on long enough. I'd like to make the point that I'd shut up if they put a comic version of said "Main" hero Rick on the badge but nope. I'm pretty sure there are people out there who have no idea The Walking Dead is a comic book.

Last but not least we here at The Verbal Mosh hit up the "You've broken into comics, now what?" panel. It was the best thing of the day. We had a blast and heard some great stories about the do's and the do not do's of getting a job in and staying in comics. Jim Zub was the best and I'll check out his Skullkickers comic. By the way Cullen Bunn has a totally southern accent. It's a trap! I kid. But I'll be back to complain about waiting in line yet again tomorrow. Keeps eyes on this site gang. 

-Tash Moore

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