Monday, November 4, 2013

Comics Review: I Killed Adolf Hitler

I Killed Adolf Hitler
by Jason

I picked this book up having read one other book by Jason before called, The Left Bank Gang. I really enjoy the simple character designs and straight forward storytelling that Jason uses. It compliments the often complex emotions the characters are dealing with.

I Killed Adolf Hitler is a story about a hit-man who's been hired by a scientist to go back in time in order to kill Adolf Hitler. It seems like a simple enough hit, but complications arise and Hitler escapes. He uses the time machine the hit-man used to travel back in time and Hitler travels to the future. A now-suddenly-aged hit-man reemerges to finish the job, but Hitler escapes again! The hit-man along with the help from a girl he dated as a younger hit-man now have to hunt Hitler down.

A fantastic thing to note about the time machine is that it takes fifty years to re-charge every time you use it, so it can't be used all willy-nilly like the way the Avengers messed up time in the current Marvel universe. There are limitations to this great power.

Another really lovely thing about this story is the way it focuses on the relationship between the hit-man and his one time lover. The Hitler job is an impetus to have them reconnect and better get to know each other which is ironic since it seemed like the hit-man's job was what drove them apart initially.

The story is sad, funny, sweet, absurd, poignant and charming. You'll have to pick up the book for yourself if you want to find out if they ever do catch and kill Hitler. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.


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