Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tash's Pick of the Week: Green Arrow #24

Written By Jeff Lemire
Art By Andrea Sorrentino
Colors By Marcelo Maiolo

Trying to get this review out before all the nonsense of New York Comic Con gets underway. I ended up going with Green Arrow #24 as my pick of the week because simply put, it was the best damn thing I read that week. Pretty simple, right? Good.

We pick up from last issue where Green Arrow meets the woman, Shado, that his old man was getting busy with. Turns out that Komodo’s daughter is really Ollie’s half sister. Also since rescuing Shado, Green Arrow has run afoul of Count Vertigo. Things are turned upside down for our hero and that’s putting it mildly.

You know Oliver should have known better than to go into Count Vertigo’s hood. I mean it’s just not done. So Doctor Doom… I mean Count Vertigo comes to Seattle to see a Seahawks game and catch a meal. Wait, that’s not right. He comes to tear up Seattle to bring out Green Arrow for a fight.

Did I mention that Green Arrow has a problem with his hearing/ equilibrium from his last battle with Count Vertigo? No? Well I just did, so get off my back will you. It’s so bad that Ollie can’t even fire a damn arrow. That’s like his only power, oh no!

But our hero goes out to do battle with Vertigo. So when they come face to face the Count starts using his powers and things get spinning. So what does GA do? He closes he eyes. What the hell? So that’s they way to beat a super villain. “Hey, Count! I can’t see you use your powers so they don’t work on me.”  Boy is Superman doing it wrong. Fighting and so on.

After pulling the power pack from Count Vertigo and taking his powers from him The Po Po (police) come and take the Count away. Won’t he get away with all that damage because he is a Count? Doesn’t he have some sort of Diplomatic Immunity? Only Jeff Lemire knows for sure. Oh and the ending has some dude named Diggle coming back to Seattle. At first I was like Andy Diggle? But no, not that Diggle.

Great story where GA finally gets to stand up and win a fight instead of just getting his ass handed to him like in past issues. The art as always stunning. Not enough kudos go out to Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo who are starting to gel as an art team. Good stuff.

-Tash Moore

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