Monday, October 14, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013 Day 4

Well, sad to say that the 2013 New York Comic Con has come and gone. I did have a good time, but with each passing year it feels more and more like San Diego which has less to do with comics and more and more to do with pop culture and weak ass new NBC and CW shows. (Sean saves the World, I'm looking at you.) Some cool panels went down on Sunday. I spent a good four hours waiting for the Spider-Man panel. So I did what any real Marvel Zombie would do. I sat in the same damn room only getting up to move closer
to the front.

Some good panels took place before hand and The Person of Interest, The Following and Sleepy Hollow looked really good. I might have to dust off some time during the week to give these three shows a shot. You never know, I just might end up liking one. Gotta kill time before Hannibal returns to the NBC lineup.
Steve Wacker and crew got right down to the nitty gritty for the Superior Spider-Man & Friends Panel. Boy, does Captain Marvel have some hardcore supporters and rightly so.

*Stunner (Doc Ock's Ex) is going to return in Superior Spider-Man
*A Superior Venom arc in Superior Spider-Man #23-#24
*Peter Parker returns in some one-shot tales in Amazing Spider-Man #700.1-700.5 (Cash grab)
*Goblin Nation begins in Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW (Cash grab)
*New Captain Marvel #1 which will boost sales aka Cash grab
*New Elektra ongoing, which caught me off guard
*New Pushisher #1 (again?) This time Marvel will drive Nathan Edmondson mad with re-writes el oh el
*New Warriors Relaunch by Chris Yost and Marcus To (Two?)

That was about it, but be sure to head over to our Facebook page for more photos and continue to support this site. See you again at next year's NYCC!

-Tash Moore

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