Thursday, October 17, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Chew #37

Chew #37
written by: John Layman
art by: Rob Guillory

Family Recipe Part 2. In this issue, Toni is helping Tony out in trying to find the Collector by speaking to him from beyond the grave via her amputated toe. This book is such a good read. The level of absurdity from the situations to the characters is so consistent that you just accept whatever comes your way. It's a really funny book, too. Tony starts off by eating the wrong person's toe. He has a slight meltdown as he sifts through his wife's life. That toe was actually meant for his daughter, Olive. It's a family dinner.

So, Tony is supposed to continue to nibble on Toni's toe whenever he needs her advice.  My one criticism comes when she starts mysteriously mentioning Tony's future. It's annoying because she doesn't actually say anything. It's a teaser for interesting things to come to Tony's life without giving any kind of hint as to what it all could be. Of course interesting stuff will continue to happen to Tony. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a story. So stuff's going to happen to Tony and we're just going to have to wait and see.

Along the way, Tony has to help out his brother, Chow. Chow accidentally gets mixed up with a guy with food powers. His ability is to make people feel erotic after viewing his food photographs. It's really funny when the guy calls for make-up and styling during one of his photo-shoots because it's all stuff being pulled out of the fridge.

The worst thing to happen to Tony is that he's eaten all of Toni's toe before she can help him with who the Collector is and how to stop him. There's an awkwardly tender moment between the siblings before Toni disappears forever. It was sweet but not over-the-top.

So many other things had been happening that I forgot about Savoy but the ending show's him. He's got another sneaky plan up his sleeve and there's a big twist revealed in the form of his latest partner. For the kind of character Savoy is, I'm a little surprised that he needs to go through all of these partners. He's a big, smart guy all on his own. Then again, he is currently behind bars so I guess he needs some help. It's a twist that I did not see coming and I'll be very interested to see what his new partner has to offer. I can't recall anything significant coming out of his partnership with Olive, for instance.

This is another great issue of Chew. Best book of the week. It gets good marks for originality.  If you're not already reading Chew, you'll think this issue is really weird but check it out for yourself either way. It's a lot of fun.


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