Friday, October 4, 2013

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Wonder Woman #23.2

Wonder Woman #23.2/ The First Born #1
written by Brian Azzarello
art by Aco

This was a great origin story for the First Born. I really liked the perspective told on this. We're watching the story unfold before Apollo's eyes as he wants to learn more about the first born child of Zeus so he can make sure the guy won't get in the way of Apollo's throne. By not leading the story with the First Born, it just makes the character all the more mysterious.

The guy doesn't have a name. He was unloved as a baby by his father because he was foretold to take the throne away from Zeus and so the baby was sentenced to death. But pity saved him. The First Born grew up in a pack of animals, wild and fierce. No man could stand in his way as he grew an army, all in an attempt to grab the god's attention. He's like a rebellious kid, lashing out at his father. There's a mixture of anger and sadness in him, as he never really gets anywhere close to Olympus and now he's doomed to the center of the Earth (before he burst onto the scene in the current story-line).

Despite the characters and locations, this story read as being very relatable because of the essence that it is about family, relationships and dynamics. I like that even though this story explained where the First Born came from, there's still so much to learn from the character. It's a very compelling story when you can't see what's coming. Unlike Apollo who's in the know all thanks to his three chicas/oracles. That was some kind of thanks, letting them catch on fire in the end.

Great story. Great art, too.


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