Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Batman & Two Face #24

Written By Peter J. Tomasi
Penciled By Patrick Gleason
Inks By Mick Gray
Colors By John Kalisz

It’s Two Face with an origin story in the New 52. It’s only took two years. I’d hate to see a revamp of Batman: Year One. Oh wait, Scott Snyder is doing that in the pages of Batman. While there is much to complain about in that issue. I have no such problems here. The story starts off with Harvey Dent aka Two Face at his pad. What a knock down drag out awesome splash page here where half of Two Faces pad is nice and clean just like Dent would like it. The other side is dirty, bloody and an downright crappy looking on the other side.

Hey did you know that Erin McKilen is back in good ol Gotham City. We dear readers learn that she, not Boss Moroni is the one who threw the acid in his face. She also kills Harvey’s wife, Gilda. I’d like to point out here and now that they way Harvey is being written by Peter J. Tomasi, he’s not a fellow you want on your bad side. McKilen is back in Gotham to try and take down the villains who seem to have over taken the city. Fantastic scene where Erin has a poor soul tied to a punching bag and she beats him to death.

Someone drops the dime on Erin because Batman, Gordon and Two Face find out that she’s back in the city and they all make a move on her. Patrick Gleason draw one mean ass looking Dark Knight. The final page of the book looks great and really reminds me of Brian Bolland’s Batman. Which as all you fan boys out there know, is totally a good thing.

As everyone converges on Erin it’s the Batman who takes her in first. She’s gotta be double tough. She launched a huge wad of spit right into Batman’s face. That’s clearly the thing to do to a guy who spends his nights jumping off the roofs of Gotham handing out beating like they were rice pudding. (Who does that anyway.)

The Back story is fleshed out a bit with Harvey and Erin. Erin is in with the Mob and she want’s Harvey to join forces. I really dug how Harvey was pretty forward and not willing to bend to anybody’s will but his own. She ties him down and pours acid on his face so everyone can see him for a two face asshole that his is. Her words, not mine. Somebody has been watching the Dark Knight. Ahem, all jokes aside this was a blast to read and I really look forward to Two Face killing Erin then getting a bite to eat. I wonder how he drinks with no lips on one side. Must be hard.

-Tash Moore

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