Saturday, November 2, 2013

Comics Review: Indestructible Hulk #14

Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Mahmud Asrar and Kim Jacinto

    Hulk's been traveling around time stopping a team of Chronarchists from altering time to their liking. Time in general has been all completely messed up since the shenanigans that took place during the Age of Ultron, don't worry, we want to forget it ever happened too. So far he's stopped two of them, one in the old West that brought dinosaurs into the mix and a second one in medieval times that tried bringing some weapons to the king before man is supposed to get them. Its all looking pretty easy, that is until we learn the next and final Chronarchist is at the sight of Bruce Banner's accident when he becomes the Hulk. It seems that this Chronarchist is trying to undo the very creation of the Hulk! Well, let's just crack open this issue and see where it leads.

    This Chronarchist is a smart one, he's left behind a trail of royally fucked timelines. Hulk and Banner have been flying around through time fighting different villains in different locations even as different versions on Hulk's self. He's fighting Abomination on the moon, Sandman in ancient Egypt as Mr. Fixit, Fing Fang Foom on the Santa Maria as warrior Hulk from Planet Hulk. 500 years later at the bomb site, we see a younger Bruce Banner begin the final touches on his gamma bomb experiment. Just as another being puts his own finishing touches. This other being is none other than the final Chronarchist and he's being led by NONE OTHER than Zarrko HIMSELF! The very man who told Banner of these time displacements is the one who set the entire plan into play from the start. Meanwhile, in the 15th century, Hulk is bashing up his massive dragon foe. A perfect distraction for Zarkko and his Chronarchist. With the fight taking longer than expected, this could very well spell the end for our Jade Avenger!

    Finally, the Hulk learns the trick with Fing Fang Foom, and he wraps the dragon's tail around his neck! Choking out the green lizard and defeating him, Hulk and Banner make their next time jump. The excessive amount of jumps is messing with Banner though. His mind trapped inside the helper robot is starting to malfunction. He was told he could survive for a week or so, but with all the time jumps, he's only lasted a couple days! Without Banner there, who can control the Hulk? And who's going to guide him to shoving his foot in the Chronarchist and Zarrko's ass? They finally make it to the site just in time for the young Banner to notice the teenager driving on the test field. He shoots out to reach the boy, telling his lab assistant to hold off on the bomb. But as we all know, Igor doesn't like Banner because he's butthurt for whatever reasons and doesn't stop the bomb. Just as the bomb is going to blow, the Hulk smashes in and pushes Banner out of the way, taking in all the radiation meant for the human. In all the confusion of the bomb, Banner in the robot sneaks over and transfers his mind into the body of a young Bruce Banner. A very risky move and luckily, it works. He's able to clear out the young Banner's mind and replace it with his own and now can function in the younger body. He crawls out of the whole he was hiding in only to find a horrifying image before him. The Hulk that absorbed even more gamma radiation is standing before him, transformed. The Hulk is now a even more raging, spike covered dark green beast of rage!

    This series has been non stop from the get. Not one issue in its run so far has been boring and its a title I review a lot here. I know I say "I can't wait" a lot, but seriously, I can't WAIT to see where this goes. Can Banner control THIS Hulk? How can it be beat? Can they pull another Hulk from another time to fight this one? What will happen?!?! Find out in a couple short weeks!

-Matt Milanes

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