Saturday, October 12, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013 Day 3

  I can be honest and say I had fun at New York Comic Con today. While there was a ton of people the good folks at reedpop kept the crowding to a minimum. Which is great because i didn't get the feeling I was going to be trampled to death. One thing from yesterday's post that I forgot to put up is that the people who ran NYCC made a big deal that you had to tap your badge when you came in and when you went out. When we left last night after the Zelda panel there was nobody there to tap us out to exit. But we had no problem getting in this morning which was good for us, sucky for the people who dreamed this badge thing up. Anyway on to the day.

First panel that was hit up today was the 75 Years of Superman panel. This panel was odd. It was just a panel that had the folks at DC pushing us to buy or pre order the Man of Steel DVD/Blu Ray. I remember sitting there thinking to myself that DC could have put a little something extra into this panel, seeing as how it was the 75th Anniversary of Superman. It was great to see former Superman Editor Mike Carlin on stage and Bruce Timm. Carlin spoke a great lengths about his love for the Man of Steel and how his mom was a comic book fan. She had a thing for the old EC comics and hey, who could blame her.

The final panel that we had to wait two hours for was the annual Cup O' Joe, hosted by Marvel CCO Joe Quesada. Here are just a few things that was taken away from his panel. They showed the Infinite Comics for the ipad and i gotta say those things look way better than that Spider-Woman crap they gave us as a motion comic a few years back.
*Marvel Universe is a live action tour that's coming next year (Meh.)
*FF and Fantastic Four ends with issue #16. $10 bucks says that one or both of these books gets a reboot.
*Miracleman returns with the Alan Moore run this January which I'll be sure to pick up. Looks like Marvel cleared up any legal problems they may have had with any reprint rights.
* Marvel is jumping into the money pit that The Walking Dead has created with Empire of the Dead from George Romero and Alex Meleev. While Kirkman is pretty good at Zombies, it's safe to say that Romero is the master. I'm excited to see what goes down in this one.

Well I'm sleepy and going to crawl into bed to read more EC comics. I'll have more info
from tomorrow which is sadly the last day of New York Comic Con.

-Tash Moore

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